Droidboy by Kong Andri

Beyond his charming personality, Kong Andri’s Owangeboy character is a talented engineer and mechanic. In the hopes of getting his work done quicker, Owangeboy put his skills to use to create a super helpful copy of himself in the form of the Droidboy robot.

The latest edition of the Owangeboy vinyl art toy, Droidboy features a metallic silver face, arms, and boots for an old-school robot vibe. The retro tech carries over to Droidboy’s energy source: a wind-up key in his back.

An edition of 150 pcs, the Droidboy vinyl art toy (4.53″) will be available on Friday (3.26) at 6 AM PDT for $95 from Stangecat Toys (USA), Kong Andri’s online store (Asia) and the Owange Co Tokopedia shop (Indonesia only). Due to Covid19-related production constraints, Droidboy is the first vinyl figure from Kong Andri in quite some time. Expect demand to be even stronger than normal.

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SKELETOBOY OWANGEBOY Resin Statue from Kong Andri (Nov 4-Drop)

Kong Andri shares with us images and info of his latest and upcoming release: Introducing a “Dia De Muertos” / “Day of the Dead”-themed Skeletoboy Colorway of his OWANGEBOY Resin Statue!

Standing 20cm tall, made in Polystone Resin and finished with Lacquer and Acrylic Paint, this incarnation is limited to only 15pcs, each priced at US$650 (worldwide shipping cost included). Includes

Fools Paradise Journey to The West: Wu Kong

Fools Paradise has built its reputation in part on reinterpreting pop culture in their dramatic, stylish and sometimes sexy aesthetic. Rather than staying with western stories and characters and in particular the galaxy that Lucas built, Fools Paradise takes a welcome inward turn to the classic Chinese novel, Journey to…

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New JUSTICE LEAGUE TOYS BOX SET Sold at McDonald's in Hong Kong! #Batman #Joker

Awhile back, here at the BAT-BLOG, we had been reporting about that special BATMAN BURGER that McDonald’s is releasing in Hong Kong. It was big news at the time and a lot of fun. Then, a good friend of ours who actually lives there told us there was also a special toy you could buy, a set of JUSTICE LEAGUE Cube-Like Figures! One of them is Batman and you can see him down below:

Wait! Here’s some more news. Our good friend, Stone Wong, sent us these pics he took on a recent trip to the Restaurant. He even got me some of those Batman Figures so I wanna thank him publicly for those as well. The figure is AWESOME!

Now, be sure to check out these fun pics. They show some of the McDonald’s advertising signs and banners promoting the toys. It looks like you can also buy figures of Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern!

They sell the DC Comics’ characters individually and also as a boxed set. Plus, if you buy the BOX SET, you also get a bonus figure of the JOKER!

Oh man, so awesome! Thank you Stone for sharing your photos. This is pretty cool!

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OK, Here’s some breaking news and I think the BAT-BLOG got the scoop on this! We all know about the major-crazy hype and publicity that the HONG KONG McDonald’s BATMAN BURGER has been getting.

The story is everywhere, even main-stream media, ha! But… here’s the kicker! They are also offering these “DC Comics’ Justice League” Figures!! Yes, there is a Batman TOY!!

A special THANK YOU has to go out to our friend “Stone Wong” who lives in Hong Kong and shared this wonderful photo with us. Thanks Dude, this toy is so cool! 

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McDonald's in Hong Kong Introduces the #BATMAN BURGER!

The McDonald’s Restaurants in Hong Kong have come out with a “Batman Burger” as part of a line of JUSTICE LEAGUE Superhero-Themed Meals.

The BAT-MEAL also comes with Squeezy Cheesy Fries and a Sparkling Green Apple Tea Beverage, sounds so yummy! Hey, I actually wouldn’t mind owning one of those “Batman French Fry Container” boxes, ha!

Here is the TV Commercial that is airing in Hong Kong, so AWESOME!

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#toyhunt: Nori Takes Hong Kong by Josh Coldiron (Part 1/2)

This week we welcome Josh Coldiron (of Nori Toy), who brings us along on his #toyhunt in Hong Kong, in this special 2-part adventure! And check out GoogleMaps here to navigate … ONWARDS!

