TF4 home video special features reveals new Grimlock figure

Ever watch a video of a figure developer’s workshop and stare madly at their work environment trying to find traces of something that hadn’t been seen before? Well, fans picking up Transformers: Age of Extinction didn’t have to look to hard when during a special feature on the figure design process we got a pretty clear look at an all new dinosaur figure presumably coming in 2015.

The figure appears to be of Grimlock and is most likely being produced for the upcoming Transformers: Robots in Disguise series, the sequel to Prime. Judging by the size it would seem to be around Leader Class size and the sculpt looks to be somewhere between G1 and Animated (with a little Godzilla thrown in). Judging by the seam running down his side I would guess he transformers similar to Classics Grimlock (but in the other direction) and hopefully not like Mini-con Terrorsaur.

Details on RID have been scarce, but if they’re making such a big Grimlock figure it’s a safe guess he’ll play a fairly large role in it. Hopefully we wont have to wait all the way to Toy Fair in February before they give us some more details. 

[via @HaltronN1, the Allspark]

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Creating the Sounds of Toys For Transformers Age of Extinction Grimlock, Lockdown, Bumblebee, Stinger

Thanks to Wes McGraw who has posted a video on his YouTube channel. We have an inside look at creating the voices and sounds of “Hasbro Toys” action figures based on the film “Transformers, Age of Extinction.” See the video clip that features Wes McGraw and fellow voice actors in the studio recoding clips for the Transformers Age of Extinction Bumblebee, Grimlock, Lockdown and Stinger toys.

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New, High Quality Images of Nemesis Prime and Grimlock- Sold Out Exclusives from Transformers Expo 2014

Planet Iacon has shared images taken by G3Studio of Japanese Transformers Expo exclusives Nemesis Grimlock and Nemesis Prime. Both are really attractive figures, and since word is that the Expo has already sold out of their entire stock, this may well be the best look you ever get at them. Keep reading to see!

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Transformers 4 Age of Extinction – Platinum Edition Generations Voyager Optimus Prime & Grimlock Sighted

A member of the 2005 boards has sighted the Kmart exclusive Platinum Edition 2-pack of Generations Voyager Evasion Mode Optimus Prime and Grimlock in the wild. If you’ve been looking to pay $60 for two chromed-up Voyagers, this is your set! Though admittedly Evasion Mode Prime does look a bit better in robot mode for being shinied-up. Keep reading for mirrored photographic evidence!

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New Images Platinum Edition Leader Class Grimlock Transformers Lost Age of Extinction Figure

Just in thanks to Weibo user citssd, are new images of the Transformers Lost Age of Extinction Platinum Edition Leader Class Grimlock that will be part of the set with Optimus Prime. Get a look at the shiny platinum version of the movie figure that is quite different with a darker color scheme that features metallic highlights of blue and green. Read on to see all the of the images for more details now.

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Art Storm EX Gokin – Photos of Optimus Prime and Grimlock Figures

Singapore fangroup Planet Iacon has posted official images of the Art Storm EX Gokin Optimus Prime and Grimlock figures. In case you’re not familiar with Japanese toy terminology, the word “Gokin” is Japanese for “Alloy,” and is the word of choice for figures involving diecast metal. While not super poseable both are articulated, and are slightly more elaborate versions of their G1 animation models, to the point of Grimlock having both of his animation head designs. Click the title to see all the images!

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The Loyal Subjects’ Optimus Prime & Grimlock "Action Vinyl" Transformers for Hot Topic

The Loyal Subjects gets ready to unleash a series of Transformers products with American retail chain Hot Topic, starting with 2 “Action Vinyls”, featuring OPTIMUS PRIME (with 3 three second sound bites) and GRIMLOCK, both blister-carded and standing 5.5-inches tall … not to mention yet other Hot Topic-exclusive “BLUESTREAK” & “SNARL”!

So does that mean with the reveals of “New” chase

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More Images of Firefair FF-01 The King of FIRE Masterpiece Grimlock Upgrade Kit

Meteor Operation has posted yet more images of Firefair’s FF01 King of FIRE upgrade kit for MP-08 Masterpiece Grimlock. The flaming sword, dagger, punch effect parts, and Dino-breath parts are designed to make Grimlock look even cooler and presumably help him do double damage to Cryotek should the situation arise. See the full mirrored gallery below!

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Toys R Us Exclusive Transformers Age of Extinction Evolution 2-Pack Images: Grimlock, Strafe, Slug, & Bumblebee

Just in are official images of the Toys R Us Exclusive Transformers Age of Extinction Evolution 2-Packs. Get a look at images of these figure that pair smaller previous molds with new Age of Extinction molds in one package. Check out the images in and out of package for Grimlock, Strafe, Slug, and Bumblebee for the full looks at the Toys R Us Exclusive Transformers Age of Extinction Evolution 2-Packs.

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