MegaHobby Expo 2015 Spring: Hobby Japan

Hobby Japan often caters to the more salacious crowd, and I’m getting a bit of that from their display at MegaHobby Expo. Unfortunately a lot of these will likely be Hobby Japan exclusives, so actually buying them can be a tricky proposition.

Some highlights:

  • Notable underboob-string wearer Hestia from DanMachi
  • Momohime from Muramasa about to hit the bath, complete with the spirit of Jinkuro beside her
  • KanColle fan-favorite Amatsukaze – another destroyer with striped thigh-highs and turret familiars
  • A re-colored Beelzebub from The Seven Deadly Sins, perhaps invoking Alice in Wonderland
  • Black Magician from Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • A new Asmodeus from The Seven Deadly Sins, laying atop dessert

Maybe it’s just me but some of their faces look a bit off. The sculpts look good otherwise, but I’m not into those faces. You can see for yourself by checking out the coverage at Akiba Hobby and Moeyo (some slightly NSFW content at both). Moeyo also has additional galleries for Momohime and Hestia.

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New Images Transformers PlayStation Optimus Prime figure from the Japan Model Hobby Show

Thanks to Tag Hobby we have new images of the Transformers PlayStation Optimus Prime figure from the Japan Model Hobby Show going on September 26-28 in Japan. On hand were Takara Tomy showing off a number of items. Get a look at the Transformers Play Station Optimus Prime figure in robot mode and game console modes now for the full details on this release.

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Transformers 4 Lost Age of Extinction – Japan Times Talks to Michael Bay, Kelsey Grammer, Nicole Peltz, and Mark Wahlberg

The Japan Times has published an article about Age of Extinction, its Japanese connections, and the samurai-inspired changes to the character designs. Bay also reveals that despite vowing that Dark of the Moon was his last Transformers film he was “prevailed upon, expertly” by a group or person he does not name to direct TF4. Will the same be true of TF5? We’ll see. Keep reading for a link and selected quotes!

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Transformers 4 Lost Age of Extinction – ToyRUs Japan Exclusive Rusty Evasion Mode Optimus Prime In-Hand Photos

A member of the Chinese-language TFND forums has posted an extensive gallery of the Japanese TakaraTomy “rusty” version of Generations Voyager/Advanced Series Evasion Mode Optimus Prime, and it looks great. A similar version of the G1-inspired mold will be released by Hasbro in an upcoming Platinum Edition set, but for the moment this version has the edge in deco. Keep reading for a mirrored gallery and a link to the original thread!

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Hobby Japan opens orders for Rikka from Chuunibyou, Utsutsu from Gatchaman Crowds

It seems like only yesterday I was bemoaning the lack of figures of Rikka Takanashi from Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!…wait, it was! Not content with letting Kotobukiya steal the spotlight, Hobby Japan today put up pre-orders for their own version of Rikka. She’s accompanied another exclusive from the magazine, Gatchaman Crowds‘s Utsutsu.

Rikka is definitely the more understated of the two, and considerably more low key than the Kotobukiya version. It’s super charming though and extremely cute in a subtle way, with the hanging bandage a nice unique touch. Utsutsu is more immediately flashy and has some great stuff to show off, like her incredible hair. Still I’m a little concerned by that painfully arched back and dimpled hip bones, which look…weird.

Amakuni is behind both of these girls, which means quality isn’t a concern. Availability is though, since they’re naturally both exclusives and you’ll need a proxy to get your hands on them. Rikka will be ¥8,315, while Utsutsu clocks in at a hefty ¥10,000 (or ¥11,000 if you want an exclusive poster), with both open for orders until August 11th. They’re quite a piar, but is that enough for any of you to go for one or both?

[ Pre-order Rikka at Big In Japan | Nippon-Yasan | Mio Boutique ]

[ Pre-order Utsutsu at Big In Japan | Nippon-Yasan ]

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Some countries have all the luck! Japan to receive Triforce clock & other goodies as part of Hyrule Warriors special edition package

Japan seems to get all the really awesome game bundles. The most recent example is a special “Treasure Box” edition for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors, which includes a Triforce clock, a treasure chest, and a scarf.

While I’m not a scarf fan (not just because they can be dangerous), the Triforce clock and treasure chest (which apparently features sound effects!) are both incredibly neat. Either one of those makes for an incredible pre-order item but both? No one collector’s edition should have all that awesome!

Of course, Japan isn’t the only country to get special Zelda swag. The UK had a collectors’ edition for the incredible Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds which included a musical treasure chest that could store 3DS cartridges.

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Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zerozu [Japan Import]

The back of the package of game software is a “METAL GEAR” series art director. Yoji Shinkawa draws and it becomes a jacket of reversible specification by a taking-down illustration.

Product Features

  • In this editing “METAL GEAR SOLID V:THE PHANTOM PAIN”, it is the original Mother base. The download code to which the staff is added encloses.
  • All are first time production limitation. It is ended as soon as it is lost.

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Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection [ Japan Import ]

25th anniversary of a metal gear Ultimate uncut text!
Feeling of tension of the limit “which he follows so that it may not be found by the enemy”. .
“Metal gear” series which established “stealth action” which avoids a battle, and attains the duty while hiding.
“Tradition” gorgeous BOX which can experience at once a total of Director eight Hideo Kojima works to which 25 years were applied, and two image works formed into digital bande dessinee!

Product Features

  • (C)Konami Digital Entertainment

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New Masterpiece Bumblebee MP-21 Scan Featuring Back of Robot And Amazon Japan Battle Mask

We have a new partial scan featuring Masterpiece Bumblebee today. This time the image focuses on the back of the figure to show how the rear half of the car mode roof works in to the robot form, plus another up close look at the toy-based “battle mask” replacement part exclusive to figures ordered from Amazon Japan. Keep reading to check out the full size image!

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