Longruner 75 Type DIY Plastic Crown Gear Single Double Reduction Gear Worm Gear for RC Car Motor Robot

Longruner 75 Type Plastic Crown Gear Single Double Reduction Gear Worm Gear, great for all kinds of DIY cars, robots, model making accessories; suitable for DIY model production technology.

Package included:
-19X Double Reduction Gear(each one) –16102B, 18102A, 20082B, 20102B, 22082A , 22102B, 24102B, 24122B, 26082B, 28102B, 30162A, 30122B, 32082B, 34102B, 38082B, 40102B, 46082A, 48102B, 50102A
-12X Single Reduction Gear(each one) –202A, 242A, 282A, 302A, 303A, 302.5A, 322A, 362A, 402A, 422A, 482A, 562A
-11X Crown Gear(each one) –C152A, C203A, C282A, C282.5A, C303A, C322A, C20082A, C28082B, C28102.5B, C30102B, C40102B
-9X Spindle Gear(each one) — 80.8A, 81A, 81.5A, 82A, 102A, 122A, 132A, 142A, 182A
-7X Belt Pulley(each one) –122B,102B, 62A, 132A, 16.82A, 242AB
-6X Axle Sleeve(each one) –2A(2PCS), 2.5A(2PCS), 3A(2PCS)
-5X Belt(each one)
-2x Worm Gear(each one) — W6*62A, W6*82A
-2X Connecting Rack(each one)
-1X Tee Collar –3T-2A-2B
-1X Bevel gear –S162A

Model Note:
1. The first two digits encoding: the number teeth of externally toothed gear.
2. The encoding three or four numbers: the number of internal gear teeth.
3. coding fifth digits: the pore size of the gears.
4. Last encoded in English: A: tight B: loose
-2A indicates that the central axis is 1.95mm; it is tightly fitted with the optical axis of 2mm and rotates together with the optical axis.
-2B indicates that the central axis is 2.05 mm; with the optical axis of 2 mm, it is loosely fitted and is free to rotate on the optical axis.
-For example: Size of 16102B: 16 external teeth, 10 internal teeth, 2MM aperture, loose axle.
-Gear diameter: (16+2)X 0.5(MM)=9MM Gear outer diameter is 9MM

Product Features

  • 100% Brand new and high quality.
  • 75 Type Plastic Crown Gear ideal for DIY science and small production, product design and mechanical model.
  • Type: Spindle gear, crown gear, single gear, double gear, worn gear, bevel gear, belt pulley, belt,connecting rack, axle sleeve, tee collar.
  • Material:Plastic; Quantity:75pcs; Weight:40g.
  • This is the most complete gear set, which can meet your DIY needs.

75 Kinds Plastic Shaft Single Double Crown Worm Gears DIY For Robot

Included in the Package:?
1 pack 75 styles Plastic Gears

Product Features

  • Spindle straight tooth:9 kinds(each one).Crown gear: 11 kinds(each one)
  • Single gear:12 kinds(each one).Double gear:19 kinds(each one)
  • Connecting rack:2 Pcs.Belt pulley:7 kinds(each one)
  • Worm:2 kinds(each one).Axle sleeve:6 Pcs
  • Tee collar:1 Pcs.Gear-B: 1Pcs.Belt: 5 kinds(each one)

Beautiful and Simple Crown Tattoo Ideas

For the women, I will give you a crown tattoo ideas. Not only men are interested in tattoos, but women also want to use a tattoo. Today, tattoos are the most popular body art, rather than art-the art of the body. In addition, with the development of the times, tattoo designs are also more varied. It happened because a lot of women who are interested to use tattoos. Tattoos can be an identity or characteristics for the wearer. In addition, tattoos can be a symbol that is very meaningful to the wearer. Do you also want to want to use a tattoo? For that, you can use that will give me an idea of this.

