Anlising Watch Walkie Talkies, Walkie Talkie For Kids Two-Way Long Range Watch Radio Transceiver 7 In 1 Electronic Outdoor Interphone Watch Outdoor Toy Gift Extra Battery&Scarf&Screwdriver


material: plastic

Product weight: 178g

Product Size: 25.5*18.5*5cm

Battery: Button Battery (included)

Intercom distance: open space 150M


Enhancing communication between parents and children

Fun walkie talkies for children or outdoors

Environmentally friendly plastics, durable, long service life

Walkie-talkie watch style, 150 meters strong and clear range of signals

Mobile toys for children, for games or outdoor activities

It would be a great gift for the child. It can be used for playing games or outdoor activities


If the Walkie Talkies volume get smaller, change the batteries is ok.If you don’t use Walkie Talkies watch, please turn off it.

If you don’t use it for a long time, you should take the batteries out.

Please don’t put it to any damp places.

Gift :Battery, Screwdriver, Scarf

Product Features

  • (*̀ᴗ́*)و ̑̑perfect walkie talkie for kids:the walkie talkie is suitable for children, the Camouflage walkie talkies watch is suitable for all indoor and outdoor activities, and walkie talkie watch seven functions are also tailored for children of this age,①walkie-talkie ②Watch ③Magnifier ④Night-light ⑤Secret capsules ⑥Compass ⑦Reflector.
  • (*̀ᴗ́*)و ̑̑ Safe and high quality:Walkie talkies for kids are made of non-polluting plastic materials. The extensible antenna of the walkie talkies watch applicable to children ,walkie talkies for kids allows a transmission distance as long as 3.7 miles. The LCD can be used as a multifunctional watch for the walkie talkies . The automatic noise reduction function of the camouflage walkie talkies eliminates background noise.
  • (*̀ᴗ́*)و ̑̑How to use: easy to use, smart and cute design. The walkie talkie for kids is for people aged 6 and over. Just press the PTT button to talk while communicating. And we give extra battery screwdrivers and headscarves to make your child enjoy the fun of playing, playing role-playing more realistic, realizing the heroic dream of the child.
  • (*̀ᴗ́*)و ̑̑Quality Assurance; If you are not satisfied with any of our products, please contact us in time, let us know your needs, so that you can buy the rest assured, with peace of mind.
  • (*̀ᴗ́*)و ̑̑material: plastic,Product weight: 178g,Product Size: 25.5*18.5*5cm

Underground Toys Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs with Sounds – Barbecue Like a Jedi (22″ Long)

Star Wars BBQ Tongs – Lightsaber – Barbecue like a Jedi The circle is now complete: here are Darth Vader inspired barbeque tongs, perfect for turning your meat to the Dark Side. The tongs are shaped just like Vader’s famous weapon with – A Heatproof Handle Metal Tongs Red Storage Case They also feature classic Lightsaber sound effects so you can rule the barbeque as well as the galaxy. Impressive. Most impressive.

Product Features

  • BBQ Tongs – Star Wars Officially Licensed
  • Features classic lightsaber sound effects!
  • Heatproof Plastic Handle
  • Metal Tongs and Red Storage Case
  • Barbeque with a Lightsaber!

SJ230/SJ250 2 Speed 3.5 Channel 9 Inch Long Super Anti-crash RC Helicopter with Built-in GYRO (Black)

Product Features

  • Pretty, cool, fun, and sturdily built with a metal body frame, perfect season’s gift for children 14+ years old
  • 3.5 channel, 360 degree operation and up to 50 feet flying control range with an Infrared remote controller
  • Rotary anti-lockup design; easy to fly with a built-in GYRO for maintaining steadiness
  • 7 min long flying time; convenient charging by linking to the remote controller or a computer or laptop; charging in 45 min
  • Great for lot of difficult technical operations such as hovering, flying forward/backward, left/right, Up/down and fine tuning movements
  • Certified by CE, ROHS, ASTM, F963, and HR4040
  • Package includes: one 9-inch 3.5 Channel Remote control Helicopter with Built-in GYRO, one Built-in Rechargable Lithium Battrery,one USB Charging Cable, one Remote Control (Need 4 AA batteries, not included),one screwdriver,two spare Main Blades, one Spare Tail Blade, and one Instruction Manual

