Children Tactical Detective Glove and Super Spy Sleeve with Flashlight Telescope Compass Digital Watch Pencil and Shorthand Notes for Children role play COSPLAY

Name: 7 in 1 Detective and Super Spy Tactical Glove The size: 31.1×7.0x26.7CM Weight: 380g Applicable age: around 8 years Main material: ABS Usage: Children role play and summer camp boy scouts gaming Wild explore expedition or backyard safari Unique size fit all 5~12 years old children’s hand with adjustable velcro. The detective glove and super spy sleeve’s various functions will enable them realize the detective and super spy dream. 1.Tactical Glove: Most roles in detective and super spy movies well cool gloves. 2.Telescope: Always see farther and have a longer view than other boy scouts 3.Flashlight torch: See clear even in dark light, and enjoy night expedition while summer camp and backyard safari. 4.Pencil: Leave a message and mark important clues 5.Compass: Never lost the way while exploring 6.Digital watch: Time is always important for detective reasoning 7.Shorthand notebook: Teach the children writing down is the best way to remember something. Build braveness in children’s heart he/she is an equipped and qualified detective, and dare to explore more. To be a Detective! This is the dreamed glove in every kid’s mind while growing up. Most children are fascinated by detective stories, like Private life of Sherock Homes , Detective Conan , The Famous Five , Encyclopedia Brown , Bear Grylls , The Westing Game , , Nate the Great , and dreaming to be a great detective. Children are inspired by the stories and want to realize the dream while playing role game. This detective glove is the strongest prove as a qualified young detective. The kids will be proud to wear it in summer camp and backyard safari. Some Children are inspired by Super Spy stories, like Spy Kids , Agent Cody Banks , Mission Impossible , 007 series . This detective glove is also a Super Spy Sleeve. The detective glove and super spy sleeve’s various functions will enable them realize the detective and super spy dream.

Product Features

  • Cool! For young detective and super spy fans.
  • Lovely! Birthday gift from the parents and or other loved ones who realize the child’s dream of detective and super spy
  • Superb! 7 in 1 multi-function: Tactical glove + Telescope + Flashlight + Pencil + Shorthand Notes + Compass + Digital Watch
  • Exploration spirit training: Play the role of detective or super spy while go boy scout summer camp and backyard safari.
  • Fit all sizes: The adjustable velcro make the glove wearable for all 5-10 years age children’s hand. Size fit all Children’s hand aging 5-12.


BIFF!! One of my favorite things about doing the BAT-BLOG is getting the chance to meet Batman Fans from all over the world. Here’s a great example! Check out our friend, Alex O’Connell!

Alex is from Australia and in that country they have a HUGE Comic Convention called SUPANOVA! 

Recently, Alex played a big part in a Special ’66 Batman Cosplay Group and, as you can tell from the photos, he cosplayed as the JOKER! Yes, Cesar Romero Style!! Check it out!

His costume and make-up are dead-on! Plus, if you look real close, I think he even has the painted-over mustache, ha! This must have been a really fun time, the costumes look so great! 

Thank you Alex for sharing your wonderful photos. Sorry it took me so long to get them posted.

THE BRAMPTON #BATMAN Takes #Cosplay To The Next Level in #CANADA!

Here’s a quick post to share some kick-ass photos we got from a friend in Canada featuring a guy who is pretty serious about his cosplay, he is known as THE BRAMPTON BATMAN! 

He lives in Brampton, Ontario and he even has a super-awesome Custom Batmobile Replica Car, check it out!! 

(Click on it for a larger, more detailed, version)

KYLE IS THE JOKER! Jared Leto Style #SuicideSquad #Cosplay

Here’s a quick post to share a few pics we’re pretty proud of. Check this out! Here’s a guy named Kyle Shepherd who is a friend of ours at the BATMAN BAT-BLOG Facebook Page. 

He recently shared these 2 Cosplay photos showing him as the Joker from the new SUICIDE SQUAD movie. I think this is the very first “Jared Leto” Joker Cosplay I have seen and Kyle did a great job!!

(Thanks Kyle)

HARLEY'S JOKER "TROPHIES" Cosplay Photo is Now an 11×17 Autographed Poster!

Check out this insanely cool photo of our friend Anthony Misiano as the Joker. I gotta say that his “Joker” Cosplay is some of the very best out there and he recently created this photograph to be an autographed poster. It’s actually a work of ART and it is titled, “Trophies”.

You can find Anthony on Facebook. He is known as HARLEY’S JOKER. He also has an online store where he is selling this poster, just CLICK HERE!

Oh yeah, check out this “behind the scenes” photo showing how this poster was made. Very cool!

Bob's Vintage 1966 TV BATMAN Costume Cosplay Photo!!

Check out this incredible vintage family photo showing our friend Bob Snare back in  the day, around 1968 or ’69. 

His Mother made him his wonderful “Batman TV Show” Costume and it’s really great! I mean, you can really see all the love that went into it. I like that. Hey, Good Job, Mom!! 

(Thanks Bob)

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NJBatquad Presents: BALTIMORE 2014 IT'S COMIC-CON TIME! #Cosplay

Our Friends BatDave and Spider-Denny took a journey to the 2014 Baltimore Comic-Con to experience some of the best Cosplay on the east coast and they also got to meet comic book industry legends like Jim Starlin and George Perez. 

Well, actually there’s a lot more interviews with many other Comic Book Artists and I gotta say that I totally love all the great costumes!

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Ben's Vintage JOKER COSPLAY Halloween Costume Photo! #Batman

Here’s a quick post to share this wonderful photo that a Batman Fan named Ben shared with us the other day on our BAT-BLOG FACEBOOK Fan Page. 

This is an old photo of him back in the day when he appeared as the JOKER one year. It’s the “Comic Book” version of the character and he totally nailed it!!

(Thank you Ben for sharing your fun pic!)

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BATMAN-Themed COSPLAY Group Shot from the 2014 DRAGON CON!

Here’s a super cool photo that I knew I had to share! This is a special BATMAN-THEMED group shot of a ton of  Cosplayers who appeared as Batman-related characters at the recent 2014 Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The creativity here is totally insane and I love the variety of costumes. I mean, check out “Alfred the Butler” and “Clayface” in the front row, ha!

(Photo © Pat Loika. Click on it for a larger, more-detailed version)

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