HELLO, NEWMAN – Cyberverse Ultimate Class Optimus Prime & Megatron Stock Images

UK Toy distributor NDA Toys has posted stock images for the Transformers: Cyberverse Ultimate Class figures, Optimus Prime and Megatron! Listed under their Seinfeld-themed internal development codenames of “Peterman” and “Newman,” respectively, this is the best look we’ve gotten at the $30 pricepoint figures so far. Both look good, though articulation-sticklers may not be thrilled that Megatron seems to lack elbows. Keep reading for the images!

Transformers Generations JetFire Leader Class Figure Sighted in Virginia!

Thanks to a post on the Facebook group Cybertron Cafe : The Transformers Trading Group we have news and an image if Generations jetfire that was found at Kmart in Virginia. Have you seen this figure? Please share your sightings with others by posting a comment below. Read on to see the figure on the shelf.

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Video Review – Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Dino Movie Action Figure Deluxe Class Toy

Shartimus Prime hooks it up with new Video Review of the Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Dino movie action figure! Get a look at the Japan exclusive from Takara Tomy that is a remake of the Sideswipe figure. See the images and watch the review for the full scoop on this rare figure now.

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New Images Platinum Edition Leader Class Grimlock Transformers Lost Age of Extinction Figure

Just in thanks to Weibo user citssd, are new images of the Transformers Lost Age of Extinction Platinum Edition Leader Class Grimlock that will be part of the set with Optimus Prime. Get a look at the shiny platinum version of the movie figure that is quite different with a darker color scheme that features metallic highlights of blue and green. Read on to see all the of the images for more details now.

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Age of Extinction – Ultimate Power Mode Optimus Prime Upcoming TakaraTomy Leader Class Redeco

Site sponsor TFSource has updated their Facebook page with information about an upcoming release of the Leader Class Optimus Prime mold from TakaraTomy. While the provided image seems to be a grayscale photo of the regular toy, Ultimate Power Mode Optimus is supposed to have added detailing with chrome, and some minor retooling. Keep reading to see the original post from TFSource!

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Official images of Leader class Jetfire takeoff online

After first being leaked back in February on eBay and then officially debuting at Toy Fair 2014, we’re now getting our first official images from Hasbro of Transformers Generations Leader class Jetfire. The Autobot scientist has long been a fan favorite, but this particular figure has gotten a mixed reaction from many fans. This is caused by Hasbro’s decision to model the figure on the original Jetfire figure as well as his cartoon counterpart, Skyfire. Problem is neither version of the character look remotely alike and have different appeal. 

Fans really want a dedicated remake of the original Jetfire figure (a slightly modified Macross Valkyrie) using modern technology in the same way they did their new versions of Whirl and Roadbuster, figures originally repurposed from old Japanese Dorvack figures. Hasbro gave us this with the jet mode, but not with the bot mode, though he does have a mask he can wear that’s a little more original toy-like. On the flip side, we’ve never gotten a proper Skyfire figure that looked like the cartoon design. We did get something close in Transformers Classics Jetfire, but in reality that figure was based 100% on his appearance in the Transformers: Stormbringer comic series (the Japanese version was in cartoon colors and named Skyfire, though). The new figure has a bot mode similar to the cartoon version, but has that pesky G1 toy jet mode rather than his iconic squared off cybertronian jet mode. 

It’s still very much a figure worth owning even if it does suffer from an identity crisis. With his construction he could easily be remolded later to be more accurate in either direction. And let’s face it, we don’t get a lot of big Transformers jets like this, I think the last non-Masterpiece was Leader movie Starscream from 2010. He’s definitely on my buy list for when he’s released later this later. 

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