Fascinations Metal Earth Star Wars R2D2 and C-3PO Box Set 3D Metal Model Kit

This amazingly detailed DIY model starts as a 5 x 8 square inch steel sheet and finishes as an amazing 3D model. Just use the easy to follow instructions to pop out the pieces, and bend the table, then connect them at the attachment points. Most Metal Earth models take less than an hour to assemble, and on average measure about three inches long when completed. Each model averages 20+ pieces. All can be assembled without any glue, although tweezers or needle nose pliers to bend the tabs will save you from sore fingers. Recommended Age is 14+

Product Features

  • 6 Sheet Metal Model Kit
  • Difficulty Level – Challenging
  • Assembly Required – Assembled Size – 4.25″ x 2.36″ x 4.84″
  • Come in an Attractive Gift Box
  • Ages 14+

Fascinations Metal Earth Iconx Silver Dragon 3D Metal Toy Model Kit – 3 Sheets, 125 Pieces – with Instruction Guide and Tweezers

If you want to engage in a challenging toy activity, then get your hands on the Metal Earth Iconx Silver Dragon. The Silver Dragon pack contains three metals sheets of more than 125 pieces to assemble. It also includes a pair of tweezers and printed instruction. Parts can be removed from the sheets by hand but is simpler with the use of wire cutters. The tweezers are ideal for twisting connection tabs. The Metal Earth Iconx Silver Dragon is a model that is both challenging and fun to assemble. The assembled dragon toy has dimensions of 6 inches x 5 inches x 5 inches.

Product Features

  • THREE SHEETS – The package contains three metal sheets with more than 125 parts to assemble.
  • CHALLENGING TO BUILD – It takes time to assemble the Iconx Silver Dragon. It is challenging, yet fun to build all the same.
  • SIZE – The assembled silver dragon has dimensions of 6 inches x 5 inches x 5 inches.
  • FUN TOY COLLECTIBLE – The Metal Earth Iconx Silver Dragon is an excellent addition to any toy hobbyist’s collection. It also makes a great gift to anyone who has an immense fascination with both toys and dragons.
  • PACKAGE INCLUSION – Aside from the three sheets, the model kit also includes a detailed instruction and a pair of tweezers for twisting connection tabs.

Fascinations Top Secret

Spin this unique top on its base and watch it continue for hours, sometimes days, without stopping. The ultimate desktop conversation piece. Top Secret will cause onlookers to wonder if this is indeed the science of perpetual motions. Seeing the silver top spin continuously on the enigmatic base is nearly as fun as watching your friends try to figure out why the top isn’t stopping! So how does this work, anyway? That’s Top Secret!

Product Features

  • Fascinations designs product to illustrate many magical aspects of our world
  • Spin this unique top on its base and watch it continue for hours, sometimes days without stopping
  • The “Top Secret” consists of a spinning top with a radically oriented magnetic field and an associated base that houses a conductive coil
  • Its changing magnetic field induces a current in the coil which momentarily opens the switch to the battery resulting in powering up the electromagnet
  • One 9 volt battery can last for over a week of continual use

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