Transformers Masterpiece MP-52 Starscream Version 2.0 Offical Details and Images

Just in from Dengeki Hobby we have the full official details and many more new images for the Transformers Masterpiece MP-52 Starscream Version 2.0 that will be released in June 2021 for ¥28,000 JPY (excluding tax) ~ $265 USD. Takara has done a lot more than meets the animated look with this figure and it comes with a nice collection of accessories as well.

Transformers Siege Walmart Listings And Images For Possible Exclusive Netflix Series-Themed Subline?

Walmart’s shopping app has yielded yet more product listings for things we’ve never heard about before today, complete with stock images. The latest seems to be a run of Siege redecos inspired by/tying in with the upcoming Netflix War For Cybertron series due this summer. 8 toys in all have been located so far.

HELLO, NEWMAN – Cyberverse Ultimate Class Optimus Prime & Megatron Stock Images

UK Toy distributor NDA Toys has posted stock images for the Transformers: Cyberverse Ultimate Class figures, Optimus Prime and Megatron! Listed under their Seinfeld-themed internal development codenames of “Peterman” and “Newman,” respectively, this is the best look we’ve gotten at the $30 pricepoint figures so far. Both look good, though articulation-sticklers may not be thrilled that Megatron seems to lack elbows. Keep reading for the images!

Original Overloard Design Images from Transformers Titans Return

Emiliano Santalucia shares some images of the original designs for the epic Transformers Titans Return Overloard figure. Emiliano gives up some insights on the character’s design that was said to have gone through many revisions before they they settled on the final production version that fans have been begging for ever since forever. Read on to see the images and Emiliano’s comment’s below.

More Reformatted R-17 Carnifex Images, Details and Pre-orders for Not Overlord Figure

Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-17 Carnifex stands 12 tall in robot mode to measure up quite nicely to the original G1 Overload figure. Carnifex’s body can split apart and transform into two separate alt modes; a tank and a jet. If that wasnt enough, the two vehicle can then recombine to form a larger spaceship! R-17 Carnifex Includes: Two robots to form Carnifex, One extra head, Comic book, and Bio card. The Reformatted R-17 Carnifex is currently priced at $184.99 USD with an expected ship time of July 2016.

TFC Toys PS-03 HerQules – Package & In-Hand Images Of SD-style Devastator-style Figure

TFC Toys has posted some new shots of their SD Devastator, HerQules, to their Weibo page! HerQ is looking fairly nice, and lines up with Diabolus Rex, MasterMade’s SD Trypticon, relatively well. We also get a look at the in-package figure in this round of photos. Keep reading to see!

FT-04 Scoria Iron Dibots No. 1 New Images Reveals: G2 Colors and More Variants

Just in is news of two new color variants of the ever so popular transforming Dino Scoria. First is FT-04D that gives Scoria a new blue body. Second we have FT-04G with a cool green paint job. Each of these are limited to 500 pieces and are priced at $224.99. We also have a cool alternate head that works with any version of Scoria for $17.99. Also listed are the FT-04X, FT-04T, and FT-04 Smoke Head upgrade that will be released August 2015. Order now at Read on for more details and images.

ToyWorld Car Combiner Images Show Combined Group and Alternate Modes

And following the previous report. We now have the full look at full bot group shot of Toyworld’s upcoming TW Car Combiner! Get a look at the full color combined and alternate modes including: TW-T01 Grindrod, TW-T02 Aurora, TW-T03 Trace, TW-T04 Expressway, TW-T05 Shinebug, and TW-T06 Sideload in the gallery below.

Final Production Images DX9 D03I Invisible Not MP Mirage Figure

Some final product images of Invisible, comparing it to DX9’s Salmoore, the Generation 1 Mirage and Masterpiece Autobot cars. Additionally, we get a look at the packaging and figure out of the box with looks as the robot and vehicle modes in the gallery now.

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