You don’t need a slingshot to pop balloons in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

My favorite video game clips are the ones where players show off a mechanic, feature, or trick that’s either obscure, entertainingly unnecessary, or just plain easily overlooked by most people. If the idea is hiding in plain sight, even better! I want to feel silly for not even considering doing it before.

One recent-to-me example: you can use a bug net to pop balloons in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

When you don’t have a slingshot… from r/AnimalCrossing

You could be a normal player and just use a slingshot, of course. Or, if you want to live a little after spending countless hours with this game, you can load up the Island Designer app on your phone, plop down a cliff, climb up it with your ladder, and knock down the floating present with your humble net.

As impractical as this is, more than anything, I appreciate Reddit user ItzStarr86 demonstrating an alternate use for the terraforming tools. They’re great in theory but they’re too finicky for me.

Realistically, I’m never going to use this trick, but I love that I can – a cute a-ha moment.

Dont call him Sushi, Uniman Stars in New Blindbox Series from Sesameseedcat x Mighty Jaxx

Sesameseedcat’s Uniman is too busy exploring and fulfilling his foodie desires to end up as a plate of Sushi. Along with his bff, Wasabi-chan, he’s now starring in his very own blindbox series from Mighty Jaxx. The series features five designs with Uniman in various poses and one mystery chase…

Don’t underestimate Nendoroid magical girl Akari Yomatsuri

Although announced a few months ago, we’re finally getting out first look at Nendoroid self proclaimed magical girl Akari Yomatsuri from Captain Earth at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition: Autumn 2014! They haven’t said a whole lot about the computer wiz but they did show that she can be posed like this: belly button forte! You know what? They don’t even have to include any other parts with her, that’s really the only way to display that figure properly. Now we need a Nendo of Daichi “Captain Earth” Manatsu so she can shove her belly in his face. I guess we’ll have to leave that to Hana. She’s expected to be out next March for ¥3,889 so we’ll certainly see more details and pre-orders soon!

But that wasn’t the only thing on display, not by a long shot! Kahotan posted shots of all of the Good Smile Company figures that were on display. Starting with Nendoroids they gave a first look at KanColle’s Kirishima. They’re trying to make it sound like a surprise that she’s been announced, but considering her sisters Kongou and Hiei have already been made it’s no real surprise that a third sister (and probably fourth, Haruna) would be, too. Then, from the files of “why isn’t this already a thing?” comes Kyoko Toshino of the upcoming  YuruYuri Nachuyachumi  OAV. Akari Akaza come out two years ago and they’re just now starting to do figures again thanks to the OAV? No word on what she’ll come with, but Kahotan said it would be some “shocking parts”.

Other Nendoroids included ones we’ve either seen before or there just isn’t a whole lot to say about like Elsa from Frozen, Senbonzakura Hatsune Miku, Aoi Yukimura from Encouragement of Climb, Mario, Super Movable Archer from Fate/stay night, Tobio Kageyama from Haikyuu!!, and KanColle’s Suzuya and Kumano. Probably won’t be long before we hear more about these soon. 

Ah, but it wasn’t all Nendoroids, they also had a few scale figures on the shelf. First there’s KanColle’s Musashi Kai Light Armament ver. which apparently refers to her number of weapons and not her lack of clothes. Levi, from Attack on Titan of course, looks like a great figure… until you get to his disturbing titan head base that appears to be about the size of a human child’s head. Last is Michelle K. Davis from Terraformars who also has an interesting base, but the figure itself is pretty eye catching for a few obvious reasons. We’re told all of these will see updates soon so look forward to it! 

Check the gallery or head over to Kahotan’s blog to see the photos. Soon she’ll be posting a part two featuring Max Factory and Phat! company so look forward to it!

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Now you can get a Don’t Starve Beefalo plush from Klei Entertainment

Do you enjoy playing the indie survival game, Don’t Starve as much as I do? Well, then you’ll be happy to hear that Klei Entertainment is releasing a new plush toy from their game. Originally released at PAX East and Prime 2014, the Beefalo plush is now getting a wide release online.

If you’re a fan of the game, you know Beefalos as tasty cattle that you can hunt for food and warmth. After the release of the Chester plush replica and the blind box figures, this plush looks to be another quality item. Measuring almost six inches tall and made from soft shaggy material, these Beefalo are super cute.

These plushes went online today and are currently available for US$24.99. This is a special launch price that will only last until November 11. Afterwards, these will cost you US$29.99.

Also available now is a limited edition “Chill” version of the Beefalo plush. This version’s fur is white and has demonic red eyes. There will only be 200 available for US$79.99.

So if you want a wild animal to cuddle for warmth and possible kill and eat later, the Beefalo is waiting. 

