Original Overloard Design Images from Transformers Titans Return

Emiliano Santalucia shares some images of the original designs for the epic Transformers Titans Return Overloard figure. Emiliano gives up some insights on the character’s design that was said to have gone through many revisions before they they settled on the final production version that fans have been begging for ever since forever. Read on to see the images and Emiliano’s comment’s below.

GATE TOYS x Ghoshand Studio “BeMaul” Series Part 1: “Zhuó” Original Design Collectible Figure

In the world of “BeMaul”, human civilization had gone through tens of thousands years of degeneration, mankind slowly faded out on the planet.

Wars had made the size of human population shrunk drastically, nation states dissolved, the world is separated into tribes; all forms of technology were lost, so were language… the only thing remains is the concept of race, most part of the planet returned to the age before human, except in some places, ancient human civilization lingered and hope for revival.

“BeMaul (比摩)” are the remaining 12 human from different races and tribes, the first one is called “Zhuó”, whom is the 897th cyborg created by a corporation called “kuǐ 13 Industry”. In a launch operation, he accidentally discovered that in the vessel named “Chóng Jiǔ” “蟲灸”, there was a newborn baby that is being carried, from there on “Zhuó” entered a web of conspiracies and treacheries in the attempt to revive the human race…

Ghoshand Studio “BeMaul” Series Part 1: “Zhuó” Original Design Collectible Figure features: Original head sculpt, Original skull head, Fully articulated 1/6th scale action figure body, Interchangeable hands x 6 (Left hands: Rifle and Bamboo smoke pipe holding plus Fist)(Right hands: Trigger finger and Knife holding plus Fist)

Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures.
Click on them for bigger and better views.

Costume: Movable armor (with removable part on the back), Shirt, Pants, Dress, Cloak

Weapons and Accessories: Rifle, Dagger, Bamboo smoke pipe, Belt gear

Launch Vessel: Vessel, Baby, Mask

Plus: Display platform with Ghosthand Studio logo

Prototype shown in picture | Subjected to further fine tuning without prior notice | All rights reserved by Ghosthand Studio & GATE TOYS

NOW Available for Pre-Order at www.gatetoysglobal.com (link HERE)

FIRST LOOK – Beast Wars Masterpiece Dinobot Design Models

Tokyo Toy Show is still in progress this weekend in Japan, and thanks to Alfes2010, we have the first look at Masterpiece Beast Wars Dinobot! Right now it’s just a poster showing the robot and dinosaur modes in the form of CG design models – basically a rough draft to help determine how everything will work, before additional styling and refinement happens. And even now seeing a representation of how this will take shape as a toy, it’s still a mystery just how the transformation is going to work and deliver two show accurate forms! You can find the image mirrored below.

Tattoo Design Ideas From Ocean

Tattoo design ideas that I will give is oceanic related. Tattoos relating to oceans and seas are highly sought tattoo designs. Not only does it make the people who live near or have jobs or other connections, but also lovers of beautiful scenery, fauna and flora, etc. If you’re considering a tattoo-fulfillment of a marine animal, here is a guide to the most common designs and their meanings.

Seahorse Tattoos. Sea horse tattoo design means imagination and creativity. This is identical to the control, due to the ability of animals to see independently with each eye. Elegance, confidence and freedom are other connotations associated with this tattoo. This design tends to look good on all body areas. In addition to the curved shape of many styles can be created; real, minimalist, old school, combining other elements, black ink or full color. In general, more likely to occur in girls, but also men are brave with this tattoo design ideas.

Crawfish Tattoo. Crab symbolizes feminism, mother and changes. These animals are characterized by having a strong shell that helps protect your body. This symbolizes that everyone has shown strong exterior hides an inner emotion that moves people. Tattoos crab may also symbolize dishonesty or hypocrisy because progress that have animals. Designs can be color, black ink, minimalism and more complicated.

Shark tattoos. Tattoos shark represents strength and courage, as the most feared predators in the world. For sailors, the West shark is a symbol of death. But for India, the shark is an animal sacred symbol of life, strength and power.

