QUICCS’ BABY TEQ Dunny Artist Proofs for Dec 13th Drop!

QUICCS sends word of his impending release of his “Baby TEQ” (3″ Dunnys from the Kidrobot x Clutter Magazine DTA Series) this coming Wednesday, December 13 2017 exclusively on hiddenfortressmanila.com (@ these times: SG/HK 10 PM – NY 9AM – LA 6AM – UK 2PM)!

Priced at US$35.00 each, these Final Artist-Proofs are limited to only 10 pieces each design – three color ways to be had – each signed and

Scott Wilkowski x Kidrobot Code Blue 5 Infected Dunny

The contagion continues to spread. Kidrobot has just released the new Code Blue 5” Infected Dunny by Scott Wilkowski. Limited to 100 pieces, the double cast resin Dunny features a translucent blue exterior and Scott’s crazy infected skull on the interior. Available now exclusively from Kidrobot for $200 (+ s/h).

Kidrobot x Scott Wilkowski Infected Dunny Cryogenic Blue (9.2)

The virus is spreading! Kidrobot will release a new Infected Dunny (3”)from Scott Wilkowski and Clutter on Friday (9.2) at an unspecified time (9 AM PDT?) and price (likely $60 based on previous editions)This one is a looker – crystal clear resin outer layer with a cryogenic blue internal skeleton….

#playingwith Mishka Keep Watch Dunny – 3" Polar Edition from Kidrobot

Picked up my MISHKA Bad News / Keep Watch Dunnys from Ozzo Collections today, and realized this might well be my first ever purchase of an 8″ Dunny! And likened to my Keep Watch Labbit, I have also popped my 8-incher-Dunny-Cherry thanks to Mishka!

I like this particular sculpt because I is not just graphics printed unto an existing Dunny, but features new sculpted forms and accents. Kudos all

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Get your scare on with Mikie Graham’s Dunny Monster Series

Time for a little spookiness in your life? Well, Mikie Graham has put together the Dunny Monster series, a set of 30 different custom Dunnys with a Halloween theme to them. He’s created 15 characters in total that he’ll be releasing this month in both painted and DIY versions, with the last piece being a gigantic 20-inch Dunny that’s been turned into a display/playhouse for these ghouls and goblins. I quite like the ghostly little Trick of the designs he’s revealed so far!

You can also get a bonus for every three Dunnys you buy from the set: an exclusive Jack-O-Lantern Dunny, with five different designs available. In total, that means 20 Dunnys are being released, with the DIY versions at US$15 and the painted versions at US$45.

The Dunny designs/types will be released on a one-per-day basis through Oct. 30, with the playhouse being released on Oct. 31. You can find the first three characters — in their painted and DIY versions — on sale in Mikie’s shop, with another 12 characters to come this month.

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Custom Delights: Josh Mayhem’s Iron Giant Dunny

Josh Mayhem has recently completed a new 3-inch Dunny commission, and this one is one of my favorites from 2014. His Iron Giant Dunny is exactly what you’d expect: a pint-sized representation of the film’s title character, using a modified Dunny as a base. Sure, the head is easy enough to spot as a resculpted and re-painted Dunny head, but the body is actually a Dunny as well, turned upside down and kit-bashed with some Gundam plamo parts.

Since it was a private commission, this piece is off to reside on someone’s shelf (lucky them), but Josh does take commissions. You can contact him via Facebook or his website for more info.

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Dolly Oblong teases Beta Dunny custom

Dolly Oblong posted a new teaser to their blog yesterday, hinting that a new custom would be coming to their shop this week, It’s not much, just showing off a Dunny/Munny body and a few details, but can we figure out what it is exactly?

Based on the design, it’s not too hard to figure out that this is their robot character Beta, who has already been done as a papercraft figure before. Additionally, one of the tags is #dunny, which solves the other big question. Expect some more details, like a price, later this week when it actually arrives in their shop, but I wouldn’t be surprised if like Dairobo Z, there’s only two of them available.

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