‘Ghostbears Are Forever’ by Liz Frontera x Luke Chueh

Liz Frontera has collaborated with Luke Chueh on the sparkling Ghostbears Are Forever crystal-encrusted custom figures. Painstakingly created during the quarantine, each of the Ghostbears feature 2000 precisely placed Swarovski crystals (‘Gray Diamond’ color) over the vinyl figure. Each is cleverly numbered on the bottom in red crystals.

An edition of 15, the ‘Ghostbears Are Forever’ custom vinyl art toys (2.5″) are available directly from Liz Frontera’s webshop for $350 each.

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VIDEO – #BATMAN Forever Stamps US Post Office Ceremony at New York Comic Con 2014

Here’s a video showing the “Batman Forever Stamps” at the US Post Office Ceremony that appeared at the recent 2014 New York Comic Con.

 These stamps are still available at the Post office but they are selling quick. Some people have told me they bought the last ones at their locations so, if you want a set, you better hurry and get yours!

Oh yeah, as a kick side note: That’s our buddy, Ralph Garman, giving the introduction!

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Stars & Stripes forever! ArtFX+ Captain America teased

Kotobukiya has posted a teaser image for its upcoming ArtFX+ Captain America (previously seen unpainted at SDCC) alongside the caption, “It only takes one to rise for others to follow.”

The figure is based on Captain America’s appearance in the Marvel Now! relaunch which bears some resemblance to his film counterpart. Other entries seen so far include the Hulk, and Black Widow, as well as unpainted versions of Thor, Hawkeye, and Iron Man. An image of the concept art for the full roster can be seen here.

Full image in gallery.

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