Signstek Remote Engine Kill Switch for Rovan HPI BAJA 5B 5T 5SC Truck KM FG FS MCD REDCAT

Item specific:

For Vehicle Type: Buggy, Car, Truck, Truggy

Brand: TS

Model: TS-H63024

Part: Remote Kill Switch

Scale: 1:5

Material: ABS

For Vehicle Brand: HPI, Rovan, King Motor, FG, RedCat

Product Features

  • 1) Allows you to Shut Off your engine from your remote using the 3rd channel ( Requires a free 3rd channel on your radio Transmitter).
  • 2) “Auto Engine Shut Off” Feature kills the engine automatically when Battery is Low or radio signal is weak.

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Good Smile Company has a Kill la Kill surprise at Fan Expo

Good Smile Company had something sweet to announce coming out of Fan Expo in Toronto: a new figure of Kill la Kill‘s Satsuki in 1/8-scale!

In order to get around the potential spoiler situation, I’ve written my thoughts after the break. Click on if you’re not afraid of spoilers.

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Entertainment Earth shares their exclusive Kill Bill Gogo Pop!

We already know that Funko will be releasing a Kill Bill Pop! series. Those five figures will be available in September. Now Entertainment Earth has shown that they will have an exclusive from this movie.

It feels like lately, Entertainment Earth has been having some awesome exclusives. Their Breaking Bad Pop! figures have been a favorite of mine, and a hot seller. So now they will have a Bloody Gogo Pop!

As seen in the movie, Gogo will come with blood coming out of her eyes. Available in October, you can pre-order this now for US$12.99. 

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MAURICE by Kill Taupe (July 10 Sale)

“Everybodys favorite injury prone rabbit, Maurice, sure is having a string of bad luck lately. Weather he’s tangling with the neighborhood cat, getting jacked up by a farmers boot for raiding the carrot patch, or dropping dead only to rise up as a zombie, his life is chuck full of misery and pain.”
“MAURICE” by Kill Taupe stands 3-1/2″ tall, and features acrylic on resin in 3 versions: Regular,

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Medicom’s Toy Exhibition 2014 reveals new Kill La Kill Real Action Heroes

Medicom’s annual Toy Exhibition opened today, and as ever for the company Real Action Heroes were front and centre. There was a good mix of announced, released and brand new stuff on show, with a few first glimpses to hand.

Probably the biggest reveals from the event were a pair of new Kill la Kill RAHs to go along with the already on sale Ryuko Matoi. Satsuki is an obvious addition but we’ve also got another Ryuko. Casual versions of existing characters are no uncommon in the range but it’s rather odd Medicom opted for the outfit that she only wears in the opening episode, as opposed to the already iconic sailor fuku Senketsu look.

There were also appearances for the now known to be exclusive Annie Leonhart and Mami Tomoe School Uniform ver., along with a School Uniform ver. of Homura Akemi. Other highlights included Daft Punk, Kamen Riders Double and Faiz, Catwoman, Darth Vader and a newly protoyped Stormtrooper. There’s an awesome six-armed version of Unit 01 from Evangelion 3.33 too. Be sure to check out the gallery and let us know if there’s anything you’re really into it. 

[via Hobby Life ]

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Mercenary Kings Review: Kill Shot

Despite what you might think from its shell, Mercenary Kings is imbued with an impressive number of inspirations from some rather varied sources. Its simple but delightful pixel art and recognizable format begs you to pigeonhole it as just another side-scrolling Contra wannabe, but it tries to do a lot more than that. Unfortunately, not all of what it does necessarily goes down as an achievement.

To clear things up, though, it is mostly what it looks like, which is a side-scrolling shoot ‘em up that has an aesthetic throwback to similar, 90s-era run ‘n gun games like Metal Slug. It’s a bit light on the story, but the gist is that you are part of a hero squad called The Kings touching down on the secret island headquarters of CLAW (the bad guys, if you couldn’t tell). You go from left to right, shoot the people shooting you, and whammy.

Except you don’t just go left to right. You can go right to left and even in and out of tunnels that lead you to other areas to go any which way you desire. One of the cool things about Mercenary Kings is that it is exceedingly non-linear. Your objective may lie in one particular direction, but the number of ways you can get there is numerous.

It makes the rather slim number of levels easier to swallow because you will rarely go through them the same way twice. Either by necessity or by choice, the varied paths you can—and will—take add enough freshness each time to make it worthwhile. It allows you to make the conscious decision to either beeline it to the end to make it before the timer runs out (every mission is timed) or explore and find gun parts, bonus objectives, and other sundry goodies.

Unfortunately, that also plays into one of the game’s nagging points. The bosses of the game have a tendency to cut and run. This is a direct play into the stylings of Monster Hunter where the giant beasts you would fight would run and you would have to track them. It’s easier here since it’s just two dimensions and the map marks the bosses’ possible locations, but my god it is super duper annoying. It was actually almost enough to make me quit a few times.

Strangely enough, though, it also increased the joy of bringing down the big baddies in the end. It wasn’t enough to make it worth the running around in circles over and over and over again, but it was a unique side of victory you rarely get in video games. If anything, it made me understand why people like Monster Hunter so much.

