‘Los Mallrats’ by Chogrin x The Beast Brothers

For the Mallrats 25th Anniversary Show at Gallery1988, Chogrin x The Beast Brothers deliver fun retro action figures of Jay and Silent Bob with the Los Mallrats Prototype Edition resin art toys. Riffing off the title of Kevin Smith’s cult classic film, the figures reimagine the drug-dealing duo as actual mall rats complete with mouse ear style hats and rat tails. Riding the action figure concept, Silent Bob includes a vhs tape with incriminating home videos while Jay comes with a handy bag of snoochie boochie noochies. The new figures are the latest releases in the illustrious Mexican Bootlegs line.

Cast in basic gray, the 1 of 1 Prototype Edition figures live up to the Prototype moniker. The long, realistic pink rat tails add a bit of grimy edge to the overall cartoony designs. Presented with a streamlined riff on the classic blister and card packaging, Los Mallrats come on minimal cards and custom acrylic ‘blisters’. The creators have mentioned that this might be just the beginning with possible future editions and characters under consideration.

The Los Mallrats Prototype Edition (1/1) resin art toys will be available as part of the Mallrats 25th Anniversary Show from Gallery 1988’s web shop on Friday (9.25) at 12 PM PDT.

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Q Pop Shop Chogrin Presents: Akira Toriyama Tribute / 30th Anniversary Dragon Ball Group Art Show (11.15)

Here is another show Q Pop Shop and Chogrin have put together that will hit you right in the childhood! Presenting the Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary / Akira Toriyama tribute show, which will feature over 60 artists from around the world. Participating artists include: Drew Wise, Ian Jones-Quartey, Michael Rapa,…

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Chogrin & Bottleneck present "It Came From 1984" @ Bottleneck Gallery (Feb 7)

EVENT PRESS: “Chogrin and Bottleneck have invited over 100 artists to participate in paying tribute to all the top films of 1984 (Ghostbusters, Terminator, Gremlins, Nausicaa, Neverending Story, Karate Kid, etc.) which are all turning 30 this year! The opening reception will take place this Friday at 60 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249 from 7pm-10pm. The show is open to all ages.”

Nightmare on Elm Street by Chogrin
Nightmare on Elm Street by Steven Hughes
Friday The 13th by Doaly
Friday The 13th by Jesse Phillips

A preview sale was held online for subscribers on Feb 6, from 8pm-9pm. Meanwhile, all remaining pieces will go on sale this Saturday, February 8th, at Bottleneckgallery.com.

Gosh but there was a quite a number of pieces I would have loved to pick up tho! I am personally jazzed with the theme, as they had been films I had grown up with, and yes, it shows my age, but I don’t care! MUAHAHAAHAHAHA – Check out more artwork preview images for It Came From 1984 posted HERE on my Facebook (apologies as most do not have all the artists credited – do feel free to do so!).

Terminator by Craig Drake
Terminator by Samuel Ho
Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom by Ben Huber
The Last Starfighter by Drew Wise
Gremlins by Carlos Lerma
Karate Kid by David Mottram

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