A guide for a hasty trips to the toy capital of the world.

Ah, Hong Kong, my mecca. There is plenty to do there; the fashion, the night life, the food—but if you’re reading this, you are like us and are going for the toys. This is my second trip to Hong Kong and I have learned from past experience, you bring an empty luggage. I usually pack my clothes in one luggage, and place that into a larger luggage, so I can bring back as many toys as I can safely pack. The first trip allowed more luggage, but the airlines have tightened their belts on how much cargo we can haul. We have to be more creative these days.

This guide is not the end all, be all toy shopping experience to Hong Kong. This trip I had my baby with me, and a lil’ kaiju. It really added to the effort of pushing through HK to find these places. This guide is really a way to get the most out of a one or two day visit to HK to hunt for toys. I verified most of these places, and have mapped them out.

The first thing you need to know is how to get around HK. The MTR is the most efficient, cost effective way to get around. Keep in mind, it can be extremely crowded so keep a close eye on your belongings. They offer multi-day unlimited passes, which are great and allow you to make as many trips as your want to most places. Depending where you stay in relation to the areas I show you, you can consider just walking if the weather is on your side.

The next very important thing, possible the most important thing, is the be mindful of the shops’ hours. Many shops are open all day, every day. The bulk of your shopping is done at shops that are open after 6pm, and many only open on weekends. Friday and Saturday are the best days to go out from my experience, but its hard to be patient during the day waiting for stuff to open, so that is the time to be a tourist. Just keep in mind, HK is fast moving and you may not get a lot of chances to stand still to take photos and stare at things. Just find the flow and go with it.

Some of these places will haggle and discount some for bulk buys, but the negotiations did not go near as well as they did during my first trip. I think online sales has affected the super deals you can get in HK, but the prices are still good. I made an excel document on my phone with the retail prices of stuff I was looking for and their HK exchange rate. I wanted to be able to quickly decide if it was a good deal or not. Some places raise the price when they see a foreigner and you have to be able to walk away sometimes.

I had another document on my phone to track locations I went to, and the price of items I wanted. I had not originally planned to do that, but I am glad I did as it saved me a bit on some items that I was able to apply to others.

Many people do speak English there, which is great but keep in mind most speak Cantonese. Some might speak Mandarin, and the writing tends to be in Chinese. There is enough English around to get to where you need to go. If your limited in your communications, just be patient and friendly and you should be able to work out the exchanges. Its easy to find locals or other tourists that might point you in the right direction.

The area I am going to cover is Mong Kok. Toy shops span across the land mass there, but for a quick trip, you can get the most out of it if you concentrate in one area. I would had ventured out further like my first trip, but with the baby in tow, I wanted to play it safe. In this area you have In’s Point, CTMA, Ginza Place, and Sino. They are all walking distance from each other, so if you take the MTR to one stop it will be simple to get to to all these shopping centers.

Most of these shops only take cash. Luckily money changers are everywhere. Some have good rates, and others very poor. At the time of writing this, I found the best rates outside of In’s Point. A 7.6 exchange rate was the highest I found. Some had as low as 7.0. The better the rate, the more you can buy. Our credit card did have an even better exchange, but the places that do take CC may want to charge you around 3% to use it. If its a high dollar item, you might be able to negotiate that out.

The CTMA building is a great place to start. The main shops upstairs are open during the day, but the basement doesn’t open up till the evening. The whole spectrum of toy collecting is covered in this building. This was also one of the few places I noticed a fair amount of vinyl art toys, though mind you they are Eastern Vinyl. Most toy shops are clustered together, but there is one robot shop on the 9th floor worth checking out.

Superman Toys. If for no other reason, you should visit this shop just to see their display case on the right. It is so chocked full of rare vinyl it will blow your mind. Half the store is more towards Eastern Vinyl and the other to robots and action figures. Many large high end items are only preorder.

This Shop (above) carries mostly Sentinel and Kidslogic figures. All very high quality stuff. I had not seen these since I was kid (Below), yet a whole store here is dedicated to them. Downstairs is all sorts of shops at night (Bottom). From anime artbooks to all sorts of robots and figures.

