Power of The Primes Leader Wave 1 Rodimus Prime Chinese Video Review With Screenshots

Thanks to Kevin Liu we now have a very good look at Leader class Rodimus Prime, capping off the first wave of Power of The Primes. Kevin’s video is of course in Chinese, but presented clearly enough to tell what’s going on anyway. Most interestingly, we get side by sides with Titans Return Hot Rod, which shows the Hot Rod form of this toy to actually be a fair bit bigger. As Titans Return Hot Rod was already a bit big for a Deluxe, you can imagine the new one is surely pushing the boundaries of being comparable with Deluxes! The video as well as plenty of screencaps can all be found below – keep reading to see it all!

This Year's Chinese New Year Platinum Edition Figures Year Of The Goat Masterpiece Soundwave And… Laser Optimus Prime?

The Year of the Goat is nearly here, and courtesy of Robotkingdom we know that Hasbro as always is readying a pair of commemorative Platinum Edition figures for Asian markets and US ToysRus stores. This year it’s Masterpiece Soundwave and the Laser Optimus Prime mold from late G2. Huh? Both figures are rendered in what appears to be the official YotG color scheme, which is clear plastic and copper. …Huh. But MP Soundwave even comes with a similarly-decoed set of cassettes! Keep reading to see the photos.

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Enterbay 1/6 Leslie Cheung as Ning Caichen (or Ling Choi San) from "A Chinese Ghost Story"

A Chinese Ghost Story is a 1987 Hong Kong romantic comedy horror film starring Leslie Cheung, Joey Wong, and Wu Ma, directed by Ching Siu-tung, and produced by Tsui Hark. The film was popular in Hong Kong and several Asian countries, including South Korea and Japan when released. Most notably it boosted the stardom of Joey Wong, won Leslie Cheung popularity in Japan, and sparked a trend of folklore ghost films in the Hong Kong film industry, including two sequels, an animated film, a television series and a 2011 remake.

Leslie Cheung plays Ning Choi-san (寧采臣), a timid debt collector whose job requires him to travel to rural areas. One night, he takes refuge in a deserted temple in the forest on the outskirts of a town because he ran out of money due to his inability to collect the debts as initially planned. Ning meets a beautiful and alluring young maiden called Nip Siu-sin and falls in love with her. However, when he later recalls that night’s events the next day, he becomes increasingly fearful and superstitious because a Taoist mystic told him that the people he saw at the temple were ghosts.

This is Enterbay’s 1/6 scale version of Leslie Cheung as Ning Choi-san (寧采臣) in A Chinese Ghost Story. I guess they believe there’s a demand in the market for this 12-inch figure. Joey Wong as Nip Siu-sin (聶小倩) would make a beautiful companion piece but don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

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Happy Chinese New Year: Here’s our January contest winner

Happy Chinese New Year, Tomopop readers. Today begins the Year of the Wooden Horse, and hopefully this year will bring all of you lots of luck and success. Thank you to everyone who entered this contest, it was nice to hear what figures you are waiting for.

Now without further ado, the winner of this contest is quicksilver! You will be receiving Drew Oliver’s Computer Virus Trojan plush and Computer Virus Trojan keychain. Please email your name and address to Vanessa@tomopop.com.

Our next contest will be happening very soon, so be on the lookout!

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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Year of the Horse Android

By now I look forward to seeing Andrew Bell’s holiday themed Androids. After the release of the Christmas Ornamental Androids, he will be releasing a special figure to celebrate Chinese New Year. Since the new year will be the Year of the Wooden Horse, the Year of the Horse Android mini is designed like a traditional Chinese character.

Made in red, it has a horse face, wears traditional Chinese clothing, and has a gold horse seal on the back. This special edition figure will be available today in the Dead Zebra online store. As with all of their releases, you’ll have two windows of opportunity to snag one of these; 11am EST and 11pm EST.

There’s no price listed yet, but usually these Android minis go for US$10. 

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Ignition KEY Set 4 Wires for Chinese Made 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc 125cc Kids ATV Dirt Bike Pocket Bike Chopper

4 Wires Ignition KEY SET for Chinese made 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc 125cc ATVs, DIRT BIKES, POCKET BIKES, CHOPPERS

Product Features

  • 4 Wires Ignition KEY SET for Chinese made 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc 125cc kids ATV DIRT BIKE POCKET BIKE CHOPPER

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