Frank Kozik – Barney X Debuts at DesignerCon

Here’s a look at Frank Kozik’s new Barney X resin figure, minus some final paint details. This first Oakland edition of his mashup of civil rights era politics and the flinstones is ready to stir things up, by any means necessary. Digitally sculpted by Bigshot Toyworks, the new figure looks…

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Mezco One:12 scale Frank Miller Dark Knight Batman 6.75-inch tall action figure is AWESOME!

Mezco has released details and new images for its Dark Knight Returns Batman 1/12th scale action figure.

Announced over the summer as part of the One:12 Collective line, the Batman figure — based on the landmark 1986 miniseries by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley — stands 6.75 inches tall and boasts more than 30 points of articulation. It comes with four pairs of interchangeable hands, an interchangeable boot with holster, pistol, removable utility belt, grappling hook, alternate head, Bat-symbol display base, articulated figure stand and “detachable cape-posing stand accessory.”

This is what I love about this hobby, when toy companies dare to try new things and not just be stuck with the old stuff. One of the reasons I went into collecting 1/6 scale figures was because of the fabric outfits / costumes which concealed the joints and made the figure look more realistic. Smaller scaled action figures tend to be made from molded plastic with cuts made into the plastic body parts to allow articulation which looses the seamless look of the figure. This figure, which ships in January 2015, will set you back about US$65.

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The Mezco One:12 scale Frank Miller Dark Knight Batman 6.75-inch figure will come with: hyper articulated body featuring over 30 points of articulation with real fabric clothing, Four (4) pairs of interchangeable hands including: One (1) pair of fists, One (1) pair of “holding” hands, One (1) pair of posing hands, One (1) pair of “Batarang” hands. One (1) interchangeable boot with pistol holster, One (1) removable utility belt, One (1) pistol, One (1) grappling hook, One (1) alternate head, One (1) Bat-symbol display base, One (1) articulated figure stand for multiple dynamic figure poses, One (1) detachable cape-posing stand accessory. Figure comes in fifth panel window box with slip cover.

Currently planned for the One:12 Collective are characters from The DC Universe, Judge Dredd, Classic Universal Monsters, and some other surprises to be announced in the future.

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Frank Kozik x Blackbook Toy A Clockwork Carrot: Dim OG

Frank Kozik and Blackbook Toy will soon fill out the ‘A Clockwork Carrot’ family with the release of Dim OG, matching the very first figure in the line – Lil’ Alex OG. Decked out in white+gray, the maniacal Dim (11.25”) wields a metal chain. The Dim OG sofubi will be…

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Release Schedules for Frank Kozik’s A Clockwork Carrot Dim OG from BlackBook Toy

BlackBook Toy shares with TOYSREVIL news of their release schedules for Frank Kozik’s A Clockwork Carrot: Dim OG. And while the “Official release” is at Dcon/DesignerCon 2014 (Nov 8-9) on November 8 & 9th @ Frank Kozik’s booth, a pre-release will happen first at Taipei Toy Festival (Oct 9-12, 2014) via the BlackBook Toy booth #25 – where only 13pcs will be on sale – and finally a online release

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Transformers Uninverse – Under The Hood Episode 2 Highlights Peter Cullen & Frank Welker

Jagex has released the second episode of Under The Hood, their web series detailing the making and refinement of the Transformers Universe MOBA. This episode focuses on Peter Cullen and Frank Welker’s voice recording sessions for the video game as Optimus Prime and Megatron. Keep reading to see!

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Frank Kozik x Kidrobot — Rocket Raccon Labbit

Frank Kozik launched the new Rocket Raccoon Labbit from Kidrobot earlier today (7.25) at his Comic-Con booth. The transformation of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy character into Labbit form brings sharp deco and a sweet, fuzzy articulated tail. This prerelease sold out quickly, with the full release due shortly at…

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NEW – DC Universe BATMAN AND THE JOKER Labbit Vinyl Figures by Frank Kozik

Towards the end of the year DC Comics and Kidrobot will be coming out with some exclusive BATMAN and JOKER Vinyl figures inspired by the artwork of Frank Kozik.

The Dark Knight has a grizzled look in his black-and-gray outfit and the Joker is wearing his classic purple suit.

Labbit is a smoking, unshaven, dual-personality rabbit character created by world-renowned pop artist Frank Kozik. Originally featured in Kozik’s 90s rock poster art, Labbit was adopted by Kidrobot in 2003. This beloved chain smoker is a born classic. But who cares? Labbit doesn’t! Labbit is an exclusive Kidrobot brand.

Look for them around October, 2014 and they will be priced at about $49.99 each, OUCH!

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BlackBook Toy x Frank Kozik Lil Alex Supervillain Edition at Art Toy Culture

BlackBook Toy is keeping very busy with Frank Kozik’s A Clockwork Carrot series. Hot on the heels of the debut edition of the new Dim figure (bear head), comes word of a murderous Lil Alex Super Villain edition. Limited to 50 pieces, the 11.25” figure will debut at Art Toy…

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Frank Kozik Hateballs, bouncing soon?

First shown publicly at SDCC 2013 in sculpt form (by Bigshot Toyworks), Frank Kozik’s WWI German Kaiser inspired Hateballs (small + large) may be released shortly. Frank’s been posting quite a few pics in the last few weeks including today’s shot of the complete header. Look for the first set…

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GID Heathrows & Ultrus AquaBog Upcoming Releases from Frank Kozik

To the (no doubt) detriment of my erstwhile toy-news bloggery-exploits, I have since “unfollowed” Frank Kozik‘s IG @frankkozik, simply because he has been producing a seemingly endless array of toy-goodness, and my IG-stream was flooded with his prolific-ness LOL (No, tis not because of cat-pics, becoz I post cat-pics myself too lol) … nevertheless, there would be countless times I would’ve missed out on newsery, like this two slices of upcoming toy-release headsups, starting with the above GID Large Heathrow sofubis (limited to 30pcs) … and featured below is the Ultrus AquaBog (featuring Skinner’s character figure), in an edition of 13pcs! Stay tuned to his IG and Twitter @frankkozik for further updates, meanwhile 🙂

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