Star Wars – Hero Droid BB-8 – Fully Interactive Droid

Bring home a beloved and iconic Star Wars character with Hero Droid BB-8! This interactive droid stands at a lifelike scale of 16 inches tall (19 inches with antenna). It moves smoothly and is capable of realistic interactions – just like in the film! Set Hero Droid BB-8 to Follow Me mode and it will roll beside you just as loyally as it would follow Rey or Poe! With voice recognition and remote control capabilities, it is fully interactive and ready to spin into action. This Star Wars RC droid has authentic lights and sounds, plus film-accurate aesthetics, making it perfect for fans of all ages. Hero Droid BB-8 brings to life the amazing hero from Star Wars: The Last Jedi! Now you can re-create your favourite scenes from the movie or embark on new exploits with this RC droid by your side! Take home Hero Droid BB-8 from Spin Master and roll into adventure!

Product Features

  • Hero Droid BB-8 comes to life with an impressive height of over 16 inches (19 inches with antenna), voice and sound responses, and a motion sensor.
  • Enjoy full control of your BB-8 with multiple voice commands, 360-degree remote control movement, and unique Follow Me mode which allows Hero Droid BB-8 to roll along beside you just like in the film!
  • Hero Droid BB-8 rolls right out of Star Wars: The Last Jedi with authentic lights and sound effects, true to film animations, and a replica design with premium paint application.
  • Star Wars Hero Droid BB-8 is for ages 6+. Requires 1 400 mAH and 1 Ni-MH 1800 mAH battery (included), and 3 AAA batteries (not included).
  • Includes: 1 BB-8 Droid, 1 Remote Control, 1 Wall Mount Charger for BB-8, 1 USB Charge Cable for head, 1 Small Antenna, 1 Large Antenna, 1 Instruction Guide, 1 Quick Start Guide

Traxxas 76044-1 LaTrax SST Fully Assembled Truck, Ready-To-Run (1/18 Scale), Colors May Vary

The LaTrax SST takes the fun of off-road Stadium Super Truck racing and packs it into a convenient, take-anywhere, 1/18 scale size. Equipped with a powerful motor, independent suspension, and 4-wheel drive, the SST is Ready-To-Race right out of the box. A waterproof power system opens the door for all-weather driving excitement year round. Oil-filled shocks soak up the bumps and jumps, and provide smooth suspension movement over any terrain. Ball bearings combined with an efficient drivetrain and power system translate to smooth running and longer runtimes, while providing aggressive acceleration and exciting speed. Like its full-size counterpart, SST is built to be fast and nimble while being extremely durable and able to withstand the rigors of all-terrain racing action. The all-weather electronics defeat the elements—driving through mud, snow, and water. The 2.4GHz radio system provides dependable, long-range control. SST is perfect for any age driver or skill level and comes fully assembled, painted, and Ready-To-Race with the included 6-cell 7.2V NiMH battery pack and 2amp DC charger. Everything you need is included in the package. The LaTrax SST is Powered By Traxxas, protected by world-class Traxxas support, 100% parts availability, and the LaTrax Lifetime Electronics Warranty.

Product Features

  • 2.4GHz radio system
  • Waterproof Power System for All-Weather Driving Excitement
  • Off-Road Fun, Stadium Truck Tough
  • 2 Amp DC peak detecting charger
  • 7.2V 6-cell NiMH battery

It’s no trick! Nendoroid Halloween Miku has been fully unveiled

Mamitan has unveiled the fully painted Nendoroid Halloween Miku. As previously reported, the figure will be first available at Miku Expos in Los Angeles and New York City during October.

Nendo Halloween Miku is absolutely adorable, but I have to admit being a little baffled as to why the character is holding a candy cane. I mean, that’s really more of a Christmas thing; I can’t even recall ever seeing candy canes for sale except around the winter holidays. Did they run out of candy corn and think, “Well, this also has ‘candy’ in its name so it’ll be a decent substitute”? Given that the original artwork depicts Miku as being armed with a fencing sword, the fact that she’s instead holding a candy cane is even more unusual.

The character will apparently also come with a holiday-appropriate Jack-o’-Lantern (did you know that Jack-o’-Lanterns were originally made from turnips?) which matches her Halloween-y outfit. She even has these cute little vampire teeth! Although I adore the overall look, I’m going to try waiting in case the design also gets a figma.

 For additional release information and a look at the artwork, be sure to check out our original coverage. Otherwise there’s a full image in the gallery.

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Sideshow’s Sentinel maquette fully revealed, up for pre-order

Sideshow Collectibles’ gargantuan 32-inch Sentinel maquette is currently available for pre-order.

I was fairly wowed when I saw the preview image back in May and the full thing is, well, staggering. Not what quite what I expected, but still really cool. The pose is a little odd but it seems to have been chosen to show off the Sentinel’s machine-y musculature and weapons array. If the detail and size wasn’t enough for you, the Sentinel also features light-up features AND an interchangeable head with neck articulation. The only thing that’s not totally awesome? That US$900 price tag.

