Siyushop Metal Gear Solid Solid Snake Play Arts Kai Action Figure – Solid Snake Figma Figure – Equipped with Weapons and Special Effects Accessories – Action Figure Height 15CM

Product Name: Combat Action Figure
Color: light blue
Size: 15CM
Weight: 700 grams
Material: PVC, ABS environmentally friendly materials
Toy type: model toy, statue model
Applicable age: 6 years old and above
Applicable occasions: indoor, outdoor, toy room
Applicable people: children, action characters lovers
Maker: Made in China

Product Features

  • Smooth yet poseable joints
  • Action figure height 15CM
  • Action figure is very realistic and highly restored the original character image of the movie
  • Numerous accessories and weapons
  • If you are a collector, put him on your desk, or on the bookshelf, it will become a refined statue

Max Factory Metal Gear Solid 2: Solid Snake Figma Figure

From Max Factory. “Kept you waiting, huh? I’m at the sneak-point.” From the popular game Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty comes a figma of the main character, Solid Snake! Using the smooth yet poseable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes. Snake comes with a standard expression with movable eyes as well as alternate expression with clenched teeth. The tranquilizer gun, assault rifle (with shooting effect parts) and cardboard box Snake uses in the game are all included. He also comes with various hand parts including “hanging” hand parts to avoid detection as well as a hand holding a cigarette. An articulated figma stand is included.

Product Features

  • A Max Factory import
  • From the classic video game
  • Smooth yet poseable joints
  • Numerous accessories and weapons
  • Articulated figma stand

2015 Snow Bell Miku gets both a Nendoroid and figma!

Snow Miku Snow Bell ver. is cute. Like, beyond belief adorably cute. Way too cute to be left as just a single figure so Good Smile Company and Max Factory are spreading the love. 2015 will be the first year were a new Snow Miku design will be used for both a new Nedoroid and a new figma! Ah, they’re so great, and I’m glad we’re finally getting a figma that isn’t just a repaint of another Miku. Both figures will also be accompanied by their own little Yukine bunny figure.

Details are pretty light at the moment, though I’m sure we won’t have to wait too long before we see and learn more about these figures. Of course they’ll be available at Wonder Festival 2015 (Winter) on February 8 when we’ll all have the opportunity to place an order online! As a special treat they’re also adding Snow Bell Miku to the Hatsune Miku Project Diva arcade game. 

[via Kahotan’s blog]

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figma Sakura is ready to be captored plus future plans revealed

The time has finally come for Card Captor Sakura fans as the title character’s first figma is finally up for pre-order! Along with it comes a mountain of details and photos to satisfy us. The Sealing Wand is full of options such as a replaceable top with a card on it for a sealing pose and wing parts for a flying pose. She also comes with the Star Wand and another set of wings for Sakura’s back so she can fly with the Star Wand. Turns out her skirt has a special option (more like a split seam) to allow her to fly on her Sealing Wand. Of course she also comes with a little Keroberos as well as a Clow Card, Sakura Card, and some unique hand parts. For expressions she’ll included a happy face, a cheerful embarrassed face, and a determined face for sealing away cards. 

It’s a great figure and for me it’s far and away better than the S.H.Figuarts version in every way. Really it’s only downside is the price of ¥5,556. That’s about ¥1,000 more expensive than the massive Ultimate Madoka from 2013 at ¥4,572. Also doesn’t help that if you go for the Good Smile shop exclusive, which includes a pre-order bonus Star Wand in key mode, you’ll have to pay the full ¥6,000 taxed price plus ¥2,000 for shipping. Well, if you’re a fan you’ve got time to save as she wont be out until May 2015 anyway. 

Moving on to more good news Max Factory also announced the next figure will be Sakura in her school uniform which will be followed by Tomoyo! And that’s not all! More figures of Sakura in her battle costumes will be entering the new figFIX line as well! You’re move, Bandai.

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | J-List | ToysLogic | Big in Japan | Entertainment Earth | Big Bad Toy Store | Good Smile Shop]

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Max Factory strikes back with painted figma Cardcaptor Sakura

Surprise! In what almost seems like an intentional piece of counter-programming, the figma blog decided today was the day to release the first fully painted shot of the upcoming figma Sakura Kinomot. Though we’ve seen her in grey plastic before, this is the first time we’ve seen the iconic pink and white in place.

Naturally, she’s looking pretty ace. It may be the lighting, but it seems as if Max Factory have gone for a slightly softer, paler palette than the very bold S.H. Figuarts version and the level of detail is as outstanding as always. In past coverage most of you guys have voiced a strong preference to stand by Max Factory and resist the temptation of the SHF version, and based on this I doubt those people are going to be disappointed

[ via figma blog

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Max Factory sneaks in a box full of figma Solid Snake details and photos

Metal Gear fans are finally getting the Solid Snake figure they’ve waited nearly 30 years for. Sure, there have been other Snake action figures, but figma Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 2 is certainly aiming to be the best. The figma style of super articulation wouldn’t be enough for Max Factory. Oh no. They’ve aimed to make a Solid Snake that can do just about everything he can do in the games.

