Tigerdoe Detective Costume – Spy Gear For Kids – Dress Up – Spy Costume accessories (5 Pc) by

Detective spy costume set is perfect for kids. This toy set will keep your child busy for hours. Great Chistmas Prestent for kids.

Product Features

  • This spy detective costume includes; detective hat, spy camera, spy glasses, disappearing ink and invisible pen.
  • Spy camera is has a motion sensor that detects movement and rotates back and forth.
  • Disappearing ink is non toxic, pour it on to any thing and watch it disappear
  • Invisible pen comes with a LED flash light. You can only see whats written with this flash light.
  • Spy glasses have a mirror on the side of each senses so you can do all your detective work.

Detective Gadget Spy Flashlight Scientific Leaning Equipment Multi Using Light Secret Sign Finder Hand tools for Travel, Cleaner, Room inspection, Nature learning Money Checker Etc. 1NP-I6

The Secret To Finding Your Pet’s Favorite Spots To Pee Inside…You’ll Be Amazed.
Does your house smell? Can you smell urine, but can’t find it? Do you crawl around sniffing the
floor or spend money cleaning the entire carpet because it’s driving you crazy?
PROBLEM SOLVED! With our UV Flashlight, you’ll EASILY find those invisible stains.

How It Works
UV light causes the salts in dried urine to shine and glow like a yellow neon sign, making them
easily visible to the human eye, and a breeze to clean, saving the need for expensive cleaners.
View the photo’s at the top of this page to see the effects.

Product Descriptions:
– Locate dog/cat pet urine carpet stains.
– Perfect for hotel room inspection applications.
– Reveal rodent contamination.
– See bed bugs before they get you.
– Hunt scorpions before they hunt you.
– Detect leaks using UV dyes.
– Hunt for valuable minerals.
– Perfect tool for forensics investigations.
– Spot counterfeit currency.

Product Specifications:
Bulb Type: LED 395nm
Bulb Life: 100,000 hrs
Body Material: aluminum with “O” rings for water resistance
Battery Require: 3 x AA alkaline batteries (not included)
Battery Life: approximately 20 hours on 3 AA batteries
Switch Type: push On/Off button
Weight: 10 oz. 285g (with batteries)
Head Diameter: 2.25″ or 57mm
Body Diameter: 1.42″ or 36mm
Length: 5.80″ or 147mm

Package Includes:
1 X Flashlight

Note: Do not dismantle the head unit of this flashlight.

Product Features

  • Perfect for Revealing Dry Dog, Cat and Rodent Stains and Favorite Spots That You Otherwise Couldn’t See with the Naked Eye.
  • There’s No Need to Steam Clean the Entire Carpet, UV Sight Will Pinpoint the Areas with Ease.
  • Emits 395nm wavelength with 12 top quality ultraviolet led light. UV flashlights are constructed of only use the best materials.
  • Clearer and Larger area to fluoresce DRIED URINE, STAINS, ODOR of dogs, cats and other small animals on carpet, rugs, clothes; food stains on floor, table etc.
  • Perfect for scorpions tracking, authenticate currency, driver license, official identification cards, passports.

Children Tactical Detective Glove and Super Spy Sleeve with Flashlight Telescope Compass Digital Watch Pencil and Shorthand Notes for Children role play COSPLAY

Name: 7 in 1 Detective and Super Spy Tactical Glove The size: 31.1×7.0x26.7CM Weight: 380g Applicable age: around 8 years Main material: ABS Usage: Children role play and summer camp boy scouts gaming Wild explore expedition or backyard safari Unique size fit all 5~12 years old children’s hand with adjustable velcro. The detective glove and super spy sleeve’s various functions will enable them realize the detective and super spy dream. 1.Tactical Glove: Most roles in detective and super spy movies well cool gloves. 2.Telescope: Always see farther and have a longer view than other boy scouts 3.Flashlight torch: See clear even in dark light, and enjoy night expedition while summer camp and backyard safari. 4.Pencil: Leave a message and mark important clues 5.Compass: Never lost the way while exploring 6.Digital watch: Time is always important for detective reasoning 7.Shorthand notebook: Teach the children writing down is the best way to remember something. Build braveness in children’s heart he/she is an equipped and qualified detective, and dare to explore more. To be a Detective! This is the dreamed glove in every kid’s mind while growing up. Most children are fascinated by detective stories, like Private life of Sherock Homes , Detective Conan , The Famous Five , Encyclopedia Brown , Bear Grylls , The Westing Game , , Nate the Great , and dreaming to be a great detective. Children are inspired by the stories and want to realize the dream while playing role game. This detective glove is the strongest prove as a qualified young detective. The kids will be proud to wear it in summer camp and backyard safari. Some Children are inspired by Super Spy stories, like Spy Kids , Agent Cody Banks , Mission Impossible , 007 series . This detective glove is also a Super Spy Sleeve. The detective glove and super spy sleeve’s various functions will enable them realize the detective and super spy dream.

Product Features

  • Cool! For young detective and super spy fans.
  • Lovely! Birthday gift from the parents and or other loved ones who realize the child’s dream of detective and super spy
  • Superb! 7 in 1 multi-function: Tactical glove + Telescope + Flashlight + Pencil + Shorthand Notes + Compass + Digital Watch
  • Exploration spirit training: Play the role of detective or super spy while go boy scout summer camp and backyard safari.
  • Fit all sizes: The adjustable velcro make the glove wearable for all 5-10 years age children’s hand. Size fit all Children’s hand aging 5-12.

DAVE & ADAM'S CARD WORLD Has Acquired the Highest-Graded Copy of Detective Comics #27

Alongside the 75th anniversary of Batman, Dave & Adam’s Card World has acquired the highest ever graded copy of Detective Comics #27. As you know, this features the first appearance of “the Bat-Man”. To commemorate the anniversary, they created a Batman Comic timeline (which you can view on their website) and have brought the comic book to the San Diego Comic-Con where attendees can view this amazing piece of bat-history in person.

According to the CGC census , there have only been 59 of these comics still in existence. Of the 59 comics, this is the highest graded issue ever with a grading of 9.4 (near mint) restored (A-3). To date, the other highest grades have been 9.2 (near mint -) and one 9.0 (very fine/near mint), with no other issues in mint to near mint condition.

Previous record sales of this comic included sales of $1,075,000 (CGC grade of 8.0) & 657,250 (CGC grade of 7.5) and $575,000 (CGC grade of 6.0) in 2010. Additionally, last year another Detective Comics #27 (CGC grade of 6.5) sold for $567,625. 

For more information just CLICK HERE!

( Thanks Amanda! )

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BATMAN: The World's Greatest True Detective – HBO TV Show Intro Parody

OK, the split-second I finished watching this video I knew it HAD to be posted, it’s SO AWESOME! Josh Newman, who’s an extremely creative person on the YouTube, created this “Batman Fan” video that is a parody of the “montage” intro for the HBO TV series, True Detective. 

Fans of that show will instantly recognize the slow-creepy theme song, it’s really good. Then, I think that Josh did a super-great job at creating the look and feel of the visual graphics. Seriously, it’s very well done.

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Jim Lee's NEW BATMAN Artwork For Detective Comics #27 Variant Cover!

This is just a quick post to share this photo we got from Jim Lee (DC Comics). It’s shows some of the fine detail in his artwork that will be appearing as a variant cover for the new issue of Batman’s Detective Comics #27. He said he gave Batman a gun because, “that’s how he started back in 1939.” Click on it for a larger, more detailed, version.

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