Mercenary Kings

But along the way, you will have plenty of time to get familiar with your gun, and I do mean your gun. You’ll collect parts as you play the game and cobble together your own weapon. It has a huge impact on the way you play the game. A machine gun-style body with a shotgun barrel? What about the opposite? You could have fast, powerful shots that are wildly inaccurate or slow, pattering rifle or anything other number of things. Your unique gun recipe will define your moment-to-moment combat scenarios, and it’s nice to see a game allow tangible consequences from user choices.

The combat itself is also quite good. As more enemy types get added to the mix (and there are a lot), those moments of laying on the trigger or mindless jumping over missiles will slowly fade out and let a frenzy take over. Active reload, strangely nimble robots, little buzzing drones. They will eventually come to consume your whole attention. It’s impressive, though those drones get super annoying. Enemies that slowly drift in and out of your eight shooting directions always become a hateful bore in these types of games, and this is no exception.

The bosses themselves present a different challenge. They hit, like, super hard. They hit hard enough to where you need to plan your health kit usage around them from the start of the level. But their attacks begin incredibly predictable once you uncover their highly repeatable patterns. Not exactly my cup of tea, but it is a refreshing change from the courtesy Mario-style three-hit bosses.

Mercenary Kings

If you add another playing into the mix via co-op, you’ll see something else relatively unique to the world of video games. Because of the heavily parallelizable structure of the game (find where the boss went, complete side objectives, etc.), you and your buddies can strike out in any way you see fit. Being able to break apart at any time and know that everyone is still able to contribute in a meaningful way was a great way to play.

Moving, however, isn’t topnotch. Shooting itself is fine, but there’s a strange heft to jumping that feels either like unwitting lag or a decision to make it feel like these mercs actually require hunkering down before launching into the air. Either way, it makes the platforming (and there’s a good amount, though nothing terribly demanding) and some battles feel sluggish.

Which is too bad because Mercenary Kings was well on its way to being a much better game than it is, and feeling like you have total control over your character goes a long way. It does a lot right and a lot to set itself apart from being just another side-scrolling shoot ‘em up, but not enough of those two overlap to make Mercenary Kings much more than just an okay game.

Mercenary Kings

+ Pixel art and animations are all around fantastic
+ Crafting and experimenting with gun crafting to find your right weapon is great
+ The moment-to-moment combat gets pretty interesting
– Bosses running away from you is incredibly tedious
– Moving in the world doesn’t feel so hot

Final Score: 7 out of 10

Game Review: Mercenary Kings
Release: March 25, 2014
Genre: Side-scrolling shoot ‘em up
Developer: Tribute Games
Available Platforms: PC, OSX, PlayStation 4
Players: Single-player offline, two to four online
MSRP: $19.99

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Kill Shakespeare: The Board Game

Protect the realm from King Richard, Lady Macbeth and their dark army! Based on the acclaimed comic book from IDW Publishing, this co-op adventure brings the greatest characters of Shakespearean literature to life in a shared universe rife with peril. Players will go on quests assigned by the bard himself in an attempt to prove themselves worthy of taking over the title of Scribe of the Land.

Product Features

  • Based on the acclaimed IDW comic book
  • Co-op game play
  • Go on quests assigned by the bard himself
  • Bring the greatest characters of Shakespearean literature to life

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DST’s Kill Bill & Pulp Fiction prototypes reveaed in catalog

What’s that? Another chance to own a David Carradine figure? Diamond Select Toys has revealed the prototypes for its upcoming Select Kill Bill Go-Go Yubari and Bill (David Carradine) in its latest catalog which also includes prototype images of the addition of the Select Pulp Fiction Jules (Samuel L. Jackson), Marsellus Wallace, and Butch (Bruce Willis). Also included in the catalog is a lot of stuff that we saw at Toy Fair as well as some older items.

While I’m naturally most excited for the Kill Bill stuff (and wondering what accessories will come with Go-Go), the Pulp Fiction figures look fantastic as well. I never thought I’d want a Marsellus Wallace figure, but he’s shaping up to be one incredible figure. I apparently didn’t get a great opportunity to appreciate the Pulp Fiction Minimates on display at Toy Fair because I completely missed the Vincent Vega sporting the change of clothes that the character was forced to wear after getting blood splattered all over him when he accidentally shot his informant. I tip my hat to you, DST!

All in all, it’s shaping up to be a great year for Diamond Select Toys as the company has racked up some really cool franchises. Be sure to grab that Select series Bill when it comes out. After all, you don’t want to leave David Carradine hanging.

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Kill la Kill’s Ryuko Matoi Nendoroid and a special guest!


When you hear that scream, you know Mako’s on her way for a cuteness attack, right Ryuko? Yep, that’s right; Spoiler alert: Today’s special guest of adorableness is none other than the Mako Nendoroid prototype that will also be featured in the Kill la Kill Nendoroid line. She’s so cute, but today we’re mostly focused on Ryuko. These photos were featured on the Figsoku blog, where you can see the rest of their photos.

I was especially glad to see we’re getting the case that Ryuko keeps her scissor blade in toward the beginning of the show. I wonder if we’ll be able to actually house the scissor blade accessory inside of it. If so, I’ll freak out for that little detail. It also seems that there’s a small piece to attach to the scissor, so I’m wondering if it’s to change it into ‘decapitation mode’. Senketsu also has an eye you can switch out to give him a ‘blood change’ expression. I can’t wait to see what Mako comes with, a personal guess would be something food related. Hopefully we’ll see soon!

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