Magnetic Letters and Numbers for Educating Kids in Fun -Educational Alphabet Refrigerator Magnets -82 Pieces

82PCS 1.5″ Letters & Numbers.26 Uppercase Letters, 30 Lowercase Letters, 20 Numbers + 6 Symbols.
DESIGN: These educational toys are designed with perfect size and round, they’re not too big or too small but just right, they can earn every child’s love.
Learning: Whether you child is in preschool or at home, these toys can be used to help your child learn more about letters and words, including reading and spelling.
SUITABLE: These letters are suitable for ages 3 & up! Educating kids in fun.

Product Features

  • COMPONENTS: 82 PCS Magnetic Letters & Numbers with five different colors ( green, blue, orange, red and yellow), includes 26 uppercase letters, 30 lowercase letters, 20 numbers + 6 symbols.
  • FUNCTIONS: The educational toys magnetic letters can help kids to practice their spelling skills and build their word skills. It safe for your child’s eyes and helps your child to increase their confidence and inspires their creativity.
  • MATERIALS: Educational Toys Magnetic alphabet magnets are made of hard eva letters. This is especially satisfying for parents.
  • PERFECT DESIGN: These Magnetic letters and numbers makes them easy for small hands to play with, they can stick to the refrigerator and won’t fall to the floor, where they could be a potential swallowing hazard for your young children.
  • EASY CLEAN AND STORE: You can store these magnetic letters and numbers with one box or case.

Magnetic cube, Dadetic 216pcs Magic Cubes Building Blocks Educational Toys Stress Relief Toy Games Square Cube Magnets develops intelligence Office School Home DIY Desktop Decoration

It is time to build your own world in the real life!
Bridge, house, stairs, pyramid, windmill ……
You can realize anything in your mind with your creative brain and hands.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We offer 12-month warranty and friendly customer service. If you ever have any issue with the product, you can contact us for a refund or a replacement.

Main Benefits/ Feature:
-It is easy to assemble without the need for special tools. Infinite combinations is not easy, but as long as your patience and creativity.
-A creative toy with magnetic ability which makes it possible to compose hundreds of geometric patterns.
-Full of high entertainment and creativity.
-Exquisite, combinatory, glossy.

Material : Metal
Color : Silver
Weight : 8.5 oz
Size :1.2 *1.2 * 1.2 inch
Each small Ball Diameter: 0.2 Inch
Packing:Iron box
Iron box size: Diameter 2.6*1.7inch

Warning: Keep Away From All Children Under 14 Years.
Small magnets are a safety risk to children – toddler through teen.
Children may swallow these magnets and when two or more magnets are swallowed.
They attract to each other internally, which resulted in surgeries to remove the magnets and it also can require repairing the child’s damaged stomach and intestines.

Product Features

  • ❤the size is 1. 2*1. 2*1. 2 inch, made up of 216pcs small cube that 0. 2*0. 2*0. 2 inch.
  • ❤creative and hot puzzle toy for enhancing assembly ability. Improve children intelligence and imagination.
  • ❤great decoration, can be used as magnetic stairs, ideal house or anything you can imagine.
  • ❤endless combinations. It is not easy but up to your patience and creativeness.
  • ❤magnetic cube is not suitable for under 14 years children. For using under adult supervision. Small magnets are a safety risk because children may swallow these magnets and the injuries are serious.

Magnetic cube,Magnetic Holders Multi-Use Square Cube Magnets Toy Puzzle Magnet Block Education Toys Stress Relief Toy Magic Cube Games Square Cube(216pcs)

● Material: Metal
● Function: Change shape
● Color: Silver
● Specifications: (5 * 5 * 5mm small pieces) * 216 items
● Overall dimensions: 3 * 3 * 3cm magnetic blocks (1.18 inches * 1.18 inches * 1.18 inches)
● Is it versatile? Yes
● Is it possible to DIY: Yes
● Packing size: 6 cm in diameter * 4 cm high(2.3 inch in diameter * 1.5 inch high)
● Age: 12 years old or older

● The product contains small accessories to prevent children from eating
● If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will reply you within 24 hours. Thank you for your support!

