LEGO Holiday Santa 40206 Building Kit (155 Piece)

HO HO HO! have festive fun with this delightful LEGO set, featuring a Jolly Santa with movable arms sitting on his big buildable chair. Christmas is approaching, and in the North pole the elves are busy making toys and filling Santa’s sleigh with the gifts that Santa will deliver to children all over the world. Keep Santa Company while you both look forward to the big day! makes a great seasonal gift for fans of Santa and LEGO building sets.

Product Features

  • Features Santa with movable arms and a buildable chair
  • Makes a perfect gift for fans of Santa and Lego building sets
  • This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 7 and over
  • Measures over 3in (10cm) high, 4in (12cm) wide and 2in (6cm) deep

Collectors' Club Holiday Sale Starts Early – Individual Pieces Available From 2013 Machine Wars Set

TFCC has emailed its members to let them know that the holiday sale has started early! Particularly of note are that individual figures from the 2013 Machine Wars boxset are currently available, as are figures from Fun Publications’ e-Hobby partners- figures such as the Transformers Cloud line. Keep reading for the email text and a link!

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Celebrate a British holiday with Guy Fawkes Cavey

Remember, remember, the Third of November … because that’s when a new Cavey arrives! The Guy Fawkes Cavey (or is it Ca-V? Get it?) is releasing Monday at 8 p.m. BST (4 p.m. Eastern, 1 p.m. Pacific) for £25 each. As you might expect from the name, it features a Cavey styled after Guy Fawkes, down to the beard and hat, carrying a sparkler (no gunpowder included).

A total of 25 Guy Fawkes Caveys will be available in the Cavey shop. The history nerd in me is thinking about picking one up, but I’m a little worried I might have to keep an eye on any plots from the little fellow …

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Hayate completes Alter’s Summer Holiday Nanoha trio

I don’t like bikini figures, but even I’m a fan of Alter’s ‘Summer Holiday’ versions of Nanoha and Fate from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. As is typical with Alter, there’s a level of craft and detail in the work which makes them palatable even to me. Now Alter have completed the core three by showing off a finished version of Hayate Yagami, who we’ve seen extensively already but has mysteriously been slow to come to market.

As usual with Alter, it’s difficult to find fault with the final product though. Hayate looks lovely, with her hat, basket, top and shorts combo giving her a very different look from the two previous entries in the range. Impressive (and unusually for Alter) all of the above can be cast off in favour of a no-frills black bikini. You even get a tiny, bikini-clad Reinforce II included, who can either be clipped to Hayate’s hat or posed on her own mini stand.

It’s a smart looking, tasteful figure that’s sure to benefit from Alter’s renowned quality and for anyone who already has Nanoha and Fate this has got to be a must buy. Order will open on the 5th of March and while no price is given, I’d say somethign around the ¥9,000 mark would be a safe bet

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