Legends Series LG-EX Grand Maximus Will Be Made, But TakaraTomy Can't Pretend To Have Met Its Stretch Goals

The Grand Maximus preorder period is over, and TakaraTomy have announced the results. While the recolor of Titans Return Fortress Maximus did meet its prerequisite of 2000 preorders and will be made, it couldn’t quite reach the goal of 3000 that was necessary for TakaraTomy to manufacture the special Pretender shell for the smaller Headmaster figure. It’s a pity, but focus on the positive: for the first time since we got Titan Class figures, there is an exclusive recolor available of one. Keep reading for the announcement from TakaraTomy.

Setting Up All City Style: The Grand Slam @ PIQ (Opening Nov 22)

Flagging off at 4pm on November 22nd at PIQ Grand Central, NYC (located in the Shuttle Passage of New York’s Grand Central Terminal) is the “All City Style: The Grand Slam” group show featuring model trains from Bigshot Toyworks – tagged by a host of artists (Previously blogged), and thanks to Benny Kline at Tenacious Toys we have setting-up snaps to gawk at (All pics via)!

I would LOVE to

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Bigshot Toyworks P!Q Present: All City Style The Grand Slam (10.22)

Bigshot Toyworks and P!Q are proud to present, “The Grand Slam”, an All City Style custom art show! This show will feature the talents of Glenn Barr, SCIEN, KR.ONE, Gasparro, AW177, Galen McKamy, Brutherford Industries, Steve Talkowski, Martin Hsu, Joshua Izzo, ZIMAD, BRISK, APEXER, Tkid, Ralston Fox Smith, Gabriel Shaffer,…

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Improve your odds of beating the P-1 Grand Prix with Alter’s Labrys

Persona fans should be feeling pretty good with how 2014 went down, from the release of The Golden Animation to the announcements/releases of Ultimax, Persona Q, Dancing All Night, and the eventual Persona 5. You can now add Alter’s Labrys to the list. Doesn’t it feel great to be catered to?

Alter’s Labrys recently went up for pre-order for ¥16,800. That’s a hefty price for a 1/8-scale figure – I would have loved for this to be 1/6 to match their beautiful Shigenori Soejima Aigis. Her face also looks a bit off to me, but the rest of the figure looks great. You’ll also get optional parts to show off her rocket fist feature, and a visor to cover her eyes.

I’m really temped by this one, but that price is a bit too much…

[ Pre-order at Hobby Search | AmiAmi | J-List | Big in Japan ]

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3DRetro Grand Opening Toy Drops Craola Tee (6.21)

In talking about Saturday’s Grand Opening of the 3DRetro store in Glendale, we mentioned that the event would see the release of the brand’s newest vinyl toy – Nathan Ota’s Suited Birdies Heart Edition. It turns out that 3Dretro has a few more releases in store that will be of…

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Artists Announced for "Live" Art @ Grand Opening of 3D Retro Retail Shop

The Grand Opening of 3D Retro’s NEW brick-n-mortar retail shop (@ 1851 Victory Blvd, Glendale, California 91201) is happening this Saturday, June 21st (from 7-11pm), and they have announced the confirmed artists that will be painting live during the event – which will feature Greg “Craola” Simkins , Nathan Ota, RiSK, AngryWoebots , Scott Tolleson and Sam Flores!

Be also on the toyhunt look out

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