Product Features

  • Magnetic cube is a magical intellectual toy, when you play the cube, to use to your imagination and creativity, while stimulating and exercise your left and right brain, so you benefit a lot.
  • Magnetic cube can make you release the pressure, size 1x 3*3*3cm magnetic blocks ( 216pcs 5x5x5mm small blocks )creative toys, can form hundreds of geometric patterns filled with a high degree of entertainment and creativity.
  • The use of reliable magnet material, non-toxic harmless, can be used for creativity and decoration, craft desktop Decoration,DIY.
  • Simple and generous appearance, exquisite, combination, smooth, in your hands when you feel very comfortable. It also allows children to stay away from electronic products, not only to protect the eyes, but also exercise the brain.
  • Magnets is not suitable for under 12 years children. For using under adult supervision.

216pcs Magic Cube Magnetic Balls Multi-Use Toy Puzzle Magnet Block All-Purpose Square Cube Magnets Magico Education Toys Metal Office School Home DIY Desktop Decoration

Product Features

  • ✔MAGNETIC CUBE a magical intellectual toy, you will benefit a lot from playing the cube. It will develop your imagination and creativity, and stimulating and exercise your left and right brain, so you benefit a lot
  • ✔One OF THE EFFECTS of magnetic cube can make you release the pressure, and it can form hundreds of geometric patterns filled with a high degree of entertainment
  • ✔THE USD OF reliable magnet material, non-toxic harmless, can be used for creativity and decoration, craft desktop Decoration,DIY
  • ✔SIMPLE AND GENEROUS appearance, exquisite, combination, smooth, in your hands when you feel very comfortable
  • ✔THE CUBE CAN HELP children to stay away from electronic products, not only to protect the eyes, but also exercise the brain

Jolly Mags Magnetic Tiles Set – 3D Building Blocks Toy with Magnets for Kids – Best for Stacking – Clear Color 32 Pcs Set

32 piece set contains 4 different shapes in various colors.
What’s Included: 16 squares and 16 different triangles (equilateral and isosceles).
Colors: yellow, green, red, orange, and blue (varies).

Jolly Mags are truly versatile, educational, and make a perfect toy for ages 3+. Young children will practice fine-motor skills and learn about colors, numbers, shapes, magnetic force and more. Older children will practice imaginative play with more complex structures. They will use critical thinking and problem solving skills to practice math, engineering, and architectural concepts.

Jolly Mags make a great bath toy. Try putting Jolly Mags in water and watch what happens; 2D structures float, whereas 3D structures sink. Impressive way to experiment and learn about geometry and gravity!

Combine Jolly Mags with your other favorite toys for endless hours of fun. Enhance the imagination and see where it can take you. Incorporating Jolly Mags with other toys is easy, fun, and simple way to set the stage for collaboration and sharing (box includes magnetic tiles only; other toys shown in pictures not included).

Blend Jolly Mags with a light source, such as a light table, glow sticks, or a window to create a truly magical experience. Teach your child about reflection and color mixing. How amazing is that!

Jolly Mags stick to any magnetic surface, allowing children to experiment with gravity and magnetic force during playtime. Give them Jolly Mags and watch them explore and test their environment for a magnetic source. Wake up that little explorer in your child! Indeed a wonderful experience!

STEAM toy – teach and reinforce Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.

