Dcon Update: Dave Bondi — Astronocchio Prototype

Dave Bondi revealed his hand-painted, full-size Astronocchio prototype at his DesignerCon booth on Saturday. It looks really nice and might be up to the task of matching or exceeding the success of his previous Akashi figure. If you’re going to the show on Sunday, be sure to drop by booth…

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Wood Candy Workshop’s Scrambled Wood debuting at DCon

Cameron Tiede has an interesting new project by the name of Wood Candy Workshop, and no surprise, he’s got some new wooden collectibles. The first batch of Scrambled Wood figures are here, and the 3-inch-tall pieces have a few nice touches. Not only do they have four points of articulation (as they’ve made up of five pieces), but the walnut/cherry/maple/padauk wood pieces are naturally colored and all their parts are swappable. That means Auggie, Bricker, Crispy and Decimus are all interchangeable, so you can make your own designs.

A price hasn’t been revealed, but they’ll be at DesignerCon. What do you guys and gals think of these little wooden creations?

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Studio Ghibli Tribute Exclusives via Supacute at #DesignerCon 2013 #DCON

For the first time ever, Supahcute will have a booth at DesignerCon 2013 (Nov 9-10) – sharing booth #213 with artist/sculptor Vanessa Ramirez. Adorable pieces with fueled with fantastic anime-loving experiences, methinks!

“For the group exhibition Supah Mashup Art Party, cut paper artist Jared Andrew Schorr and illustrator Jerrod Maruyama collaborated to pay tribute to the wonderful worlds of Studio Ghibli. They continue this theme with new artwork created exclusively for Designer Con.” (Details via supahcute.com)

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YO! custom Blind-Box for #DesignerCon 2013 #DCON

Available at booth 501 this DesignerCon 2013 (Nov 9-10) are custom YO!s, each priced at US$50 a piece – with participating artists include: Tanya Davis / Jenn and Tony Bot / Goreilla / AnthonyRespect / Marsbars84 / Eric Sorrells / Kuztom51 / ChainsawNick / MostlyHarmlessvinylcustoms / Theotherguy / Rottendaughter / MessyMedia / _s0l1d_ / Flawtoys / Bio594 / Zard Apuya / Fedzart / BriksDozen / PlayfulGorilla/DonChulo / Enkyskulls / Krunster77 / WheelhouseCreative / Troy Martin / Konfusedink / Blazonbrikhaus / Sekohone.

“All customs will be sold in a random order, I will be selling the empty box with the corresponding number and the figures will be out for the public to view. Not sure what you would need in order to post some small blurb but, anything will help!

We are also going to raffle off a custom piece on the 10th, for those that have followed our IG (@LittleHouseDesigns) and re-posted ANY of our announcements…..one re-post= one ticket, with no limit on re-post’s OR tickets! so the more they re-post the more chances they can have of winning.”

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Pink Boners, Toxic Carrots & Evil S’murks: Blackbook Toy for #DesignerCon #DCON

Blackbook Toy will be having a trio of exclusives at the coming weekend at DesignerCon 2013 (Nov 9-10), starting with the above “Popaganda Pink” edition of Ron English‘s Big Boner, and hell, it is giving one hella toy-boner right here, my friends!

Casted in solid neon pink with black wipe, this 8-inch tall vinyl piece is priced at US$100 and made available via the BlackBook Toy booth #318 (shared space with Frank Kozik). limited to only 50pcs, I am pretty much gagging for this piece lol

And speaking of Kozik, comes the “Toxic Green” Edition of his A Clockwork Carrot 11″ tall sofubi, and priced at US$120. Online sales would start on Nov 15th midnight (Tokyo), 14th 8am(LA), 11am(NY), 4pm(UK) if there’s any leftover from the show…

Last but def not least is a DeKorner exclusive, featuring the 66pcs limited “Evil” Deathead S’murk from David Flores x HellFire Canyon Club, available at booth 720. no price mentioned tho…

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Hermees Roadster by Gary Ham x Inkitlabs for #DesignerCon 2013 #DCON

“Rolling out this weekend at DesignerCon 2013 (Nov 9-10) is the Hermees Roadster from Inkitlabs and myself. The Roadster is a 5″ wood toy and is limited to only 50 pieces. They will be available for purchase at the Ink It Labs booth #800. Be sure to follow @inkitlabs for more info and their other awesome DCon releases.” – mentioned Gary Ham.

Shown below-right is an earlier released colorway – for “size” reference. As well Gary will be sharing table space with Andrew Bell at booth 703, so expect further Ham-goodies to come!

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