New Custom #BATMAN POISON IVY Dodge Challenger!!

I have been meaning to post these photos for awhile. About a month or 2 ago I received a very nice letter from a girl in Florida named Syreeta. The pics got sort of lost in my old computer when it crashed and I just recently got them back. Also, I hope I spelled her name correctly, like I said, it was awhile back.

Anyways, she was very sweet and sent along a few photos of a car her friend (or maybe “Boyfriend”? Sorry, I forget) had customized with “Poison Ivy” Batman-themed graphics. 

Just check out the pics, this car is insanely beautiful!! I love the lime green and the hood graphic is sharp and clean…. nice job guys and thank you Syreeta!

Saitama Pop!Vinyl Custom Figures by likhangpinoycustoms

Tis been a dog’s age since I’ve featured the customs of Nico AKA @likhangpinoycustoms, but this particular piece caught my eye immediately! ONE PUNCH MAN’s SAITAMA Pop!Vinyl!

Currently on show and for sale at the 2016 Asia Pop Comic Con Manila happening this weekend, look for them at #CC76, while limited stock last!

Jon Paul Kaiser’s latest custom piece wrecks it

Jon Paul Kaiser is on the road to this wekeend’s DesignerCon, but he’s apparently finished up one more custom before the show: a Muttpop Tequilla refashioned to look like Wreck-It Ralph. It actually is a great choice of platform, since Tequilla is a rather beefy character, and the shading that JPK uses really helps a lot of the detail pop off the figure. 

He’s also modified the head a bit to recreate Ralph’s hair style, since Tequilla wears a cactus luchador mask and thus doesn’t really have hair. Check out the gallery for some more shots of Jon Paul’s Ralph, and be sure to check him out if you’re going to DesignerCon this weekend!

[via Clutter; photos by Justin Allfree]

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Grimsheep Custom Show at DesignerCon (11.8 11.9)

Happy Panda Toys will present the Grimsheep Custom Show at DesignerCon featuring artist interpretations of their new Grimsheep figures from Owen ‘Grimsheep’ DeWitt. The show roster includes Sergio Mancini, Igor Ventura, Run DMB, Reactor-88, Bill Hewitt, Betso, Ian Ziobrowski, Pocket Wookie, Nike Jerk, Hugh Rose, Jalos, Otto Bjornik, Fiona Ng,…

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Check Out the BATMAN CUSTOM CAR PAINT JOB on This New Camero!

WHOA! Whoever owns this new Custom Camero just got some serious custom paint work done… and it’s amazing! A friend of ours, over at the Official BAT-BLOG BATMAN Facebook Page, sent us these pics the other day. When I asked him if this was his car he replied, “No, These are some random photos I came across on the web and knew you just had to see them”. 

SEE THEM? LOL, YES!! We need to see them! Sharing the joy of collecting Batman Memorabilia and also caring about the character is what this site is all about! Oh man, I wish I knew who owned this car so I could give him a shout-out but if he sees this post, “Great Job Dude, this car is crazy-insane cool!” 

Now, I would not want to drive this as my everyday car because I would be so stressed-out all the time worrying about getting into a wreck. That I might not be able to enjoy the ride! Ha Ha! But this thing would be incredibly fun for road tips, dates, weekend outings, etc… it would be EPIC!

The main theme of the car are the many different Actors who have played a wide variety of characters in various Batman Films. Very well done!

I’ll shut-up now, just enjoy the pics. You can click on them for larger, more detailed, versions.

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