Product Features

  • EDUCATIONAL: Versatile magnetic toy, allowing kids to experiment with gravity and magnetic force
  • PRACTICAL LEARNING: Great for practicing fine-motor skills, critical thinking and problem solving
  • COLLABORATIVE PLAY: Use Jolly Mags with other toys to set the stage for collaboration and sharing
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Jolly Mags make a great bath toy; 2D structures float, whereas 3D structures sink
  • EXPLORATORY LEARNING: Blend the tiles with a light source to learn about reflection and color mixing

Square Magnetic Toy 5 mm with 216 Small Magnets (Silver)

Square Magnetic Toy 5 mm with 216 Small Magnets (Silver)

Package Details
Weight: 119.84 g
Size: 2.5*2.5*2.5 cm
Package Includes
* Square Magnetic Toy 5 mm with 216 Small Magnets

Product Features

  • Contains 216 individual magnets
  • Can be shaped and designed in unlimited ways
  • Great for training your imagination and creativity
  • Recommended for children above 6 years old
  • Diameter: 5 mm

Pixel Premium ABC Magnets for Kids Gift Set – 104 Magnetic Letters for Fridge, Dry Erase Magnetic Board and FREE e-Book with 40+ Learning & Spelling Games – Best Alphabet Magnets for Refrigerator Fun!

Your search for MAGNETIC LETTERS is over.

When you purchase the Pixel Premium ABC Magnets Mega Bundle, here’s what you should do:

The moment that postman rings that doorbell with your Amazon parcel, gather all of the little ones you know and love. Yes, all of them. Rip that brown packaging open with the kids and watch them beam at the cutesy box with its vibrant colors.

Now pop that box lid open and say “Ooooo!”

You have in your hands a superior, soft-touch magnetic letter set featuring four alphabet sets and an awesome magnetic board.

Now enjoy your ABC Magnets with your little ones. Watch and notice:

– How learning is suddenly more fun and engaging
– How kids can feel the difference and love the soft texture of these beautiful foam letters
– Each piece is perfectly sized for easy grip and improving their fine motor skills
– How your fridge looks so much more bright and lively with these magnets
– How ultra-lightweight and thin the magnetic board feels in your hands
– It’s also double-sided and dry-marker friendly – perfect for word learning games!

Why do parents choose our ABC Magnets? It’s simple really.

It all starts with our unique designs which meet and exceed American toy safety standards. Each letter is carefully crafted with non-toxic, eco-friendly EVA foam material with full rubber magnet backing. No loose or exposed magnet bits for your peace of mind and far superior to cheap plastic or lead-painted wood letter sets.

WARNING: This current price is for a limited period only and set to increase in a few weeks. Order now to secure your discounted price before it goes.

And when you do… don’t forget a set for your favorite nieces and nephews too!

Product Features

  • AMERICA’S BEST MAGNETIC LETTER SET just got better. This treasure chest of fun is packed with 100+ beautiful magnetic letters, ultra-light magnetic whiteboard and more than 40 learning games with your FREE “Amazing ABC” educational e-Book series (worth $19.99)
  • THE ULTIMATE LEARNING GIFT – Designed by parents and teachers, this set contains everything you need to build vocabulary, improve spelling skills and make learning more fun and easy than ever before. The educational e-books are designed especially for use with iPads and tablets for maximum interactive fun. The magnetic board is dry erase marker friendly and double-sided too!
  • LOTS OF LETTERS FOR LOTS OF FUN – Unlock hours of creativity and spell whatever you want. Don’t be stuck for enough letters like other sets. With 104 magnetic letters, including 78 lower case 26 upper case, teach literally thousands of words to your little genius.
  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE – You’ll discover exactly why kids fall in love with our thick, chunky soft-touch foam letters. Not too big and not too small but just right – they’re perfectly sized to spell lots of words, be easy to grip and improve fine motor skills. The entire back of every letter is magnetic so no sliding or falling off fridges either! (capital A is 3.8cm tall, 3.2cm wide)
  • THE SAFER, SUPERIOR CHOICE – Your child’s safety comes first. That’s why this set is fully designed and certified to ASTM American Toy Safety Standards. Accept nothing less. Enjoy peace of mind knowing these letters are made of non-toxic eco-friendly foam material. The entire back of every letter is covered in protective rubber casing, so you’ll never worry about loose or exposed magnet pieces ever. Order now and get ready to transform your little one’s love for learning!