*Next week we continue with Josh’s #toyhunt adventures!*
– This #toyhunt article is authored entirely by Josh Coldiron for TOYSREVIL!
– All images via Josh Coldiron and are used with kind permission.
– To see more images from this trip check out Nori’s instragram @noritoy
– If you have questions about these shops direct them to @noritoy on Twitter.
Find Nori here
– You can also reach him via email at info@noritoy.com if you are interested in contracting illustration or design work.

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Pre-order Enterbay 1/6 Hong Kong Firefighter 12-inch figures (Nicholas Tse & Shawn Yue)

As the Light Goes Out is a 2014 Hong Kong-Chinese disaster film directed by Derek Kwok, and ENTERBAY is proud to present the museum-like high end collectible figurines from this movie. There will be 3 characters in total from this movie collection, but third one will not be released until Q2 2014, and we are now introducing the first two characters:  Sam (starring Nicolas Tse) Senior Station Officer figurine and Chiu (starring Shawn Yue) Station Officer figurine

Each figurine will features the following items: Two head sculpts design, one is the museum-like portrayal of the actor; and the other head sculpt is with a firefighter mask. There is an LED installed inside the mask in order re-create the atmosphere from the movie scene. The actor head sculpts are hand-painted with newly developed “multi layer” paint application.

Also includes the Newly developed ATLGO action body with 40 points of articulation, the height is around 12 inches tall. Scroll down to see all the preview / prototype pictures.

This is Enterbay “As The Light Goes Out” 1/6 scale Chiu (Shawn Yue) Station Officer Figurine. Each 1/6 scale Hong Kong Firefighter Figure is wearing the ENTERBAY designed EB Fire Service Firefighter suit. This protective suit is designed according to the actual fireman bunker gear, including the complete two-piece fire suit (jacket and pants), protective headgear and undergarment.
The two-piece fire suit was designed according to the actual fireman suit, decorated with pockets, zipper, reflective and fluorescent safety belt, extreme attention to accurate and details.
3 (three) pairs of interchangeable hands, including two pairs with fireman gloves and a pair of natural hands.

Also included: 1 (One) firefighter mask, 1 (One) EB Fire Service Firefighter helmet, 1 (One) flashlight with lanyard, 1 (One) metal pick head axe, 1 (One) metal made compressed air bottle (oxygen tank) with air breathing apparatus, A safety rope, A pair of firefighter boots, A FS-201 figurine stand

The other figure is the Enterbay “As The Light Goes Out” 1/6 scale Sam (Nicholas Tse) Senior Station Officer Figurine
The oxygen tank is wrapped in a special backpack, backpack is framed with shoulder strap, hand strap, adjustable ropes, nylon straps and metal buckles, etc., extreme attention to accurate and details.

You can Pre-order these Enterbay 1/6 scale Hong Kong Firefighter 12-inch figures (Nicholas Tse & Shawn Yue) from TFH (The Falcon’s Hangar) HERE

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1/6 Fat Boy Slim? Nah! It’s ZCWO 1/6 PTU Hong Kong Police Tactical Unit – Tong (casual version)

ZCWO has already previewed a version of this character “Tong” in full PTU uniform with gear and accessories HERE. The 12-inch figure is based on the 2003 Hong Kong crime thriller film “PTU: Police Tactical Unit” with Hong Kong actor Lam Suet (Chinese: 林雪) playing the role of an Organised Crime and Triad Bureau Sergeant Lo Sa who loses his service revolver after he was assaulted by a group of triad members. This is a variant version based on the post scuffle appearance after he was roughed up by the thugs and losing his revolver! It is a collaboration figure between ZCWO and Milk Cargo (now that’s what I call “milking it” LOL) and it’s supposed to be a limited edition collectible figure.

It’s nice to see an Asian head sculpt once in a while and this one even comes with a “fat” body suit to complete the look. You have to be a big fan of the character or the movie to even want to consider this and obviously this limited edition figure is targeted at very small market because i don’t know of many people / collectors who would be eager to grab their hands on this fat boy. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.

This would make a good companion piece to the earlier released ZCWO and Iminime 1/6 scale PTU Tactical Unit Sergeant (Sam) 12-inch figure (previewed earlier HERE)

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