GOG is handing out Syberia to celebrate the launch of Syberia 3: The Complete Journey

Syberia is a classic point-and-click style adventure game that came out just as the genre was dying in 2002. It was received well and even spawned a sequel that came out a few years later. After that, the series basically went dark until earlier this year with the poorly received Syberia 3. Regardless of what you feel about that game, GOG.com is giving away the original classic in celebration of Syberia 3: The Complete Journey’s release.

I doubt most people are going to care about the latter as basically every review I can find says the game is a dud. At least we’ll always have the classics to go back to (now for free!). If you don’t have a PC, but still want to check out this interesting title, it has been ported to pretty much every console imaginable (Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, DS, OSX, iOS, Android, Windows Phone). There was even a Switch version released a few weeks ago, which totally flew under the radar.

You’ll have until 10 am PST/1 pm EST tomorrow (November 11) to grab the game. After that, it will return to its $9.99 price.

Syberia [GOG.com]

Fools Paradise Journey to the West: Sanzang Coming in 2015

Fools Paradise has just revealed an illustration featuring Sanzang, the next figure in their new series based on the classic Chinese novel, Journey to the West. The buddhist monk Sanzang is shown above on a mystical steed, just to the left of Wu Kong (Monkey King) which was released earlier…

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Fools Paradise Journey to The West: Wu Kong

Fools Paradise has built its reputation in part on reinterpreting pop culture in their dramatic, stylish and sometimes sexy aesthetic. Rather than staying with western stories and characters and in particular the galaxy that Lucas built, Fools Paradise takes a welcome inward turn to the classic Chinese novel, Journey to…

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Late To The Party: Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons

If you’ve been browsing the Xbox Video store, you might have noticed a new addition under the Featured section. It stands out quite prominently as the only Asian foreign film among the more recent Western releases, but more so as Stephen Chow’s latest attempt at a feature length piece. Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons is a retelling of the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West (also the basis for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, one of my favorite games), but with Chow’s signature flair.

For those of you that don’t recognize the name, Chow is the man behind 2001′s Shaolin Soccer and 2004′s Golden Globe-nominated Kung Fu Hustle. And if you don’t recognize those two movies, then you really need to reprioritize your movie-watching. They’re both outlandish action comedies, the former about a Shaolin kung fu master playing soccer and the latter about two-bit thug being an unknown kung fu genius. Both are quite well known for being of a cartoonish nature.

Unsurprisingly, that is also one of the most striking features of Journey to the West. It doesn’t go quite as far as Kung Fu Hustle what with the knife-throwing and the Road Runner-esque chase sequences, but it certainly retains so much of what makes Chow’s films so easily identifiable. Especially held against the aesthetics of ancient, rustic Chinese villages, the sensibilities of modern action choreography and comedic cadences contrast quite nicely.

But even beyond that for Chow is his seemingly undeniable sense of heart. Everyone in this film takes up the part of some personable caricature—a dangerously skilled demon hunter with a propensity for schoolgirl crushes, a master swordsman who makes play he’s a prince (with less-than-ideal results), and so on—but they are so endearing for both their faults and their strengths.

For example, if you take our lead character Tang Sanzang (played by Wen Zhang), he’s a bumbling, oafish doofus of a demon hunter. He’s knowledgeable, but in the first instance we see of him doing his job, he attempts to sing a river demon to becoming nice. Not the worst plan considering how many fairy tales go, but given the very obvious lack of effect on the demon and the subsequent beating Sanzang receives, he should have gone a different route.

Then we see where this character truly is coming from once he returns to his master. He’s unsure of this tactic as well, but convinced and encouraged by his master to continue on. He must believe that there is good in these demons and that they are redeemable, even when he doesn’t believe in his own abilities. And then we see him soldier on into a den of demon shenanigans, still unwilling to compromise on his ideals.

Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons

Most affecting, though, is the relationship between Sanzang and rival demon hunter/love interest Miss Duan (played by Shu Qi). She is a talented hunter with a number of magical armaments that make her infinitely more effective than Sanzang. She’s serious and takes no guff when there’s a battle to be fought.