Between the size and the size of the price-tag, the Sentinel maquette is going to have to just be something I admire in photographs. I would love to see Sideshow Collectibles turn this design into a fully articulated figure, though, especially with retractable weapons.

Sideshow Collectibles’ Sentinel maquette is slated to ship next July and will run you US$900. As with Sideshow’s other offerings, a payment plan is available.

[ Pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles ]

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Pre-Order ThreeZero 20" Titanfall Atlas with fully articulated 6-inch IMC Battle Rifle Pilot figure

Titanfall is a 2014 multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. In Titanfall, players control “pilots” and their mech-style Titans, and fight in six-on-six matches set in war-torn outer space colonies. Titanfall is a shooter game played from a first-person perspective. Players fight as free-running foot soldier “pilots” who can command agile, mech-style exoskeletons — “Titans” — to complete team-based objectives. The game is set on derelict and war-torn colonies at the Frontier fringe of space exploration as either the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) or the Militia.

The Atlas is the original Titan model produced by Hammond Robotics. It has a balance of mobility and armor, having more mobility than the Ogre, but more armor than the Stryder. This was the first Titan to be revealed. Based on photos of the titan standing next to a pilot it can be estimated to be between 20-25 feet tall. Its main entry point is in its chest, which opens up for the player. The Atlas also has a secondary entry point in a small hatch in the top. This is also the eject port for the Atlas.

ThreeZero has released a huge gallery and info for their upcoming Titanfall Atlas with 6-inch tall Pilot. Each Atlas features fully openable hatch, comes with 6″ tall and articulated pilot; and light up feature for top part and cockpit with interchangeable blue and red lights. Please see the specs below for the full info.

Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.
Click on them for bigger and better views.

The detailed specs of the 20.5″ (52.1cm) tall Atlas and 6″ (15.2cm) tall pilot are as follows: Titanfall Atlas specs & features: Model stands with ~20 inches tall with incredibly detailed parts and over 100 articulation parts. 5 real pistons control the movement of the waist. Comes with XO-16 Chain-gun (detachable ammo drum). Fully openable hatch with cockpit. Movable armor plates on both torso & legs. Light up feature for top part and cockpit with interchangeable red & blue color. Rotatable front vision ball. 2 side-gun magazine case with fabric material. Articulating fingers & toes. 3A X 2 batteries required (batteries not included)
Fully posable 6-inch IMC Battle Rifle Pilot figure, which can be positioned inside the cockpit. Pilot figure comes with detailed armor parts, with R-101C Carbine and fabric clothing.

You can pre-order this ThreeZero 20-inch Titanfall Atlas with fully articulated 6-inch IMC Battle Rifle Pilot figure at TFH (link HERE)

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Battle Beasts series 2 fully revealed, slated for Summer

Comic Alliance has been given a sneak peek at Diamond Select Toys’ Battle Beasts series 2, now slated for a Summer release. The line-up has apparently been changed from what we last saw at SDCC last year, as “Zulu Cheetah” and Dr. Ullin have been seemingly replaced by a Giraffe and a Cobra.

Comics Alliance notes that the series will be broken into 2-packs consisting of Giraffe with Hammerhead, Cow with Bear, Cobra with Bat, and Anubis with Thrush. The characters don’t have their official names yet (my suggestion of  just going with “Gladiator Grizzly” was previously refused) although I expect they’ll be revealed soon. The packs are set to retail for US$10 apiece.

The switch-up is a little annoying since I was looking forward to getting “Zulu Cheetah” (I’ve confirmed with DST that he and Ullin have been bumped to a later series) but I’m like the look of his Giraffe replacement. The Cobra is also a pretty neat selection although it looks like he’s using the same rattler tail as Battle Beasts series 1’s Scalpus rather than something more appropriate to his species. Granted, it’s a minor detail likely to only bother ophidophiles.

Overall things still look great and I’m happy that we finally have a release date attached. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: I can’t wait for this series… although it looks like I’ll be waiting until Summer.

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Enterbay fully captures all the emotion of Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose isn’t a man of much emotion or health for that matter. When he is healthy though, he is one of the best in the NBA that gives Chicago fans reason to hope (read: false) that they’ll get past Lebron and actually win a championship without Jordan. After coming back from a bad knee injury, only to sustain another, Enterbay is pressing forward with their own version of the oft-injured NBA star.

All jokes aside, Enterbay has quietly been making their figures better and better. Rose is proof of that continued effort, especially with the detail on the tattoos. Articulation won’t be a problem as the joints are certainly more stable than Rose’s own knees. There are two heads included in the release, each with the usual emotion of young Derrick. Also included in the package is a basketball for basketball-related posing, 10 hands, figure stand, and MVP Trophy. You can now pre-order the 1/6 Derrick Rose for $204 at the Enterbay Shop.

Also announced in conjunction with Rose opening for pre-order are the two next entries to the NBA series. The Rockets’ Jeremy Lin will be revealed next month while Kevin Durant will have his reveal in April. At least those last two have a chance of reaching the Finals, if only to lose to the Heat and Lebron.

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