Magnetic Ball, LiKee Magnetic Sculpture Toys for Intelligence Development and Stress Relief (5MM Set of 216 Balls)

Please recognize the seller name ”LiKee’ when you purchase, beware of imitation, fake and poor products from other seller.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We offer 12-month warranty and friendly customer service. If you ever have any issue with the product, you can contact us for a refund or a replacement.

Main Benefits/ Feature:
-It is easy to assemble without the need for special tools. Infinite combinations is not easy, but as long as your patience and creativity.
-A creative toy with magnetic ability which makes it possible to compose hundreds of geometric patterns.
-Full of high entertainment and creativity.
-Exquisite, combinatory, glossy.

Material : Metal
Color : Silver
Weight : 12.3 oz
Size :1.2 *1.2 * 1.2 inch
Each small Ball Diameter: 0.2 Inch
Packing:Iron box
Iron box size: Diameter 2.3*1.5inch

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Product Features

  • Creative and hot puzzle toy for enhancing assembly ability. Improve children intelligence and imagination.
  • Great decoration, Can be used as magnetic jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets.
  • Endless combinations. It is not easy but up to your patience and creativeness.
  • The size is 1.2*1.2*1.2 inch,made up of 216pcs small ball that diameter 0.2 inch.
  • Magnetic ball is Not suitable for under 12 years children. For using under adult supervision.

Magnetic Balls,Buck Balls,3mm Magic Decompression Toy for Intelligence Development and Stress Relief,Office Decoration by Shellvcase ( 216 balls)

Material : Metal
Ball’s diameter : 3mm

The Magnetic Decompression Balls are shiny little office toy that will brighten up your workspace.

Portable for travelling and having fun with friends. It’s ideal cool toy gift for both men and women,Who will be able to create the most difficult structure?

Please kindly notice :
Small parts. Not suitable for children under 14 years

Product Features

  • Creative desk toys for you to relieve stress and develop intelligence
  • Interest in training, parent-child communication, emotional, sensory, intellectual development, hands-on brain
  • Not only just a toy, you can use these balls to make jewelry or fun creations,such as flowers, leaves, ball, pyramid, etc
  • Endless combinations. It is not easy but up to your patience and creativeness
  • This product are balls with excellent technology, it is not easy to fade after using. Can stand Long- lasting friction and strong antioxidant ability

Aitsite Hematite Magnetic Stones Energy Sphere Magnetic Balls for Scinence and Fun Magnetic Rattlesnake Eggs Intelligence Development and Stress Relief 10Pcs

10Pcs Strong Hematite Magnetic Stones
You’ll receive 10pcs Hematite Magnets,diameter 0.98”. These hematite magnetic stones perfect for magnetic education,fun toys for kids
These make unique party gifts and are enjoyed by all ages

Helps to improve microcirculation while using in wrists and fingers
It is effective in healing pain because it maintains the charge of nerve cells
Magnetic hematite will also regulate the blood flow in the body. It is also used to cure and relieve headaches and anemia. Additional physical benefits include relief from cramps, spinal problems and fractured bones

Product Features

  • STRONG HEMATITE MAGNETIC: 10Pcs strong hematite magnetic sphere stones,endless fun on your desk,good magnetic strength,not to much,not to little. Helps to improve microcirculation while using in wrists and fingers
  • EDUCATIONAL FUN TOYS: Polished sphere magnet,safety and funny,the magnetic rattlesnake eggs sticky stones stick each other. These polished sphere magnet are really nice,shiny and they actually Singing Buzzing when tossed in the air
  • GOOD STRESS RELIEF: Hematite magnetic stones acting on your wrist and fingers,relief your stress,fully improve microcirculation,good stress relief toy between busy work. It is effective in healing pain because it maintains the charge of nerve cells
  • APPLICATIONS: Perfect for magnetic education,good stress relief toy,school science projects,fridge magnets and office magnets,fun toys for kids and who who is obsessed with magnets
  • AWESOME PARTY GIFT: All ages enjoy them. 100% Money Back Guarantee & 12 Month Replacement Warranty ensures customer satisfaction. Refund or Replacement. So please buy it with your confidence

Hasbro Cinematic Universe In Development! Micronauts, Visionaries, GI Joe, Rom Spaceknight & MASK – But No Transformers?

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Hollywood – in the form of Paramount Pictures – is teaming up with Hasbro to create a Cinematic Universe based on Hasbro properties. Micronauts, Rom: Spaceknight, MASK, and Visionaries are slated to tie into existing film franchise GI Joe, and a writer’s room is being assembled in the vein of the one created for the Transformers Cinematic Universe. Transformers is assumed to remain separate – though there was that first Micronauts promotional image, so we’ll see! Keep reading for details.

Otto Bjornik x VTSS — wood elf in Development

Otto Bjornik recently shared a work-in-progress pic of his ‘wood elf’ figure. In production from the talented folks at VTSS, the elf’s sculpt is a nice translation of Bjornik’s signature aesthetic from the sharp oval eyes to the hair flow. The wood texture on the clothing/tree and the nicely sculpted…

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Funko’s Pop! Arrested Development figures to receive probation soon

If you’re anything unlike me, you probably enjoyed Arrested Development. After all, it has a 9.2 rating on IMDB despite my vote dragging that average down and has won six Emmies (which makes my dislike for the series one of my most unpopular opinions). While a fourth season was a long time coming, Funko will be commemorating the critically acclaimed, somewhat popular tv show with a handful of Pop! figures.

Most of the Bluthe family is represented, with Pop! versions of Michael Bluth, George-Michael Jr., George Sr. (in a prison outfit), Gob, Buster (with a hook-hand version), and Tobias (with a blue variant, based on his attempt to join the Blue Man Group) as well as frozen banana stand versions of Michael and the younger George Michael. Despite not covering any of the females, it’s a pretty full line-up. The series is slated to release in June.

If Funko does a second series, “Maeby” we’ll see some of the Season 4 characters. If we do, I hope it includes the young George Michael Bluth, Sr (played by the wildly hilarious Seth Rogen).

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Bunnies By The Bay Who’s A Bunny? Soft Development Blocks

Little one’s will love these soft velour blocks that are just the right size to grasp in busy hands. Colorful embroidery and delightful applique on each block. Comes in its own carrying case.

Product Features

  • Set of 4 soft velour blocks
  • Colorful embroidery and delightful applique on each block
  • Just the right size to grasp in busy hands
  • Comes in its own carrying case
  • Ages 0-18 months

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