TFC Toys PS-03 HerQules – Package & In-Hand Images Of SD-style Devastator-style Figure

TFC Toys has posted some new shots of their SD Devastator, HerQules, to their Weibo page! HerQ is looking fairly nice, and lines up with Diabolus Rex, MasterMade’s SD Trypticon, relatively well. We also get a look at the in-package figure in this round of photos. Keep reading to see!

Transformers Generations Chromia In-Hand Photos And Overview

Tober at Ozformers has once again posted images for the newest of the new Generations figures, showing off Chromia who is currently not available in most of the areas of the world where Transformers are sold. An extensively retooled Prime Arcee, Chromia has a distinctly different visual identity, and you can get the rundown with these pictures and quick comments from Tober by clicking through now!

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In-Hand Images Protectobots Emergency Response Set Figures and Box

Thanks to Yahoo! Auctions we have a preview of the Protectobots Emergency Response set. Get a look at the packaging along with the figures and packing. This set includes remakes of First Aid based on Prime Ratchet and Groove based on Legends Arcee and a repaint of Beast Hunters Prowl. Read on to see the images now.

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Transformers 4 Lost Age of Extinction – ToyRUs Japan Exclusive Rusty Evasion Mode Optimus Prime In-Hand Photos

A member of the Chinese-language TFND forums has posted an extensive gallery of the Japanese TakaraTomy “rusty” version of Generations Voyager/Advanced Series Evasion Mode Optimus Prime, and it looks great. A similar version of the G1-inspired mold will be released by Hasbro in an upcoming Platinum Edition set, but for the moment this version has the edge in deco. Keep reading for a mirrored gallery and a link to the original thread!

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Even More In-Hand Starscream and Mini-Con Team Takara Generations Photos!

Following yesterday’s tease with packaged figures, Takara’s Hisashi Yuki has posted several photos today of upcoming Takara Generations Mini-Cons and Starscream, showing off both in comparison to their Hasbro counterparts in greater detail. In Starscream’s case, we can see for the first time that this toy’s deco is realized through paint work nearly as extensive as Takara’s Fall of Cybertron Skywarp last year. (but it was worth it!) Keep reading to see all the photos!

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Collector's Club TFSS 2.0 First In-hand Sample Photo Of Treadshot

The Transformers Collectors Club has tweeted the first photo of a production sample Treadshot with Catgut. The physical copy looks very much like the mock-up imagery produced during the recent subscription drive. Notable in particular is Catgut is shown cast in two colors, rather than the solid single color typical of Arms Microns. Release of the second subscription is likely still quite a way in the future, but we should be seeing more sample shots like this in the meantime.

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