Many people who want a tattoo that is simple, the selection of a single design, tattoo designs are complex, for the crown tattoo ideas is the right choice. Crowns can have different meanings according to consider what each person, but the most common, and everyone thought it was a king or queen; involving power and wealth. So sometimes some people use crown tattoos are made ​​with the hope of one day achieving success is the goal of their lives, that’s a crown tattoo meaning for them.

This tattoo design can vary according to the body part that is used as the placement of the tattoo. Everyone can give your personal touch to suit your tastes. Generally there are different crown according to whether we want to be a man or a woman. I will show you some options that could crown design you like, as well as some interesting information to assist in design decisions that will be selected. Therefore, it is important to note that the design can be modified crown.

In connection with the different religions that exist in the world, believing Catholic Christians crucified ultimate sacrilege that when he placed a crown made ​​of thorns; so this crown design sometimes involves divinity. This is why many Christians who decide to use tattoos by choosing to add a cross or a crown of thorns, and other objects that are considered religious as their tattoo design. Anyway tattoos crown of thorns is not exclusive to religious people but is also used by other person, which means their business, their own sacrifice. That’s a bit of a crown tattoo ideas.

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Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Dragon’s Crown

The second I saw all the designs of Dragon’s Crown, I knew that they’d make fantastic figures. The ridiculously busty Sorceress, the gloriously thighed Amazon and the lithe Elf were seemingly made from the ground up to have fantastic toys made for them. Well, as you can see here, Megahouse has done quite a bang-up job with the Elf and Amazon. They won’t sell you on the designs if you didn’t like them before, but if you were fond of them before, you’ll like them even more now.

The Elf looks fantastic, caught in the middle of a leap and firing her arrow at an unseen foe. The Amazon is wielding her massive axe, ready to bring it onto the head of any that would oppose her. They are both looking like must buys for fans of the games. Unfortunately, they’ll likely be expensive, as their size, base requirements and detail all look high-end. That’s alright though, as long as the final product is great. I guess it’s time to start filling my poor, abused piggy bank.

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Megahouse’s Dragons Crown Elf is ready to join your party

Megahouse’s 1/7 scale Excellent Model Dragon’s Crown Elf is currently available for pre-order.

Elf stands out among many of the Dragon’s Crown collectibles seen thus far for doing something cool rather than just exploiting sex appeal. Her crazy pose, which involving contorting her body mid-jump to fire an arrow behind her, is really wicked. While it evokes the very worst of comic book art (which often used similar poses to simultaneously show a girl’s breasts and behind), Elf’s pose has a legitimate action vibe to it and I like the added detail of the squirrel just jumping out on her shoulder.

Megahouse’s Excellent Model Dragon’s Crown Elf is listed as standing 220-millimeters tall, is slated for a June release, and has a ¥11,000 list price. Be sure to check out the gallery for additional images.

[ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi ]

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Dragon’s Crown ladies get together for some co-op

I’ve only played an hour or so of Dragon’s Crown. Yes, I got my ass handed to me, although I didn’t quit because for dislike of the game. For me, the style and design of a game far outweighs visual effects and fidelity, so Dragon’s Crown really stands out in my mind. It’s great to see a few companies making figures based on the game, and this month’s scans show MegaHouse with a trio of them.

First and foremost, the Elf figure is in color and she looks gorgeous. I hope MegaHouse’s manufacturing can do justice to this prototype. Her dynamic pose, the level of detail, and the face sculpt are all looking great so far. Out of the three Dragon’s Crown ladies, this is the one you’d have the least reservations about putting on display too.

The painted Amazon does make a single appearance in the scans. She’s not very well-clothed, obviously. There isn’t much left to the imagination, but I’m sure we’ll see more of her rippling muscles any day now. Finally, we’ll end on the announcement of a Sorceress figure (feign surprise). Between this, the one by Alphamax, and another possible one by Orchid Seed, Sorceress fans will be well catered to.

[from Figure/GK]

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