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Don’t wait until the spring to view Sakura Saber

Fate/stay night’s Saber has had many faces, but none as Japanese as Sakura Saber. If you’re not familiar with Good Smile Company’s latest take on Saber (first announced nearly a year ago!) don’t feel bad, she comes from a rather obscure gag manga called Koha-Ace EX where all of the heroes are of Japanese origin. There’s also another Saber in that manga, but this is by far the more appealing of the two. 

The figure is a real eye-catcher with all of the red and pinks. Even her hair has a slight pink tint to it. The pose is pretty great, too. I love the way she’s spinning with her arms out and the flow of the fabric. She looks so carefree! As expected her sculpted details are wonderful from head to toe and you can’t go wrong with that cute face!

She won’t be out until May 2015, perfect timing for viewing the cherry blossoms next spring. Price is a little high ¥10,000, but pre-orders are already open and as usual there are deals to be had. Just be sure not to miss it, I have a feeling it’ll be at least another year before they release her again!

[via Kahotan’s blog]

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Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar pre-orders begin, don’t last long

After appearing in scans a few weeks back, Bandai’s Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar went up for pre-order yesterday. Despite the wallet-battering ¥32,400 price tag customers weren’t deterred as several stores sold out immediately. As of writing Amiami, Hobby Search and Hobbylink Japan have closed orders (though there’s still a chance a second wave will become available). He’s still up at several of the smaller stores however.

Stoking the frenzy, the Amiami Blog also released a full hands-on preview that confirms several tantalising facts like size (big!), level of detail (high!) and transformation ability (show accurate!). As ever for the Soul of Chogokin line there’s minute attention to show accuracy, with little stuff like having full rolling tracks on DrillGao or a sculpted cockpit in LinerGao. Disappointingly, the preview also confirms that accessories will be limited to replacement hands, although you do get hands for both GaiGar and GaoGaiGar, including specific hands for the Hell & Heaven attack. The Dividing Driver is also present and correct, but there’s no sign of a Goldion Hammer, which suggests to me an extremely lucrative add-on coming at a later date. There’s also no sign of the traditionally fabulous SoC base, though I’m sure that’ll be in there somewhere.

Despite the incredibly high cost, this really does look to be the ultimate toy for any fan of the show, and I can tell you I buckled almost immediately and put in an order. Most stores are offering hefty discounts on that list price, which makes the whole affair slightly less insane. It’s a tough call, but I’d make it soon – I don’t think he’s going to hang around for long.

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Big Bad Toy Store | Nippon-Yasan ]

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Bandai’s Mera Mera no Mi is one forbidden fruit you don’t want to taste

Bandai’s Devil Fruit Mera Mera (Mera Mera no Mi) is currently available for pre-order. This replica of the Mera Mera Fruit (or Flame-Flame Fruit), which originally gave Fire-Fist Ace his powers, stands 5.9-inches tall which I’m assuming is to scale (with a human, not a figure…).

The fruit itself recently played a prominent role in the Dressrosa/Corrida Colosseum story arc so I suppose it’s not terribly surprising that Bandai chose to replicate it over Devil Fruits, although I hope that we’ll see some of the others as well (personally I might find a Yami Yami no Mi hard to pass up).

The only downside is that Bandai’s Mera Mera no Mi will run you US$67 which seems like a bit much although I’m sure that it’ll be a hit. The Mera Mera no Mi is slated to heat up your December.

[ Pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store ]

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Amanda Visell — If they Dont Give you Respect, Take It Poster in Green

By request, Amanda Visell has released a new edition of her popular ‘If They don’t give you respect, take it’ print which she released back in November 2013. The new edition features a green ribbon instead of a blue one and this time around it’s a giclee print as opposed…

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GSC says what we don’t want to hear about Nendroid Red from Pokemon

While Tamashii was debuting their summer collection to fans, a lot of people, including myself, became enchanted by a toy from an entirely different company. That would be Good Smile Company’s Nendroid Red from Pokemon. It was only a poster, but already I was falling in love with this tiny figure.

Not long after finding out about this figure, I was hearing depressing news I didn’t want to believe until GSC said it. Now, I’m afraid the rumblings were true. Nendroid Red is going to be a Japanese Pokemon Center exclusive!

Of course, with this heartbreaking news comes more information that just makes me want the figure even more. Red will be coming with three facial expressions, interchangeable arms, hands, and legs, and several accessories straight from the Pokemon world. He’ll have his backpack, Pokedex, Poke ball, Master ball, and Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.

So Nendroid Red will be available at Japanese Pokemon Centers, but they will also be found at Amazon Japan’s Pokemon Store. For ¥4,500, pre-orders will open at the end of May, and will be officially released at the end of September. 

[via Good Smile Company]

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