iMAG-a-TILES 130 Piece Set Magnetic Blocks – Educational, Building, Building Set, Building Blocks, Magnetic Tiles, Educational Toys, Colorful Blocks – Creativity Building Kids toy in Rainbow Colors

Now for my soap box Product Description of iMAG-a-TILES. I speak out of first hand experience of the beauty of this toy. I believe it is the new “LEGOs”. I discovered this toy in our kindergartener’s class. My son went straight to the bin with the magnetic tiles, and my toddler followed with great excitement. His teacher commented that it was one of the class’s favorite toys. All the possibilities of what could be built, the colors, the different shapes and colors, the creativity, the side-by-side playing or making friends while building. The longer I sat and played with my kids, the more I wanted different shapes. Which is why we designed our set to have more of a variety of different shapes such as the 3″x3″ squares, because they were always the shape we were always in need of. All other shapes include: 18- 3″x1.5″ fence, 1- car base with 4 wheels, 10- 3″x3″ squares with holes, 14- triangles, 4- long triangles, 2- 1/4″ arch, 8- wheels, 8- doors, 6- 3″x3.75″ L-shape tiles for wheels, 4- 1/4″ circle, 32- 3″x 3″ windows, 8- people figures, and 8- 1/2″ rectangles. The clear bin is a great bonus to keeping all the tiles cleaned up and put away in their rightful place in your kids’ toy area. A great asset to keeping toys picked up, organized and clutter free. The bin is a great addition for this toy! Follow us on Facebook to be notified of sales and discounts on this product. It is an ageless toy and awesome fun and creativity for everyone under your roof!

Product Features

  • EDUCATION BY FUN: How did The Ruark Corner begin, you ask? Because I myself spent hours playing and building with these magnetic blocks with my 3yr old and 10yr old. My toddler has build anything and everything she could think of. Anything she could see already built, she then try it herself! Talk about the learning process of that?!
  • CREATE AND BUILD: Can you imagine it? Then you can build it with iMAG-a-TILES. There is nothing that your kids imagination can’t come up with to build that can’t be built with iMAG-a-TILES. Which is why we decided to start off with a 130 piece set. Because when I purchased a set with only 60 pieces, it simply was NOT enough and I found myself later buying more tiles so we build bigger and more imaginatively.
  • RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: Being a working mom, my time was never more meaningful than the 30min I would spend building, smashing, rebuilding and creating whatever we could come up with. Hugging and high five-ing my toddler for her successes and teaching her math, colors, and shapes all in the comfort of her secure place- home.
  • PRESCHOOL AND BEYOND: This truly is one of the few toys that our preschooler takes to grandma’s house to play with. I first discovered it in my son’s kindergarten class, where his teacher raved about what a great learning toy it was. But again, she did not have enough of them (which is why we donated sets to all the kindergarten teachers at our kid’s elementary school). You will not regret buying this for your child!
  • PACKAGING: The first set I bought came in a cardboard box for storage, good intention but not the greatest. The second set came in a bag, again, good intentions but not a good outcome. iMAG-a-TILES specifically was requested to come in a kid friendly storage bin. Durable, strong, clear for easy tile finding, and great for kids of any age to carry, open and close.

RC Flying Ball, Etpark Crystal Flashing LED Light Flying ball RC Toy RC infrared Induction Helicopter for Kids, Teenagers Colorful Flyings for Kid’s Toy

Do not launch at people or animals.
Keep away from faces and eyes. 3 to 6 years old children in parents escort, please.

Body Material: ABS Plastic
Dimensions: 11.3 x 5cm (H x W)
Flight Time: Approx. 6-8 minutes
Charging Time: About 20 minutes
Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V 80mAh Lithium Battery

Package includes:
1 x Flying toy
1 x USB charging cable

Product Features

  • Rascal mini induction suspension flying led heli ball usb charging helicopter, it features a clear glass ball
  • Adopts advanced led infrared sensor hover technology to make it motion-sensitive so it detects nearby objects and is programmed moves away from them
  • The ball contains the battery and motor and also flashing led lights, when you turn it on the lights flash brightly
  • Light weight, easy to fly with simple operation, especially designed for beginner
  • The challenge is to keep the heli ball in the air since the drone is super smart and will fly away from your hand when you try to grab it

Toys "R" Us to receive colorful versions of DST’s Select Sin City figures

Diamond Select Toys’ Select Sin City figures series 1 — which features black & white versions of Hartigan, Marv, and Nancy true to the style of the film (and graphic novels) — are currently showing up comic book stores, but for fans who want something a little less drab (and less accurate), Toys “R” Us will be carrying color versions of Hartigan and Marv.

Given that the original film and Frank Miller’s comic series was strictly in black and white (the Yellow Bastard being one exception), I’m not sure how these colors were chosen but they work wonderfully; the choice so natural that they look as if they had always been the colors. As such, it’s a really neat set for fans either not liking the original deco or who might want a separate set as well. Truth be told, (and I feel a little bad for saying it) I think I might prefer these versions to the black & white especially because they seem to draw out the details a little better.

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ZOMBITRON Test Pull fron Kenth Toy Works x A Colorful Monster

Test pull image of ZOMBITRON, on it’s journey to being a sofubi! A collaboration between Kenth Toy Works and A Colorful Monster, last seen on this humble blog as a Kickstarter project, now moving forward! Standing 5.5 inches tall and featuring 6 points of articulation, can’t wait to see colors on this sculpt soon! 🙂

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Webz 54 Piece Magnetic Construction Set with colorful transparent dics, bars and balls

W54 Features: -Webz is a magnetic construcion system consisting of magnetic bars, 3-armed, 4-armed and 5-armed plates, along with steels balls.-For ages 5 and up.-Webz comes in transparent coloful plates.-Use your imagination to put together hundreds of different shapes and structures.-Collectible, add more pieces and build larger structures.-Award Winning!: iParenting Media Awards, Parents’ Choice Awards, Oppenheim Gold Seal. Color/Finish: -Colorful transparent disc shaped pieces.-Strong magnets, safe and colorful pieces.

Product Features

  • Bars come in multipe colors
  • Strong Magnets
  • Pieces are transparent, colorful

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