HUGE list of DC Collectibles reveals

With SDCC only a couple of weeks away, DC Collectibles has chosen to dump a whole list of reveals on MTV News all at once. Basically everything you could imagine is here from the Bombshells series to Batman: Arkham Knight merch to the DC Designer Series to… ugh, it’s just not fair having this much revealed at once!

Details after the jump.

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Jet Panther Electric RC Off-Road Buggy Huge 1:10 Scale Top Max Racing RTR w/ Independent 4 Wheel Suspension, Spring Shocks, Tri-Band Transmitter (Colors May Vary)

Package Includes:

Jet Panther Electric RC Buggy

Rechargeable Battery w/ Charger

Remote Control w/ Battery

Product Features

  • Features: Electric Powered (Rechargeable) Huge 1:10 Scale! Adjustable Front Wheel Alignment
  • Tri-Band Transmitter, Race Up to 3 Buggies at the Same Time! High Performance Buggy, Reach Speeds Over Approx. 10 MPH! Full Function Digital Proportional System! (Go Forward and Backward, Turn Left and Right)
  • Fully Independent 4 Wheel Suspension with Spring Shock Absorbers & Dual Control Arms! Capable of Driving in Virtually Any Terrain! Durable Monocoque Type Frame Construction
  • Body Color Striped Wheels with Rubber Grip Off-Road Tires Recommended for Ages 8+ and Up
  • Requires 8.4V 700mAh Rechargeable Battery to run (Included) Remote Control requires 9V Battery to run (Included) Length: 17.5″ Width: 10″ Height: 5″

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ThinkGeek’s blobfish plush is huge, blobby

Under the sea, there are majestic creatures like the blue whale and the bottlenose dolphin… and there is this guy, the blobfish. It doesn’t always look as bloated as it does in its plush representation. The pressure change of taking the fish from its home at 2,000 feet underwater to the surface for us to observe causes the poor guy to take the form we know (and love). Don’t you just want to give him a hug?

Thanks to the brilliant folks over at ThinkGeek, we can now fulfill our dreams of snuggling up with a blobfish with their new blobfish plush (US$39.99). The toy is of a more than decent size, measuring 24-inches long, 15-inches wide, and 12-inches tall. Given the girth of the plush, shipping may be a tad higher than average but, thankfully, if you can get your cart total up to US$75 or more, shipping is free. Problem solved!

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Matty Collector’s March sale is maddeningly huge, starts in 48 hours

As if to make up for January, Matty Collector’s March sale is pretty massive. The sale (which starts at noon EST on Monday) includes two “firsts” in form of the ’90s hook-handed Aquaman (the first of the defunct Club Infinite Earth figures) and the Total Heroes Green Lantern pack (the first “deluxe” Total Heroes pack) as well as a new Masters figure and a whole bunch of returning product.

The sale notably includes the formerly Club Eternia-exclusive Fang Man, marking what I believe is the first opportunity for the rest of us (who Matty Collector has occasionally treated like C.H.U.D.s or, at best, mole men) to pick up this figure and I’ll definitely be excited to do so… if he doesn’t rather predictably sell out during the Early Access window.

New Adventures He-Man is also having a second go, which is great because March’s new Masters figure is none other than He-Man New Adventures companion Hydron! Hydron was first shown at SDCC and, as a New Adventures fan (yes, we exist), I’m happy to see that he’ll be joining the line. He’ll look great posed across from Slush Head. They’ll be available for US$27 each during the sale, assuming Fang Man will be available at all to normal buyers.

“Hook hand” Aquaman was one of the bizarre character shifts of the ’90s, a decade which also saw Spider-Man replaced by a clone and Batman by a murderous psychopath (whereas Green Lantern Hal Jordan BECAME a murderous psychopath following a run-in with Parallax), because, well, edgy! (Oh, plus Superman “died”.) While the change was somewhat goofy (and the follow-ups even goofier), it was immortalized through an appearance in one of the best comic-based cartoons of all time and a starring role in one of the worst comic-based video games of all time. Love it or hate it, we remember it. Partly because it’s burned into our minds. He’ll be available for US$23 during the sale.

The Total Heroes line has more or less replaced the DCU line at retail (at least in terms of shelf space, since it will never fill the space in our hearts). Although the retail configurations are ostentatiously geared towards a younger audience, Matty Collector’s deluxe sets — which feature interchangeable parts and a good number of accessories — are aimed more at collectors. The first of these sets is a Green Lantern pack featuring the choice of three different Green Lantern heads (John Stewart, Tomar-Re, and Green Man) as well as a good number of energy constructs. The set might be twice the price of the basic figures seen at retail, but this one is well-worth it. The set will be available for US$20 during the sale, although I expect many will instead be looking forward to that Batman Beyond pack.

Also up for sale will be the ENTIRE Watchmen line-up. If you missed one or all of them, it’s a pretty good opportunity to nab them (especially since you’ll have saved on shipping by buying all now as opposed to buying as they came out). They’ll be available for US$25 apiece. The final item is a DC Universe Red Hood (originally released last year) who will be on sale for US$20

[ Order at Matty Collector or complain here when Fang Man is sold out ]

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