Preorder DAM TOYS 1/6 scale Resident Evil 2 Leon S. Kennedy 12" Action Figure Collectible

Pre-order NAUTS and DAMTOYS Resident Evil 2 Leon S. Kennedy 1/6 Scale Figure at BBTS (link HERE)

NAUTS and DAMTOYS team up to give fans the ultimate 1/6 collectible figure of young Leon S. Kennedy seen in the popular CAPCOM game, Resident Evil 2!

His head sculpt, multiple weapons, accessories, and costume fully demonstrate the power of production technology, faithfully recreating Leon from the remake. With a number of weapons, accessories, and a fully poseable body with over 30 points of articulation, Leon can be displayed as though he walked right out of the screen.

The 12″ figure has about 30 points of articulation, and is fully packed with weapons and accessories. Leon includes multiple interchangeable hands, a Matilda handgun with removable custom parts, a M-19 handgun, a W-870 shotgun with custom parts, a LE 5 sub-machine gun, grenades, a combat knife, ammo for the guns, various keys, first aid spray, a radio set, and a flashlight.

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Pre-order Sideshow Collectibles Masters of the Universe 21.5" Overlord of Evil Skeletor Statue

Pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles

“By the powers of darkness, evil and fear!”

What a wonderful day for evil! Ready to face He-Man in our new statue collection inspired by the popular 80’s cartoon series Masters of the Universe, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Overlord of Evil himself – Skeletor!

Hailing from the otherworldly dimension of Infinitia, Skeletor rules over the darkest corners of Eternia with an iron fist from his treacherous volcanic base on Snake Mountain. Wielding his enchanted Havoc Staff to command an invisible horde of henchmen and minions, Sideshow’s artists have brought the sinister villain to life with ornately sculpted battle armor and a removable cape. For an extra dose of pure unadulterated nostalgia, collectors can choose to display the devious evildoer with a swap-out yellow skull head sculpt, a tribute to his classic animated appearance. Suitably depicted with his mouth wide open, you can almost hear the barrage of insults spew forth, or that unforgettable piercing cry. Locked in a never-ending battle against the forces of good, Skeletor will not rest until he possesses the secrets of Castle Grayskull – and if he succeeds, the sworn enemy of He-Man will conquer not only Eternia but take his place as master of the universe!

Pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles

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SIDESHOW EXCLUSIVE: Classic Skull Portrait

Pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles

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A Large Evil Corporation X Funko = Awesome Toyness!

“We’re very excited to let you all know that we are now working with the brilliant toy company Funko, in order to bring the vinyl designs to life! We hope to have more official news soon…stay tuned!” – Announced A Large Evil Corporation (Circa Nov 21).My personal excitement level has hit the roof! And a right perfect-fit too, with Funko’s wide array of licensed properties! Besides their Three

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Angry Birds Surprise Eggs Thomas and Friends Star Wars Good Versus Evil Kinder Surprise Toys Battle

Star Wars Angry Birds. The Good try to reclaim the Surprise Eggs from the Evil on our Thomas and Friends Trackmaster layout with brave engine James providing the transport. The Surprise Eggs…

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A Large Evil Corporation Does Star Wars

From Kibooki of A Large Evil Corporation comes these splentaulous depictions of Star Wars characters – tweeted with silent aplomb – that would make awesome action figures (just like the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy) IF ever they get made! Yes, these are just renders designed to tease and taunt us of the titillating time we would be enjoying playing with the toys!

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Lord Zedd is bringing the evil to SDCC

Lord Zedd, the self-proclaimed “Emperor of Evil”, is being brought back to life in Bandai of America’s 5-inch Power Rangers Legacy line and will on sale at the Entertainment Earth booth (#2343) during SDCC. For those who can’t make it to the con, Lord Zedd will also be available to order from the Toys “R” Us site starting July 24th.

While I’m sure that a lot of fans may prefer that a different Bandai would produce this character for a different line (despite being a U.S.-only character), it’s still really awesome that we’re getting him at all. Sure, he’s not going to be as joint-y as a SHF, but the sculpting looks decent enough and he’s about the right size to stand SHF Power Ranger figures.

Although the American Toys “R” Us site has yet to specify a price, the Canadian counterpart has him listed for CAD$17 so I’d guess that he’ll probably go for around US$20 or US$25 (because, even though the Canadian Dollar is only worth 94 cents to the American dollar, Toys “R” Us enjoys gouging Americans). Another interesting side-note is that the Canadian TRU site currently has him listed for a July 1st release.

Given that the 1989 movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are also on that list of SDCC items, I suspect that it might be a matter of Lord Zedd being released first at SDCC before getting a wider release (unless the movie turtles have been switched to an exclusive).

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LEGO Movie 70809 Lord Business’ Evil Lair

Lord Business’ Evil Lair

Bwahahahaha! Welcome to Lord Business’ Evil Lair! Record his broadcasts in the TV studio and plot how to control the world from the office. Lever open the large door and unleash the Kragle. Trap the Master Builders in the think tank to extract their creativity. Dodge the trapdoor to avoid being sent spiraling into infinity then pull the plug on the battery and shut down the think tank before Lord Business carries out his evil plan! Includes 6 minifigures with assorted accessories: Emmet, Vitruvius, Ma Cop, Pa Cop, Lord Business and wrestler/Master Builder, El Macho Wrestler, and Biznis Kitty figure.

Limit 2 per customer

Product Features

  • Includes 6 minifigures: Emmet, Vitruvius, Ma Cop, Pa Cop, Lord Business and wrestler/Master Builder, El Macho Wrestler and Biznis Kitty figure
  • Features office, think tank, Kragle, glue holder, TV studio with camera, sofa and Where Are My Pants sign, giant glue tube
  • Also features rail-activated infinity drop window, battery, battery switch and translucent elements
  • Watch The LEGO Movie to see all your favorite characters in action
  • Office measures over 9″ high, 13″ wide and 5″ deep; Lord Business stands over 6″ tall

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Pink Boners, Toxic Carrots & Evil S’murks: Blackbook Toy for #DesignerCon #DCON

Blackbook Toy will be having a trio of exclusives at the coming weekend at DesignerCon 2013 (Nov 9-10), starting with the above “Popaganda Pink” edition of Ron English‘s Big Boner, and hell, it is giving one hella toy-boner right here, my friends!

Casted in solid neon pink with black wipe, this 8-inch tall vinyl piece is priced at US$100 and made available via the BlackBook Toy booth #318 (shared space with Frank Kozik). limited to only 50pcs, I am pretty much gagging for this piece lol

And speaking of Kozik, comes the “Toxic Green” Edition of his A Clockwork Carrot 11″ tall sofubi, and priced at US$120. Online sales would start on Nov 15th midnight (Tokyo), 14th 8am(LA), 11am(NY), 4pm(UK) if there’s any leftover from the show…

Last but def not least is a DeKorner exclusive, featuring the 66pcs limited “Evil” Deathead S’murk from David Flores x HellFire Canyon Club, available at booth 720. no price mentioned tho…

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