Daily Prime – Getting A Head of Transformers Optimus Prime

Surely, as Autobot Leader, Optimus Prime gets a lot of compliments for being so heroic and all that. After millions of years, all those accolades may have gone to his head. Which, might explain a certain trend we have seen over the years with BIG HEADed figures. These toys stalled out in the design process somewhere between smallest and super-deformed scales with a tiny body and a big SD style head.

Attack on Titan is getting their own Funko Pop! series

So we know that Funko has been branching into making Pop! figures from Japanese licenses. They came out with Vocaloid, Black Butler, and Dragon Ball Z figures. Well now they’re making a Pop! series for anime hit, Attack on Titan.

There will be four figures included in this series; Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Eren Jaeger Titan Form, and a six inch Colossal Titan. I’m sure fans will be really excited for this, but there’s a catch. There’s always a catch when Funko comes out with something really cool.

So yes, the Attack on Titan series will be a Hot Topic exclusive. It will be  available online at in stores starting in October, and ending in December 2015. 

[via Funimation]

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The Grizzry Panda Busou Shinki figures are finally getting a release!

It’s been a long time coming but Ques Q have finally released the Grizzry Panda Busou Shinki figures which they have been teasing for the longest time! They first announced their acquisition a year ago at Wonder Festival and have been teasing us since…

Now, they are finally up for pre-order but Ques Q decided to throw one hell of a final gut punch to the proceedings with the final pricetag. Both Lene and Ines can now be pre-ordered for ¥23,544 EACH!!!

Just to put things into perspective, the original unpainted resin garage kits cost ¥15,000 each which means that these PVC figures will be more expensive than their GK originals… I’ll wait for you to collect your thoughts on that! Makes me really wish that I got them unpainted back when I had the chance… If your desire beats reasoning (like me. I’ve been waiting ages for these two so I’m going for them regardless), the two can be pre-ordered at the usual sites. Ines is scheduled for release in November with Lene arriving a month later so at least there’s a gap…

Geez, ¥24k for a 20cm tall figure… That makes them roughly on par with 1/8 scale figures… These two better blow me away!! (having said that, the last stupidly expensive figure I decided to purchase and then wait over a year for did just that!)

[pre-order Lene at AmiAmi | HobbyLink Japan
[pre-order Ines at  AmiAmi | HobbyLink Japan

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We are so close to getting an official Katamari Ball Squishable

Are you or have you ever wanted to be royalty? Do you like balls and other round objects? If you answered yes to both of those questions (heck, even if you didn’t), then this Katamari Ball may be right up your alley. Made by Squishable in conjunction with ShiftyLook, this officially licensed plush is straight out of the universe of Katamari Damacy. It measures nine inches round and costs US$24.99 to pre-order as part of WeSquish.

What does the that “WeSquish” part mean? Well, for WeSquish plushes to make it to production, they need to reach a certain number of pre-orders. In the Katamari Ball’s case, they need 100 pre-orders. Sounds like Kickstarter, right? And like Kickstarter, if the goal is not met in the allotted amount of time, the toy’s campaign fails. Fortunately for this particular plush, it only needs 19 more pre-orders and has until July 14 to earn them. Remember though, the Katamari Ball isn’t out the woods yet. So if you want to have one of your own, make sure to get your pre-order in on time.

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Is GodHand Tools mascot Nipa-ko getting a Cu-Poche figure?

Yay for random and unexpected figures of questionable origin! GodHand Tools, makers of a popular line of flush-cut nippers used for model building, is showing off photos of a Cu-Poche of their mascot character Nipa-ko. The figure was made by Kotobukia, though it’s not quite clear if it’s an official production or just something whipped up to promote how useful GodHand nippers are on Koto’s model kits. Then again, she was sitting alone on top of the Cu-Poche first birthday cake so it probably is real, but perhaps limited in some way?

It’s a cute figure and a neat representation of the nippers. Her long hair mimic the handles while her bow imitates the working end. A background that looks like the packaging is shown and she can eve be posed in a ‘closed’ position with the bow ends pulled together. Neat stuff, I’m sure it isn’t the last we’ve seen of Nipa-Ko!

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2014 NYC TOY FAIR – BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES Action Figures Getting Upgraded Reboot!

OK, Out of all the announcements made recently by DC Collectibles at the 2014 TOY FAIR this has got to be my total fan favorite!! They’re bringing back the “Animated Series” TV characters as brand-new toys! In their teaser preview we get to see “Batman” from the New Batman Adventures and he really looks great! Then, we also get a look at a beautiful “Catwoman” from the earlier “Batman: The Animated Series”.

Also, these new figures will be watched over by Paul Dini (Writer & Co-Producer of the original TV Series) so we know they will be super-accurate and super-fun too! I can’t wait to see more of these!!

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