Takara TOMY Next Generations Selects Mystery Figure TBA – Can You Guess Who?

After about a year, Takara TOMY are teasing their next Generations Selects figure that is to be revealed on April 2nd. Fans are speculating this could be Megatron based on the shape of the head. Some are predicting it is the Super Megatron character from the 1991 TV magazine feature. This is a long shot as they figure will almost sure be based on an existing mold.

Tomopop Review: Transformers Generations Rattrap

One day Hasbro came along and announced a new Rattrap figure for Transformers Generations to everyone’s surprise. I mean, yeah, we wanted one, badly, but Hasbro isn’t exactly known for always making the figures fans want and at the proper scale (see: Universe Galvatron; Powerglide; Generations Tankor), but they know how to make a hit. They pulled out all of the stops making Rattrap, but did they make a perfect figure?

Eh, they might have made a few bad calls. Follow me after the jump to see what went very right and what went kinda wrong. 

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Transformers Generations Chromia In-Hand Photos And Overview

Tober at Ozformers has once again posted images for the newest of the new Generations figures, showing off Chromia who is currently not available in most of the areas of the world where Transformers are sold. An extensively retooled Prime Arcee, Chromia has a distinctly different visual identity, and you can get the rundown with these pictures and quick comments from Tober by clicking through now!

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New Generations 2014 Exclusives Go-Shooter And Shouki Images

Million Publishing has added new official photos of this year’s Generations Book mailaway exclusives. In addition to the two images we brought you previously, we now have vehicle mode photos, as well as shots of Shouki’s “Train Bazooka” mode, being utilized both by Go-Shooter, and Shouki’s “Daniel” Targetmaster figure. Keep reading to see them all!

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Transformers Generations JetFire Leader Class Figure Sighted in Virginia!

Thanks to a post on the Facebook group Cybertron Cafe : The Transformers Trading Group we have news and an image if Generations jetfire that was found at Kmart in Virginia. Have you seen this figure? Please share your sightings with others by posting a comment below. Read on to see the figure on the shelf.

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Transformers 4 Age of Extinction – Platinum Edition Generations Voyager Optimus Prime & Grimlock Sighted

A member of the 2005 boards has sighted the Kmart exclusive Platinum Edition 2-pack of Generations Voyager Evasion Mode Optimus Prime and Grimlock in the wild. If you’ve been looking to pay $60 for two chromed-up Voyagers, this is your set! Though admittedly Evasion Mode Prime does look a bit better in robot mode for being shinied-up. Keep reading for mirrored photographic evidence!

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Toy Review – Transformers Generations Deluxe Rattrap

Rattrap getting on the list of Generations remakes was a surprise at the time. But not really an unwelcome one. Plus it brings us close to the main first season Maximal cast of Beast Wars being completely remade. We’re only short an Optimus Primal taking after the style of the original. But it might be nice to see the Predacons get some more attention… Continue reading

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Age of Extinction – Generations Lockdown First Look In Hand Images

Thanks to shatrdglassjazz who has posted new images of Deluxe Lockdown from the Age of Extinction Generations Series this evening. Showing the toy in package, vehicle, robot and “gun face” modes, we get a quick look at the major points of the toy. We’ve mirrored the four images posted so far, so keep reading to check them out!

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