Martian Toys Exclusive Honor Amongst Crooks Kub by QUICCS x Mike Fudge x UVD Toys

Martian Toys is set to release their exclusive Honor Amongst Crooks Kub vinyl art toy, a collaboration between QUICCS and Mike Fudge. The first-ever guest artist edition of the UVD Toys-produced figure re-interprets Fudge’s urban bear in as a TEQ63 universe character from QUICCS.

The black and white design features a white skull face, a riff off the TEQ63’s mask, with black gear and orange backpack. The really fun aspect of the Honor Amongst Crooks edition is the TEQ’d out gear that Kub is rocking from head to toe. There’s the crossbones hoodie with TEQ63 branding on both sleeves, the winter cap with QUICCS’ skull and bones logo and the backpack bearing both brands. The dangling red flight tag is a nice touch and burst of color on the front side.

An edition of 175, the Honor Amongst Crooks Kub vinyl art toy (7″) drops on Friday (8.21) at 9 AM PDT exclusively from Martian Toys. This special collaborative release also features an edition-specific black + red box.

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DesignerCon 2014: Scott Tolleson, Lana Crooks, and Carson Catlin

The corner booth at DesignerCon that housed Scott Tolleson, Lana Crooks, and Carson Catlin had a eye-catching combination of plushes and figures, both original and customized. It also had several tantalizing con-exclusives available for purchase to attendees. Scott’s Kookie Glo Good (seen in the header) was a special glow-in-the-dark version of his Kookie No Good vinyl toy. Completing the lifecycle of the Deadbeet plush, an artist collaboration between Lana and Scott, is the Beetling, exclusive to DesignerCon.

While Carson did not have an exclusive for sale, his custom figures more than made up for it. He also had blind boxes of some of his Micro-Munny figures. There were even some extra prizes involved, depending on what figure was in your box. It was a really clever idea.

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Lana Crooks Rattus Volatilis Release with MPH at NYCC 2014

Lana Crooks’ Rattus Volatilis will be making its debut and very fitting release during NYCC. She has taken a very familiar trademark to all NY’ers, which so happens to be the common pigeon and has turned it into this amazing sculpture. Each pigeon are hand crafted with hand dyed wool…

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Lana Crooks x Scott Tolleson — Old Beetaronomy at SDCC

Scott Tolleson has collaborated with Lana Crooks to bring his Deadbeet into the wonderful world of plush. The 19″ Old Beetaronomy is crafted from a mix of hand dyed textiles, embroidery and wood. The wiley ‘ol beet features a wood cane, posable limbs and leaves. Limited to five pieces, he…

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Scott Tolleson x Lana Crooks Deadbeet plush is teased

Fans of designer toys are no doubt familiar with Scott Tolleson‘s Deadbeet soft vinyl figure. The toy has graced the pages of Tomopop more than a few times and even had its own custom art show at Los Angeles’ Toy Art Gallery. So, what is next for the monstrous vegetable? Why, a plush, of course! Scott has teamed up with plush artist Lana Crooks for this very special endeavor. 

Over the past week or so, Scott‘s and Lana‘s Instagram pages have posted teaser images of the Deadbeat plush (more on Lana’s than on Scott’s). Not much is known about the plush other than that it will be found at California’s DesignerCon, taking place on November 9 and 10. I expect more images and information will be posted as we get closer to the con.

I am certainly thrilled with this reveal and the Deadbeet has skyrocketed to the top of my DesignerCon wish list. What do you think about the new direction of this character?

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