Dolphin Tattoo. These mammals are one of the most common tattoos in marine animals. This is the intelligence, one of the most popular features of this animal. In addition to a strong bond with water symbolizes renewal and new beginnings. This is also the innocence and the bond between humans and animals. The design can be of different styles; full color or black ink. They are popular with both men and women can look good in any area of ​​the body.

The last tattoo design ideas

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are Tattoo Sea Turtle. Sea turtle tattoo symbolize especially intelligence and patience attributes are always associated with this animal, In addition to symbolize longevity, since turtles have the ability to live for years. One tortoise lives the longest-lived 188 years. Another virtue turtle tattoo symbolizes is self-knowledge and strength, because of the ability to have protection through the shell. Turtle is also a symbol of fertility and luck. Turtle tattoos can be simple or complex designs in black colorful designs together with other items such as fish, algae, water or flowers.

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MAD Toy Design @ #DesignerCon 2014 Booth #604

MAD Toy Design @ DesignerCon 2014 (Nov 8-9) features a number of exclusives, including the 10″ Modern Hero MADLs and SKINDEEP Modern Hero custom (since sold out), and the Big Red Edition of Modern Hero. Not forgetting the 10YR Anniversary MADLs (Reviewed Here / top pic via Bill @no_soul_ginger). Make your way to booth #604, and stay tuned to updates on IG @madtoydesign!

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Franchi's 1966 BATMAN TV Series Moebius Model Kit PACKAGING DESIGN!

POW!! ZIPP!! BAMM! Check out this photo of the brand-new, recently released, Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series Model Kit by MOEBIUS MODELS

Yes, it’s cool that they’re coming out with these new model kits but the thing we’re most excited about is the fact that the kick-ass packaging artwork featured on the box cover was done by our good friend, Christopher Franchi!

To See More of Franchi’s Artwork and Art Prints just CLICK HERE!

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Erector Design 4

This Erector Design 4 set builds 15 different models! Flexible metal pieces included in this set spring back to original shape make more realistic models. Includes 6V motor. Models include sports car, robot, racing car and more.

Product Features

  • Compatible with classic metal Erector® sets
  • Colorful, flexible metal components
  • 424 Pieces, builds 15 models
  • Fully illustrated instructions are always included
  • Expand your imagination and build endless models

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Snow Miku 2015 design revealed

I’m already dreading the snow’s return this winter, but the cold temperatures will also bring back Snow Miku. As such, her 2015 design has been revealed today on the Piapro blog. It’s a mixture of three different designs, starting first with the white-coat-wearing Miku designed by Thalang, and a design of Yukine — the little rabbit mascot — by nekosumi and Haneyuki. The final illustration is a mix of both by Nardack, with a flowery feel to it that reminds me more of spring than winter.

The Sapporo Snow Festival is Feb. 5-11, 2015. I imagine we’ll be seeing some info on pre-orders for Nendoroid Snow Miku 2015 before then, but what do you think of the new design?

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Hisashi Yuki Shares Design Sketches for Beast Wars II's Galvatron

What, did he run out of Star Saber photos? TakaraTomy’s Hisashi Yuki has tweeted design sketches for Beast Wars Second’s Galvatron (or, as his packaging calls him, “Garba Tron”). From an early version that seemingly emphasised a Scorponok-like tail to a more recognizeable version, Yuki’s sketches are a fascinating look into the development of a 90s Japan-only toy. Keep reading to see all the images!

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Tony Taka has another lovely fairy design in the works

Because every brunette must have a blonde counterpart, Kotobukiya will be releasing another butterfly/fairy-themed Tony Taka heroine. “Fairy Garden” Annabel will join “Peace Keeper” Daisy, released a while ago, in Koto’s Tony’s Heroine Collection.

Both designs are super pretty so I can’t say which one I like more. Tony being Tony, he does seem to prefer fairies to be in their evening wear. Annabel is up for pre-order now for ¥11,000. This will be a 1/6-scale figure under Koto’s 4-Leaves brand, so I’m expecting very good quality here. She’s set for a February 2015 release.

[ Pre-order at Hobby Search | AmiAmi | Big Bad Toy Store ]

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