Celebrities as Your Favorite #BATMAN Characters!

I noticed a tiny trend lately, Celebrities dressing up as Batman characters to get a little extra push on their PR for the publicity machine.

First up we have Ben McKenzie, the Actor who plays James Gordon on the new GOTHAM TV Series. He dressed up for Halloween this year as a much older version of Commissioner Jim Gordon! 

But he’s not the only one who donned Batman Costumes in 2014. Check out this pic of Neal Patrick Harris and his family as the Riddler, Joker, Batman, and Catwoman, very excellent!

But hey, this isn’t anything new. In the early days of The Velvet Underground, Musicians Lou Reed and John Cale had a day job playing Batman and Robin at birthday parties in the 1960’s, ha ha!

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Thomas & Friends Take-n-Play Exclusive THOMAS’ FAVORITE FRIENDS 10-Die-cast Vehicle Gift Set

This exclusive 10-vehicle gift set contains Thomas and Thomas’ favorite friends: Thomas, Percy, Diesel, Kevin, Bertie, Victor, Dash, Harold, Captain, Winston. What a perfect way to start a collection for your special one!

Product Features

  • Includes 10 Die-Cast Vehicles from Take-n-Play line of trains
  • Thomas, Percy, Diesel, Kevin, Bertie, Victor, Dash, Harold, Captain, Winston

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Salute your favorite DC Bombshells Mera design

DC Collectibles wants you! …to vote for your favorite DC Comics Bombshell Mera concept illustration. While the company doesn’t specify that the winning design will be made, one would imagine it may go into the final consideration.

There are three different concept arts to choose from:

  • A) A “beach-attire” Mera in a one-piece swimsuit and holding a sun hat.
  • B) A “naval/sailor” Mera wearing a bikini top, navy-themed pants, and a sailor’s cap
  • C) A mix of options A and B. Mera wears the same one-piece swimsuit as seen with A but has the sailor’s cap and is saluting as with B

The swimsuit seen in A and C is the closest representation to her actual comic outfit and would therefore be the most faithful choice. That said, option B is probably the most fun out of the bunch as there’s more of playfulness to the design. Right about now is where I’d usually announce my choice… but I can’t make up my mind. All three designs are pretty cool in their own right. I think I’d rather one of the saluting poses win although even then it’s something of a toss-up.

Voting is currently open for those more able to make up their minds. If I had to guess the results, I’m fairly certain that B won’t make the cut.

[ Vote at DC Collectibles ]

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Glass art of favorite children’s books on display

November first is Family Literacy Day, and to celebrate the occasion the very talented folks from the Kentucky-based Flame Run glass studio have created a number of figures based on some of their favorite children’s books for their Bookworm show. The pieces range from old favorites like Alice in Wonderland and the Velveteen Rabbit to modern classics like the Monster Book of Monsters from Harry Potter. My personal favorite is the title rabbit from the Bunnicula series, complete with drained vegetables. 

A few examples can be found in the gallery or you can go to the Huffington Post for the full collection. 

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