FIRST LOOK – Beast Wars Masterpiece Dinobot Design Models

Tokyo Toy Show is still in progress this weekend in Japan, and thanks to Alfes2010, we have the first look at Masterpiece Beast Wars Dinobot! Right now it’s just a poster showing the robot and dinosaur modes in the form of CG design models – basically a rough draft to help determine how everything will work, before additional styling and refinement happens. And even now seeing a representation of how this will take shape as a toy, it’s still a mystery just how the transformation is going to work and deliver two show accurate forms! You can find the image mirrored below.

Special Simple Look Spy Camera Gadget Upgrade Day/Night IR Mode Evident Recorder Support Video/Photo/Sound Suit for Negotiations, Investigating, classroom Lesson Recoding Etc. CCM9

You could use this spy camera for fun in daily life, take videos, photos and voice recording.
The four infrared LEDs offers good night vision image quality in dark. If you need, it can be used as a 16GB removeable disk or web cam at any time. Amazing!

Product Specification:
View Angle: 90 degrees
Video Resolution: 1920×1080(1080P Full HD)
Video Frame: 30fps
Video Format: AVI
Photo Resolution: 2560×1440
Photo Format: JPEG
Illumination: 1 lux
USB Interface: Mini USB 2.0
Memory: 16GB built in
Can be used as a voice recorder
Can be used as a removeable disk
Can be used as a web camera
Image Ratio: 4:3
Battery Capacity: 380mAh
Battery Working Time: Around 2-3 hours
Charging Time: Around 90 minutes
Charge Voltage: DC 5V
Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7, Mac os and Linux
Storage Temperature: -10 to 70 degrees Celsius
Operation Temperature: -10 to 60 degrees Celsius

Package Include:
1 X IR night Vision Spy camera
1 X Cable
1 X User Manual

Kindly remind : It can only prevent life splashing water, please don’t put it under water. Thanks!

Product Features

  • This hidden camera looks just like a men’s gadget; discreet and impossible for anyone to think of it; no light is on when working.
  • With its video camera lens, you can use it to record video, voice and take photos; enough for you to see what was happening while biking, walking or meeting.
  • Smallest Pin-hole camera made especially for spy use. 1920x1080p full HD video resolution.
  • A great deal photo and video files are storable by internal 16GB memory.
  • Superb night vision. It can be used as spy camera, nanny camera and security camera.

Bandai gives us a full look at S.H. Figuarts Tuxedo Mask

At the recent Tamashii Nations event, they revealed many new exiting Sailor Moon figures that would be coming out in the next year. One of these exciting new figures will be S.H. Figuarts Tuxedo Mask. He has been one of characters fans have been waiting for since the release of Sailor Moon.

I remember back in the 90’s, Bandai’s Tuxedo Mask doll was just terrible. Sure, as a whole Bandai’s 90’s Sailor Moon dolls were pretty bad, but I still found the Sailor Scouts charming. Tuxedo Mask was just bad, but now many many years later we are getting this figure to rectify that wrong! 

S.H. Figuarts Tuxedo Mask will be coming with his top hat, detachable cape, mask, rose, and cane. His full accessory details aren’t released yet, but I do hope he comes with more than one face. This figure will be released in April 2015. 

[via Sailor Moon Tamashii]

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ThreeZero gives us a look at their Commander Sheppard

ThreeZero’s 1/6-scale figures expand into a new universe, with Mass Effect being their newest license and Commander Sheppard their newest reveal. The M8 Avenger, MS Phalanx and Omni Blade weapons are what the male Sheppard collectible will come with for accessories, but if you pre-order him from Threezero directly, you’ll get the un-helmeted Sheppard head as well. That one is based off the default male Sheppard look from the series.

Pre-orders themselves will be open at 9 a.m. Hong Kong Time on Thursday, Nov. 20 (8 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Pacific on Wednesday, Nov. 19) with a price at US$220. You can place them first in the ThreeZero shop, and at other retailers in the near future.

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A Look at #HelloKittyCon / Me & Hello Kitty – Celebrating #HelloKitty40

Truthfully, I cannot remember my first ever Hello Kitty purchase. What I do remember, and always will is; doing the television commercial for the very first run of Hello Kitty plushes from McDonald’s in Singapore (2000’s “Wedding” Series, yes the first time Singaporeans “riot” over Hello Kitty plushes lol).

I do not necessarily remember any purchases of the mouthless kitty icon before, but once

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Good Smile Company’s Eren Yeager doesn’t look any less pissed in color

Good Smile Company’s Eren Yeager is still a ways away, but Akiba Hobby has posted a large gallery of a pre-production sample. As expected of a GSC figure, the sculpt and paint job are looking great so far.

I really like these dynamic, aerial poses for their Attack on Titan figures. But more than that, I like the unintentional humor of looking at them off-angle and realizing they look like drunk people staggering around. Seriously, check out the gallery and tell me what you think.

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