Check out this amazing set of Life-Size BATMAN LEGO ART Sculptures that represent Batman, Robin, and the Joker! Now, because I’m an Idiot I forgot to write down who sent me these pics AND where this event was. I think it was in Canada?? 

Sorry Dude, I always try to thank people personally & also give credit. It’s just that I checked my email at 3:00 in the morning and was too tired (or lazy maybe?) to write the info down. But, I deeply appreciate you sending the pics and these sculptures are GREAT!

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Check out this life-size Kirishima from Arpeggio

Sometimes when a series with a cast of characters like Arpeggio of Blue Steel’s comes along the most interesting merchandise made isn’t of one of the girls. Well, not entirely. Kirishima is a battleship personified as a girl, but also has a temporary form as a big teddy bear. The big, pink teddy bear version of Kirishima will soon be getting a life-sized plush in Japan.

Limited to only 500 the plush is being released in Japan in March 2014 for ¥10,000. She stands over two feet tall at 63cm and made with polyester, steel, copper and brass parts. She’s available at the Victor Entertainment shop to Japanese buyers, and given the limited number it’s doubtful she’ll appear at other shops outside of your favorite buying service. 

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