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SpyX / Long Range Walkie Talkies

SpyX Long Range Walkie Talkies are perfect for the next cool day or night spy mission – or even the next camping or hiking adventure! Serious PMS/FRS walkie talkies allow you to speak with fellow adventurers up to a mile away. They can scan through 22 channels to find an free line for your recon. Belt clip allows for easy carrying – what could be more fun?SpyX surveillance, communication and concealment equipment is the next generation of cool spy toys. Taking design cues from cutting edge technology and real field equipment, SpyX products are designed with a rough, tough look that every budding spy will appreciate. But they don’t only look great – they are designed to work better and be more durable through even the most active play. Perfect toys for buddy play; make sure your child has a set on hand for friends, too!

Product Features

  • Perfect for the next cool day or night spy mission – or even the next camping or hiking adventure!
  • Serious PMS/FRS walkie talkies allow you to speak with fellow adventurers up to a mile away
  • Walkie talkies can scan through 22 channels to find an free line for your recon
  • Belt clip allows for easy carrying
  • SpyX surveillance, communication and concealment equipment is the next generation of cool spy toys

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CinemaSins' Everything Wrong With Transformers: Age of Extinction Is Two Parts & 32 Minutes Long

CinemaSins has posted the latest installment in their “Everything Wrong With) series, covering Transformers: Age of Extinction… and it’s a two-part video clocking in at a total of 32 minutes. For comparison, the first Amazing Spider-Man film took them all of two minutes. Somehow Toy Story took them ten, so we may be looking at some editorial bloat as time goes on, but still… 32 minutes. Keep reading to see!

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Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar pre-orders begin, don’t last long

After appearing in scans a few weeks back, Bandai’s Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar went up for pre-order yesterday. Despite the wallet-battering ¥32,400 price tag customers weren’t deterred as several stores sold out immediately. As of writing Amiami, Hobby Search and Hobbylink Japan have closed orders (though there’s still a chance a second wave will become available). He’s still up at several of the smaller stores however.

Stoking the frenzy, the Amiami Blog also released a full hands-on preview that confirms several tantalising facts like size (big!), level of detail (high!) and transformation ability (show accurate!). As ever for the Soul of Chogokin line there’s minute attention to show accuracy, with little stuff like having full rolling tracks on DrillGao or a sculpted cockpit in LinerGao. Disappointingly, the preview also confirms that accessories will be limited to replacement hands, although you do get hands for both GaiGar and GaoGaiGar, including specific hands for the Hell & Heaven attack. The Dividing Driver is also present and correct, but there’s no sign of a Goldion Hammer, which suggests to me an extremely lucrative add-on coming at a later date. There’s also no sign of the traditionally fabulous SoC base, though I’m sure that’ll be in there somewhere.

Despite the incredibly high cost, this really does look to be the ultimate toy for any fan of the show, and I can tell you I buckled almost immediately and put in an order. Most stores are offering hefty discounts on that list price, which makes the whole affair slightly less insane. It’s a tough call, but I’d make it soon – I don’t think he’s going to hang around for long.

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Big Bad Toy Store | Nippon-Yasan ]

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Live Long & Prosper with the PREVIEWS "Mirror Mirror Spock POP!" Figure by Funko

PRESS: “The Mirror Mirror Spock POP! Figure from Funko is featured in the August issue of PREVIEWS and available for Star Trek fans to pre-order. This exclusive version of Spock is the only time that he was not an emotionless officer, but instead a space pirate!”Scheduled to release in September 2014, you can find the order page #544 in the PREVIEWS catalog, with this 3 ¾” tall collectible with a

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