CHUNK by Jim Chan x Unbox Industries in Two New Editions

Catching up with a bit of CHUNK toy-news, with a look at the two recent colorway editions released/to be released, with the above-left edition being released in Thailand, and the above-right being a Taiwan exclusive released earlier!

CHUNK is a character vinyl designed by Jim Chan (Jim Dreams) and produced by Unbox Industries.

The CHUNK TATTOO KINGDOMCOME Version will be made available at the

Transformers 4 Age of Extinction – Blu-Ray, DVD and HD Download Editions From Best Buy

Following the report on the best buy Steelcase Edition we have found new listings on Best Buy for the BD+DVD+Digital ($24.99 USD) and DVD ($19.99 USD) editions that are now available for pre-order as well. Additionally, the listing for the Steelcase as been updated to reveal it will also include the BD+DVD+Digital versions with a special package at the same price of $24.99 USD. Read on to see the cover images for more details now.

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Coarse Flake, Fluid and Float 10th Anniversary Editions (3.11)

Back before Coarse became a household name among art toy collectors, Mark Landwehr released Flake, Fluid and Float –- action-sports themed 1:6 style figures. I remember being really impressed by these at Munky King on Melrose sometime in ‘05/’06. They were sleek, fresh and just a bit funky – definitely…

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Ghost Butler from Peter Kato: White & Violet Editions

With the earlier teaser floating about in the internet etherverse, Peter Kato sends words and images of the GHOST BUTLER, with the White Ghost Butler as a standard classic, and Violet Ghost Butlers made specifically for Valentines Day!

Standing a chunky 3 inch high x 1.5 wide resin cast figure with simple painted highlights, they are currently limited to 12 pieces of each color and priced at US$50 per via this Thursday Feb6.2014.

“”Happy To Serve~ ” (eternally) is his moto, and he is my chunky Ghost Servant. I wanted to get back into those characters like FrightBite & Kawako that expressed my Addams Family / Tim Burton imagination. I have so many different designs I didn’t want to just focus on what seemed of lately my “Earth force versus Space Army figures” … Don’t get me wrong in the next coming months I will definitely be putting out more new editions to that group of figures too.” ~added Peter.

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