Enterbay fully captures all the emotion of Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose isn’t a man of much emotion or health for that matter. When he is healthy though, he is one of the best in the NBA that gives Chicago fans reason to hope (read: false) that they’ll get past Lebron and actually win a championship without Jordan. After coming back from a bad knee injury, only to sustain another, Enterbay is pressing forward with their own version of the oft-injured NBA star.

All jokes aside, Enterbay has quietly been making their figures better and better. Rose is proof of that continued effort, especially with the detail on the tattoos. Articulation won’t be a problem as the joints are certainly more stable than Rose’s own knees. There are two heads included in the release, each with the usual emotion of young Derrick. Also included in the package is a basketball for basketball-related posing, 10 hands, figure stand, and MVP Trophy. You can now pre-order the 1/6 Derrick Rose for $204 at the Enterbay Shop.

Also announced in conjunction with Rose opening for pre-order are the two next entries to the NBA series. The Rockets’ Jeremy Lin will be revealed next month while Kevin Durant will have his reveal in April. At least those last two have a chance of reaching the Finals, if only to lose to the Heat and Lebron.

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