Children Tactical Detective Glove and Super Spy Sleeve with Flashlight Telescope Compass Digital Watch Pencil and Shorthand Notes for Children role play COSPLAY

Name: 7 in 1 Detective and Super Spy Tactical Glove The size: 31.1×7.0x26.7CM Weight: 380g Applicable age: around 8 years Main material: ABS Usage: Children role play and summer camp boy scouts gaming Wild explore expedition or backyard safari Unique size fit all 5~12 years old children’s hand with adjustable velcro. The detective glove and super spy sleeve’s various functions will enable them realize the detective and super spy dream. 1.Tactical Glove: Most roles in detective and super spy movies well cool gloves. 2.Telescope: Always see farther and have a longer view than other boy scouts 3.Flashlight torch: See clear even in dark light, and enjoy night expedition while summer camp and backyard safari. 4.Pencil: Leave a message and mark important clues 5.Compass: Never lost the way while exploring 6.Digital watch: Time is always important for detective reasoning 7.Shorthand notebook: Teach the children writing down is the best way to remember something. Build braveness in children’s heart he/she is an equipped and qualified detective, and dare to explore more. To be a Detective! This is the dreamed glove in every kid’s mind while growing up. Most children are fascinated by detective stories, like Private life of Sherock Homes , Detective Conan , The Famous Five , Encyclopedia Brown , Bear Grylls , The Westing Game , , Nate the Great , and dreaming to be a great detective. Children are inspired by the stories and want to realize the dream while playing role game. This detective glove is the strongest prove as a qualified young detective. The kids will be proud to wear it in summer camp and backyard safari. Some Children are inspired by Super Spy stories, like Spy Kids , Agent Cody Banks , Mission Impossible , 007 series . This detective glove is also a Super Spy Sleeve. The detective glove and super spy sleeve’s various functions will enable them realize the detective and super spy dream.

Product Features

  • Cool! For young detective and super spy fans.
  • Lovely! Birthday gift from the parents and or other loved ones who realize the child’s dream of detective and super spy
  • Superb! 7 in 1 multi-function: Tactical glove + Telescope + Flashlight + Pencil + Shorthand Notes + Compass + Digital Watch
  • Exploration spirit training: Play the role of detective or super spy while go boy scout summer camp and backyard safari.
  • Fit all sizes: The adjustable velcro make the glove wearable for all 5-10 years age children’s hand. Size fit all Children’s hand aging 5-12.

DAVE & ADAM'S CARD WORLD Has Acquired the Highest-Graded Copy of Detective Comics #27

Alongside the 75th anniversary of Batman, Dave & Adam’s Card World has acquired the highest ever graded copy of Detective Comics #27. As you know, this features the first appearance of “the Bat-Man”. To commemorate the anniversary, they created a Batman Comic timeline (which you can view on their website) and have brought the comic book to the San Diego Comic-Con where attendees can view this amazing piece of bat-history in person.

According to the CGC census , there have only been 59 of these comics still in existence. Of the 59 comics, this is the highest graded issue ever with a grading of 9.4 (near mint) restored (A-3). To date, the other highest grades have been 9.2 (near mint -) and one 9.0 (very fine/near mint), with no other issues in mint to near mint condition.

Previous record sales of this comic included sales of $1,075,000 (CGC grade of 8.0) & 657,250 (CGC grade of 7.5) and $575,000 (CGC grade of 6.0) in 2010. Additionally, last year another Detective Comics #27 (CGC grade of 6.5) sold for $567,625. 

For more information just CLICK HERE!

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BATMAN: The World's Greatest True Detective – HBO TV Show Intro Parody

OK, the split-second I finished watching this video I knew it HAD to be posted, it’s SO AWESOME! Josh Newman, who’s an extremely creative person on the YouTube, created this “Batman Fan” video that is a parody of the “montage” intro for the HBO TV series, True Detective. 

Fans of that show will instantly recognize the slow-creepy theme song, it’s really good. Then, I think that Josh did a super-great job at creating the look and feel of the visual graphics. Seriously, it’s very well done.

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Jim Lee's NEW BATMAN Artwork For Detective Comics #27 Variant Cover!

This is just a quick post to share this photo we got from Jim Lee (DC Comics). It’s shows some of the fine detail in his artwork that will be appearing as a variant cover for the new issue of Batman’s Detective Comics #27. He said he gave Batman a gun because, “that’s how he started back in 1939.” Click on it for a larger, more detailed, version.

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