Starting from the head this figure will feature the rarely seen figma eye articulation allowing Snake to have his eyes pointed in any direction, perfect for looking around corners or down the sights of a gun. He’ll have two expressions, either a stoic expression that can be used any number of ways with the eye articulation, or another with his teeth grit for really turning up the intensity (but doesn’t have eye articulation). He also has a hidden flap in his hair that allows him to extend the range of his neck and lift his head up further, ideal for army crawling or sniping. 

Moving down the line he comes with a few specialized hands for gun gripping. One of the hands has a finger shaped for wrapping around the trigger, but the other lets him rest his finger on the side of the gun. He also has a special hand holding a cigarette for a little downtime. But the most interesting is a pair of hands specially made to allow him to hang from edges by his fingertips!

For weapons he’ll come with a tranquilizer gun and an assault rifle complete with muzzle flash effect part. Of course he wouldn’t be nearly complete without a cardboard (or in this case heavy paper) box to hide inside! But that’s not all, when pre-orders open in Japan Friday (effectively Thursday night in North America) the Good Smile online shop will have an exclusive release featuring a second handgun with removable silencer and, best of all, a reproduction of the actual figma box used to ship these figures to stores! That’s got to be the best figma exclusive yet.

Unfortunately they’ve stopped short of telling us exactly how big he’ll be and his price, but they’ve clearly left us a lot to look forward to when he’s released in May. In the meanwhile checkout the gallery and take a look at our exclusive close-up looks at the prototype from New York Comic Con 2014. 

[via Max Factory blog]

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figma the Thinker can’t sit still for this gallery

Statues aren’t supposed to move, but don’t tell FREEing that. Their new figma based on Rodin’s 1902 masterpiece is all about the ROM (range of motion). Being essentially a naked figma (and I do mean naked), and of the 2.0 variety to boot, there’s nothing holding him back from strutting his stuff. The newest gallery to hit Kahotan’s blog shows the Thinker making a whole bunch of very un-Thinker-like poses. Be it fighting off monsters or staggering like a zombie the figure looks great (and hilarious!) in pretty much any pose. 

No release info like price and date have been announced, but pre-orders will be starting next week. What do you think, got any statues you want to see as figma? 

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figma blog shows off Cardcaptor Sakura prototype

As I’ve noted several times before, I’m a huge Cardcaptor Sakura fan and the series’s recent return to the front lines of the anime toy world has filled me with unmitigated glee. We’ve known for a while now that Max Factory would be producing a figma version of heroine Sakura Kinomoto, but a new post on the official company blog gives us a first chance to get a good look at her.

Still in unpainted prototype form, Sakura is nonetheless already looking extremely sharp. Like her Nendoroid and trading figure counterparts, she’s portrayed in probably the most iconic of her many outfits, an ultra frilly pink number from the first opening. It’s pretty challenging to reproduce in small scale, but Max Factory look to have done a fine job, and they promise an innovative new bit of design will make sure she retains maximum posability despite all those ruffles. There’s also a glimpse of the included accessories, which seem to pretty much match the Nendoroid. We get miniature Kero and Sakura’s sealing wand in both regular and ‘Fly’ broomstick-style forms.

I can’t lie, I’m very excited. I swore off of figmas quite a while ago, but I doubt I’ll be able to resist this one. Here’s hoping we get more details, and some coloured shots, very soon.

[via Max Factory’s blog

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Ponder no more: figma The Thinker is up for pre-order

Rodin’s “The Thinker” being made into a figma can be described as “interesting,” “a bizarre decision” or “literally figures as art.” It can also now be described as up for pre-order! The first entry in Max Factory’s Table Museum line, figma The Thinker comes with full poseability, his rocky base, and extra hand, chest and head parts. 

I imagine this will be a fairly popular figma for customizers, as there’s a lack of large male bodies for figmas, much less ones with no clothing. You can pick him up for ¥3,980, but don’t expect to start pondering (or customizing) until May 2015.

[Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi]

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Give Shimakaze a friend: figma Amatsukaze goes up for pre-order

Amatsukaze is one of the cuter Kantai Collection designs that I’ve seen, and she pushes a lot of the same buttons as Shimakaze does. Their respective designs have a lot of parallels including their outrageously short skirts (actually Amatsukaze isn’t really even wearing a skirt) and striped leggings.

Another thing they have in common is turrets! Amatsukaze comes with a weird Rensouhou-kun, which to me is a creepier version of Shimakaze’s companions. Anyway, judging by the promo shots on the figma blog, this looks like a pretty standard KanColle package. She’s up for pre-order now for ¥5,800 and is set for a March 2015 release.

[ Pre-order at Good Smile Online ShopHobby Search | AmiAmi | Big in Japan ]

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