Transformers Masterpiece Official Guide – Interview With Designer Hironori Kobayashi

The 2005 forums have posted a translation of the interview featured in the Transformers Masterpiece Official Guide. Designer Hironori Kobayashi talks about his design work on MP-1 Optimus Prime, MP-08 Grimlock (The head/tail mechanism is inspired by Beast Machines Rattrap!), MP-09 Rodimus Prime/Hot Rod, and the upcoming MP-22 Ultra Magnus. Keep reading for an excerpt and a link!

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Mecha Wonder Woman, Renaissance Batman shown in DCC interview

DC Collectibles recently posted an interview with the Executive Producer of the upcoming Infinite Crisis video game, Jeffrey Steefel, about the game, its character designs, and the merchandise… but more importantly the interview also gave us a look at Mecha Wonder Woman and a Renaissance-themed Batman.

Although we’ve seen a few of DCC’s Infinite Crisis figures so far (including a neat Harley Quinn in PJs and a Poison Ivy), Mecha Wonder Woman is hands down my favorite design thus far. It’s one of those ideas that seems so unbelievably goofy yet actually looks incredible, like a futuristic marble sculpture.While the skeletal hands seem a bit much, the overall design is fairly stunning. The figure will apparently come with a chakram (feeling some shades of Xena right now) and a giant sword which can be stored on her back.

On the other side of things we have a Renaissance Batman. Given how many alternate versions of Batman we’ve seen over the years, including the silliness seen in the limited series Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne where (among other things) Bruce was briefly a caveman, a Renaissance-themed Batman isn’t really surprising. The costume is goofy as hell, though, sporting wings that look borrowed like a DaVinci concept and armed with what appear to be air horns (which is hilariously awesome enough to ratchet up the overall appeal of the design).

No word as of yet to when these figures will release, but expect to see them in DC Collectibles’ solicits eventually. Be sure to check out the additional images in gallery.

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New Mairghread Scott And Sarah Stone Interview On Developing Windblade

The Beat has posted a new interview with the creative team on the upcoming Windblade miniseries, diving in to the creative aspects of developing the character and her story. No plot specifics of Dark Cybertron are revealed, so the only risk of spoilers is minimal towards the Windblade title itself. Check out some excerpts below, and then read the full interview!

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Interview – Simon Furman Talks ReGeneration One #100, Kickstarter, And More

Simon Furman sat down with Spencer Ellsworth of Bleeding Cool to talk about the end of Regeneration One, sing the praises of Guido Guidi, and talk about his other current projects including a creator-owned collaboration with fellow Death’s Head creator Geoff Senior that may be coming to Kickstarter later this year.

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BATPODCAST – Batman Fan Podcast Interview with Wally Wingert

Here’s some news we’re kinda proud to be spreading because it’s all about our good buddy “Pat the Batman Fan”. He recently started a podcast called the BATPODCAST which totally revolves around our favorite Caped Crusader. His first guest, Wally Wingert, is featured as a two-part interview. Here they are, check ’em out!

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FAT MAN ON BATMAN Podcast Interview with Comic Book Artist NEAL ADAMS

Over at the FAT MAN ON BATMAN Podcast, hosted by Kevin Smith, they recently posted 2 parts of a 3-part interview with BATMAN Comic Book Artist and Legend, Neal Adams! Just follow the link to hear Part One and Two (#54 and 55), Three will be added later.

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