Magnetic Letters – 100 Alphabet Magnets – Wooden ABC Letters – 3 Full Alphabets Plus Extra Multiple Use Letters – Uppercase and Lowercase – Includes eBook With Fun Educational Games – 100% Money Back Guarantee


Our Magnetic Letters Make Learning Fun and Easy

Children learn best when learning is fun. Use our colourful and tactile letters to play simple word games with your children and be rewarded with a bright smile as they spell mom or cat or baby.

The Features and Benefits of Our Magnetic Letters

Designed with the child in mind:

– Light weight wood with full back magnets, so they stay in place.

– Strong enough to hold their own weight, yet little fingers easily move them around.

– Bright, warm, friendly colors help make letter recognition easy

– Printed with a durable silk screen finish, unlike colored paper that falls of when wet.

– 100 letters mean children can create simple, multiple word sentences.

– Styled in the tradition of classic wooden toys.

Bonus Free eBook

Reading, writing and spelling starts with the alphabet.

We want your child to have the best start to their education. When you buy our magnetic letter set, we are very pleased to include a free eBook packed with 33 fun letter games and activities – $4.97 value.

Written by Michelle Horne, a school teacher with over 16 years of classroom experience, each game is designed to help with –

* Letter recognition and phonics.

* Uppercase and lowercase.

* Creating words and simple sentences.

Our No-Hassle Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact our customer support and we will fully refund your purchase. No questions asked. You can place your order with confidence.

Don’t wait. Click the ADD TO CART button at the top of this page and make learning fun

Product Features

  • WHAT ARE THEY MADE FROM? These alphabet magnets are a wooden toy. Each letter comes with a soft, full back magnet, and is finished in bright, colorful silk screen print. The letters are packaged in a tough polyester bag, making them easy to store. Letter sizes are 2 inches x 1.6 inch (5cm x 4.2cm).
  • ARE THEY SAFE? Yes. This set of magnetic letters are required to meet the highest standards for toys, The American Society for Testing and Materials, and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. They have been lab tested and certified. The letters exceed these standards. They are very safe for a child to use.
  • ARE THEY DURABLE? Yes. Often other wooden magnetic letters are simply printed paper, glued on to wood. Which is fine, until a child puts them into their mouth. The paper then becomes wet and actually falls off. To avoid this problem, these letters have been finished with silk screen printing. This is a big jump in quality and makes for a long lasting finish on the letters.
  • EDUCATIONAL? Yes. Magnetic Letters are an educational toy and can be the first contact a child has with the Alphabet. Other brands will typically sell a set of 52 letters. This limits how many words can be created. A child may require a second set just to spell their own name. To overcome this problem, this set of alphabet letters consists of 26 uppercase and 52 lowercase letters. Also included are an additional 22 multiple use vowels and consonants. The letter font has been specifically chosen and redesigned to make letter recognition very easy.
  • IS THERE A GUARANTEE? Yes. At Homework Help For Parents, we stand by our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact our customer support and we will fully refund your purchase. You can place your order with confidence. BONUS: Your purchase includes a bonus eBook . Written by a school teacher, the eBook contains educational games designed for both adult and child to play together. Simple and fun, the games will start the child learning their abc’s and phonics . The eBook is delivered via email after your purchase.

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Magnetic Stick N Stack STABLIZER Building Plate 12×12 inches with 128 magnets enclosed (VIEW ALL PHOTOS)

Take your magnetic tiles to new heights.
WOW this building plate is pricey but well worth it. After building a tall structure with any of your existing sets add the STABLIZER Building Plate and you won’t believe your eyes what this set will do for you. VIEW SOME OF THE PICTURES WE ADDED.

Product Features

  • A 12×12 Powerful Magnetic building plate with 128 magnets enclosed.
  • Allows you to build Twice as tall your magnetic tiles.
  • Compatible with all other brands.
  • Clear transparent tile, Color Red.
  • Made of top quality & Safety tested to for all american guide lines.

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