The Corps Special Forces Action Figures and Vehicle Deluxe Playset

The ultimate battle mega pack. Launch tactical missions into enemy territory and defend your position. Combat ready with 2 off-road motor bikes, a quad with dual chain fed machine guns and a tactical winch and a critical mass of assorted weapons. Marauders vs. CORPS, who will come out on top? THE CORPS: In a time of confusion, a fearful world requires men of honor and courage to step forward, heroes whose mettle has been tested and whose skills have been honed. From around the world they step forward, the best of the best and take up the mantle of THE CORPS, an ever-ready team devoted to protecting every person, every country, our world. THE CORPS wants YOU.

Product Features

  • Set includes 10 figures, assorted weapons, three vehicles; Ages 3 and up
  • Highly detailed realistic figures are fully poseable with 15 points of articulation
  • Wearable and holdable weapons

Incoming: DAM Toys 1/6 scale US Marine Corps Scout Sniper Sergeant Major (Tom Berenger?)

Sniper is a 1993 action film starring Tom Berenger and Billy Zane as snipers on an assassination mission in Panama. Tom Berenger plays a US Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Beckett, an experienced sniper stationed in the Panamanian jungle. His job is to seek out rebels and remove them using his sniper skills.

This is DAM Toys upcoming release: a 1/6 scale Marine Corps Scout Sniper Sergeant Major. The figure will come with a 1/6 scale real-like head sculpt, an alternate real-like head sculpt with turtle neck (for prone position and aiming action), a 12-inch DAM action body, one (1) pair of palms (hands) for holding his weapon, T-shirt (OD or Olive Drab), Woodland camouflage battle dress uniform, Woodland camouflage USMC fatigue cap, scarf, BDU belt, Panama outsole jungle boots, Nomex gloves, custom Ghillie suit, custom sniper vest, LC2 belt, M1956 butt pack, packed form ghillie suit “replacement parts”, tarpaulin, M18 smoke grenade, incendiary grenade, LC2 1-quart canteen with pouch x 2, UM84 universal military holster, M1911A1 pistol, USMC Ka-Bar knife with leather sheath, Mk13mod0 signal flare, military watch, USMC M40A1 sniper rifle with leather sling. Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures

I’ve not been collecting 12-inch military figures for a while now so as to focus more on other 1/6 scale figures from different genres but this figure has certainly got my attention. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a nice looking Sniper figure and this particular one of Tom Berenger as a US Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Beckett from the 1993 “Sniper” film is just too good to resist.
The last time I got a 12-inch USMC sniper with full 1/6 scale ghillie suit was the BBI Elite Force 1/6 scale USMC Sniper “Snake” which was released in 2001. You can check out my toy blog post with pictures HERE

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