Andrea Kang x John Bond for "Tiny Universe" @ Woot Bear Gallery Opens Dec 1st, 2018

WOOTBEAR EVENT PRESS: “Andrea Kang returns to Woot Bear; this time she will bring John Bond for their joint show titled Tiny Universe. In June 2016, we hosted Andrea for her solo show, “I See Bears”. She also joined a group of the best female talent for “Feminamorphe II” in February 2017.

‘Tiny Universe’ sees John joining forces with Illustrator and Toy Designer, Andrea Kang. His new works

#BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE – Art Gallery LECTURE is September 29th!! #ChipKidd

OK, here at the BAT-BLOG we have been hyping the BATMAN BLACK AND WHITE: THE SKETCH COVERS Art Gallery Opening in New York City that is being curated by the Graphic Designer, Chip Kidd. Over a period of a year or two Chip collected a massive amount of Batman artwork done by a ton of famous Artists, both inside and outside the comic book industry. 

The assortment is totally amazing and you can view a list of the 88 artists by visiting his website, just CLICK HERE! 

The show is going on right now, it started on Sept 9th and will run until November 7th.

But, there will be a special ART LECTURE event for the show and it’s on Tuesday, September 29th and it starts at 6:30 pm and runs until 8:00 pm or maybe a little bit later. One thing to remember is that this is just a few days before the 2015 New York Comic Con. So, if you have plans to go to NYCC then you should also make plans to visit this show. 

$10 Members | $15 Non-members | $7 Seniors/students (with valid ID. Undergraduate students)

For the location of the Art Gallery and to purchase tickets just CLICK HERE!

Toy Art Gallery x Paul Kaiju x Blobpus Red Rub Vertebrata Lottery (8.26 8.31)

Toy Art Gallery has announced the Red Rub Vertebrata, the first painted production run of the collabo sofubi from Paul Kaiju and Blobpus. Dropping just under a year after her debut unpainted edition back in September 2014, Red Rub features a Paul Kaiju paint design which begins with deep red…

Coarse — Voyages at Art Diesel Gallery

Coarse’s Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk (above) opened their ‘Voyages’ exhibition at Diesel Art Gallery in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. this past Friday (11.21). Their first Japanese exhibition showcases sculptures, vinyl toys and photographs from three story arcs – Voyages, Noop World and Souls Gone Mad. Seen in the…

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Bishoujo Anna Williams gets a preview gallery

What was teased in July has now become a real thing: here’s Kotobukiya’s Tekken Bishoujo Anna Williams! The translation from illustration to figure went pretty well. While Anna’s pose looks a bit silly from some angles, at least it’s not super twisted like Nina’s. Overall I find her red dress and powerful legs to be the most appealing parts.

Kotobukiya has posted a bunch of product shots on their Facebook page, so I encourage you to check it out. The post suggests that pre-orders will open soon, though they’re not up at this very moment. Hopefully this will turn into a pretty solid figure!

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Un-American Activity spotted Friday at Toy Art Gallery

Attention citizens of Los Angeles: we are receiving reports of Un-American Activity that will be going down this Friday at Toy Art Gallery (7571 Melrose Ave.). Three artists from across the Atlantic — Jon Paul Kaiser, Doktor A and Seymour — will be bringing an army of automatons, black-and-white beings and mutants along for the ride. Dok and Jon Paul will even be there for opening night from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., but if you can’t make it Friday, the show will still be running through Dec. 6.

Check out the gallery for some of Seymour and Dok’s works that will be on display. Sadly, we don’t have much else from Jon Paul except the piece on the show’s teaser image, but I imagine all three artists will be bringing custom figures made in their signature styles.

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