Check out TBLeague (PHICEN) 1/6th scale "Youth / 芳华" Art Troupe 12-inch Action Figure

Directed by famous film maker Feng Xiaogang, Youth focuses on some characters in the prime of their lives who are from a dance troupe in the early 1970s, and tells stories of their love and capricious fates. He Xiaoping who faces discrimination because of a family scandal. She hopes to start over in a new place, but finds that the shame has followed her to Chengdu. Liu Feng is well-liked within the group but he has unrequited crush on the lead solo Lin Dingding. Liu Feng experiences the pain of rejection and is expelled from the group when he makes an unwelcomed advance on her. He Xiaoping is heartbroken because she had secret feelings for Liu Feng…Each of the members of the art troupe all learn lessons in this coming-of-age story. Their paths have led to different places and different experiences.

TBLeague (PHICEN) 1/6th scale “Youth / 芳华” Art Troupe Action Figure Parts List:head sculpt, TB League female seamless body with metal skeleton, 4 pairs x interchangeable hands, pair of flat bottomed dancing shoes with feet, pair of ballet shoes with feet, orange T-shirt, baby blue T-shirt, dark blue shorts, light green army stockings, rifle with bayonet, cartridge clip, real silk red flag, flagpole

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Check out Chak’s INGLEPARK comic & 1/6th scale Chicago 12-inch figure by Hidden Foo

I received these images and an email from Chak (, the comic book author of INGLEPARK. Not only is he releasing a comic, he has also collaborated with Chinese toy designer Hidden Foo ( to produce a 1/6th scale action figure of the main character, Chicago.

Los Angeles, early ’90s.
In the district of INGLEPARK, the Outlawz are the law, Chicago is their leader. One night, stopped at a red light in the dark and dangerous streets of INGLEPARK, Chicago is shot in a failed carjacking attempt. At his funeral, a gunfight broke out between the Outlawz and thugs driving by, probably of the same crew as the killer. A few weeks later, it’s pouring down raining over the city, the thunder rumbles and the earth shakes above the tomb of Chicago… he’s back from the dead! And he is determined to seek revenge and to put to an end any shadow of a doubt to his murder!

INGLEPARK – Volume 1 x Hidden Works – 1/6th scale Chicago 12-inch figure by Hidden Foo. Based in Beijing, China, toy designer Hidden Foo gives life to Chicago, by creating an exclusive collectible action figure of the main character of INGLEPARK. With a size of 12 inches, the figure is dressed in tailored clothes, handmade by the artist.

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In addition to an INGLEPARK baseball jersey, a camouflage cargo pants, the figure wears a San Francisco Giants cap, and a pair of Reebok Pump Omni Lite, true to the character’s outfit in the Volume 1 of INGLEPARK. Conducted in close collaboration with CHAK, the author of INGLEPARK, a very limited production series is considered.

Video –
You can see the animated trailer for the comic book here –

For more information:

Hidden Foo:

Check out Belet BLT-201405 Vanguard Against Terrorism Figure Set – another "24" Jack Bauer

24 is an American television series produced for the Fox network created by Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran, and starring Kiefer Sutherland as Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) agent Jack Bauer. Each 24-episode season covers 24 hours in the life of Bauer, using the real time method of narration. Kiefer Sutherland, star of 24, was critically praised for his portrayal of Jack Bauer. The role revived his career, and won him many industry awards.

This will be the Belet BLT-201405 Vanguard Against Terrorism Figure Set. The set will come with 1/6 scale Head Sculpt, 12-inch Action Figure Body, Back Pack, T-Shirt, Body Armor, Handcuffs (Alloy), Hands (4), Pistol, Holster, Jeans, Leather Belt, Leather Jacket, Leather Shoes. Estimated Release: 1st QTR 2015. Estimated MSRP: $105.00 USD

Note: The head sculpt will be also be made available and sold separately.

This wouldn’t be the first 1/6 scale Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer 12-inch figure to be released. Other Jack Bauer figures released include: Subway 24 Hours “Hero” 12-inch figure (reviewed in my toy blog HERE, HERE and HERE), Enterbay “24” Jack Bauer (posted HERE) and Playhouse 1:6 scale GSG-9 12-inch figure (low profile version) (pictures HERE and HERE).