But she’s also weak to the idea of love, or at least weak to the idea of being loved. Try as she might, she can’t seem to get Sanzang to admit what she believes he feels, which she has roughly zero evidence to substantiate. But one elaborate plan after another lands her more and more in the grasp of some belief that their love is mutual.

While the specifics of these characters’ circumstances are rather unique and wholly improbable in modern times, the sentiment behind their actions is timeless. Chow not only has an ability to infuse humor in the strangest ways into the best possible situations, but he also manages to consistently distill the essence of human trials into outlandish yet relatable characters.

Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons

The only disappointing aspect of Journey to the West is that once again he seems to fall under the spell of deus ex machina. By some innate ability activated through a higher power, the final crisis is averted. It makes for an emotionally compelling climax to the film once again (see Kung Fu Hustle for reference), but upon reflection or with sufficient context of his other films, it comes across as a bit tired.

I’d like to see Chow try a more subdued, less divine intervention conclusion. He can do subtle, and he can do it well, even if he is known for going over the top and being ridiculous in every way imaginable. But Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons riles up a desire within me to see him tip the scales the other way, moving towards quiet and tempered over bombastic and spectacle. Still, though, it’s quite a good movie, and if you’re looking for a laugh and a warming smile to be left across your face, then give it a shot.

(Check it out on iTunes, Xbox Video, PlayStation Network, and On Demand.)

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Official Transformers Battle Masters A Warrior's Journey TV Commercial

The Transformers Official YouTube channel have posted a video of the Official Transformers Battle Masters A Warrior’s Journey TV Commercial. See optimus Prime and friends battle one another until someone gets their block knocked off in the video now.

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Journey Collector’s Edition – Playstation 3

The Journey Collector’s Edition features all three best-selling games from acclaimed indie developer thatgamecompany, Journey, Flower, and flOw, for one low price. The collection also includes a wealth of exclusive bonus content that fans are sure to love, making this the ultimate edition for collectors to cherish for years to come.

The indie game developer, thatgamecompany, has created immersive games that deliver stunningly vibrant visuals, a totally Zen gameplay experience and a completely unique feel. As you glide through the underwater world or soar through fields of flowers, you’ll notice yourself relaxing into a mentally challenging, yet emotionally calming frame-of-mind with the help of amazing soundtracks to ease you even further. This Collector’s Edition brings you Journey, Flower and flOw in one package, full of peaceful gameplay and exciting extras.


Journey Amazing Soundtracks Amazing Soundtracks Vibrant Visuals Vibrant Visuals Peaceful Gameplay Peaceful Gameplay


Created by the acclaimed indie game developer, thatgamecompany, this series of games has transcended the label of video game and become a true entertainment experience. With additional content, such as a 30-minute documentary on the making of Journey and Creator’s Commentary play-throughs of all three games, you’ll be able to learn the ins and outs of the award-winning games included in this Collector’s Edition. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant landscape of Journey, tilting your controller to fly through the picturesque world of Flower or discovering the wonder of the underwater world in flOw, you will embark on a journey of the mind every time you pick up the controller.

Key Features:

For 1 player offline; for 1 to 2 players online
Collector’s Edition includes Journey, Flower and flOw, game soundtracks, dynamic themes and avatars
Immerse yourself in the stunning visual landscapes of Journey for a unique and emotional, family-friendly gaming experience
Fly and soar through the picturesque world of Flower by tilting your controller and enjoy the Zen atmosphere
Discover the wonder of the underwater world as one of five unique organisms, no matter what your skill level is thanks to the dynamic difficulty adjustment feature
Enjoy never-before-seen mini games brought to you by the indie game developer, thatgamecompany
Watch a 30-minute documentary on the making of Journey
Learn the ins and outs of each game with the Creator’s Commentary play-throughs


Product Features

  • Includes three full games: Journey, Flower, and flOw
  • Bonus content includes the original soundtrack for all three games, three exclusive mini-games from thatgamecompany, a 30-minute documentary about Journey, Creator Commentary play-throughs of all three games, exclusive Journey PSN avatars and much more

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