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Note: The 1/6 scale head sculpt will also be made available and sold separately.

Other Jack Bauer figures released include:
Subway 24 Hours “Hero” 12-inch figure (reviewed in my toy blog HERE, HERE and HERE)
Enterbay “24” Jack Bauer (posted HERE) and
Playhouse 1:6 scale GSG-9 12-inch figure (low profile version) (pictures HERE and HERE).

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Check out Phicen Limited 1/6th scale Lady Action 12-inch female figure from Captain Action line

Captain Action was an action figure created in 1966, equipped with a wardrobe of costumes allowing him to become Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Aquaman, the Phantom, The Lone Ranger (and Tonto), Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Sgt. Fury, Steve Canyon, and the Green Hornet. Captain Action was the Ideal Toy Company’s answer to Hasbro’s G.I. Joe—although the protagonist dolls of both toy lines were created and designed by the same toy-and-idea man, Stan Weston.

After just a few years, the Captain Action line declined in sales, in 1968, Ideal Toys discontinued it. Though Captain Action was produced for only two and a half years, the characters and accessories have become amongst the most fondly remembered, and expensive to obtain on the collector’s market, action figures of the era.

After 30 years off the market, Captain Action was revived in 1998, by retro toy company Playing Mantis (Captain Action and Dr EVil posted HERE with Group pictures HERE). In addition to Captain Action and Dr. Evil, costumes released boxed with Captain Action figure were The Lone Ranger (in red and black outfit), Tonto, Flash Gordon, his never-before-made nemesis Ming the Merciless (with a new flesh-tone Dr. Evil figure) – posted HERE, The Green Hornet, and his never-before-made sidekick Kato (pictures HERE with updated / improved body version HERE). The line met with lackluster sales, and carded costumes-only were issued separately: Green Hornet, Kato, Lone Ranger (in blue outfit), Tonto (Lone Ranger and Tonto posted HERE), The Phantom (pictures HERE), and his never-before-made enemy Kabai Singh (posted on my toy blog HERE). Also revived was Action Boy (now called Kid Action, due to Hasbro owning the rights to the name Action Man – pictures posted HERE) and retro long box packaging for Captain Action and Dr. Evil. The changes made little difference in the general sales and the second coming of Captain Action ended in 2000.

Since 2005 Captain Action Enterprises holds the licensing rights and has been producing an array of new merchandize, including statues, toys, comics, trading cards, collectibles and apparel. In March 2011, Round 2 Corp. and Captain Action Enterprises announced plans for a redesigned 1/6 scale Captain Action figure.

Now for the latest cooperative effort between Phicen Limited, GoHero, and Executive Replicas: Lady Action from the Captain Action comic series comes alive in 1:6 scale!

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Phicen Limited 1/6th scale Lady Action 12-inch female figure features: Phicen 12-inch Seamless Female Body, 1/6 scale Lady Action Head Sculpt with Rooted Hair, Black / Blue Shirt with Captain Action logo, Black Mini Skirt, Black Knee High Boot / Feet, Captain Action Cap, Belt, Sword, Stockings, Pistols x 2, Pistol Belt with Dual Holsters, Figure Stand.

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Check Out the BATMAN CUSTOM CAR PAINT JOB on This New Camero!

WHOA! Whoever owns this new Custom Camero just got some serious custom paint work done… and it’s amazing! A friend of ours, over at the Official BAT-BLOG BATMAN Facebook Page, sent us these pics the other day. When I asked him if this was his car he replied, “No, These are some random photos I came across on the web and knew you just had to see them”. 

SEE THEM? LOL, YES!! We need to see them! Sharing the joy of collecting Batman Memorabilia and also caring about the character is what this site is all about! Oh man, I wish I knew who owned this car so I could give him a shout-out but if he sees this post, “Great Job Dude, this car is crazy-insane cool!” 

Now, I would not want to drive this as my everyday car because I would be so stressed-out all the time worrying about getting into a wreck. That I might not be able to enjoy the ride! Ha Ha! But this thing would be incredibly fun for road tips, dates, weekend outings, etc… it would be EPIC!

The main theme of the car are the many different Actors who have played a wide variety of characters in various Batman Films. Very well done!

I’ll shut-up now, just enjoy the pics. You can click on them for larger, more detailed, versions.

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Check out the Light Side of SE’s Variant Play Arts Kai Darth Vader

Both Tomopop reader Kirin Lemon and Square-Enix’s Hidemi Matsuzuka have tweeted photos showing the front side of Square-Enix’s newly unveiled (unpainted) Variant Play Arts Kai Darth Vader (Star Wars) which is on display right now at Tokyo Game Show.

Despite the “Variant” label, Vader doesn’t seem like a complete departure from his roots (or, at least, nowhere near as much as the likes of the other VPAKs). The upper torso looks a bit more buff and Vader’s control panel is put further up along his chest (presumably to accommodate the somewhat ugly-looking joint). Vader’s thighs, by contrast, are a great deal different from the normal design as the character almost seems to be wearing thigh-high boots with additional armoring protecting the inner thighs.

While additional differences may become more apparent when he’s painted, it looks like Square-Enix didn’t go crazy with this one. It might be a case of Disney/Lucas holding them on a tighter leash. At any rate, it’s a pretty decent-looking design although the jointing currently looks a bit off.

Be sure to check out Kirin’s and Hidemi’s full images in the gallery.

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Check out the Dark Side of Square-Enix’s Variant Play Arts Kai Darth Vader

Hidemi Matsuzuka has tweeted an image of an unpainted Variant Play Arts Kai Darth Vader (Star Wars) along with a notice that it will be on display at Tokyo Game Show this weekend.

Square-Enix will be just the latest in a long list of Japanese companies suddenly producing Star Wars merchandise, including Medicom (Mafex line), Kaiyodo (Revoltech line), and Bandai. While I guess it’s neat that we’re seeing so much different (especially in terms of creative revamps) Star Wars merchandise lately, unfortunately it’s beginning to make these announcements feel a little underwhelming. Oh well, expect to see Vader turn out for TTGS this weekend.

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Check out Belet 1/6 Speed Rider Outfit and Head Sculpt Set (Fast and the Furious Dom Toretto?)

“I live my life a quarter mile at a time. Nothing else matters: not the mortgage, not the store, not my team and all their bullshit. For those ten seconds or less, I’m free.”

The Fast and the Furious is an American media franchise including a series of action films produced by Neal H. Moritz, which center on illegal street racing and heists, and various other media portraying the characters and situations from the films. Having earned $2.3 billion as of October 22, 2013 at the worldwide box office, it has become Universal Studios’ biggest franchise of all time.

Dominic Toretto is a fictional character and the lead protagonist of The Fast and the Furious series. He is portrayed by Vin Diesel and was created by screenwriter Gary Scott Thompson. Dom is introduced in the first film of the series The Fast and the Furious (2001). The role put Diesel on Hollywood’s A-list, and won him the 2002 MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Team with Paul Walker. Diesel’s portrayal of the character has been given much of the credit for the longevity of The Fast and the Furious film series, and the actor has become strongly identified with the character.

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Belet 1/6 scale Speed Rider Outfit and Head Sculpt Set features: 1/6 scale Head Sculpt bearing a very close resemblance to Vin Diesel, Sleeveless T shirt, Pants, Belt, Cross necklace, Shoes. Note: 12-inch figure body and sunglasses not included (display only).

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Check out Miku’s P-p-p-p-pumpkin face in this Nendo Halloween Miku gallery

Good Smile Company has released an image gallery for its recently unveiled Nendoroid Halloween Miku. Most striking among these images is a rather unexpected display option: a jack-o-lantern mask/face for the diva of all seasons. Anybody who didn’t like the vampire fangs on those other faces now has another option.

However, on a more disappointing note, the character apparently isn’t a vampire; GSC describes the character as being, “dressed up a cute little devil for Halloween”. Wow, buzzkill! Otherwise Halloween Miku comes with an open-mouth face, a smirking face (with one exposed fang), an alternate jack-o-lantern face, that baffling candy cane, and a jack-o-lantern that can be displayed by itself or used as an alternate head for a Nendoroid Petite (as shown with the little Len figure in one of the photos; he’s not listed as coming with the figure). Vampire or devil, she’s still pretty neat.

Nendoroid Halloween Miku will be on sale for US$45 at a number of American conventions. She was first announced as being on sale at the NY and LA Miku Conventions, but she’s apparently making her way to NYCC in October (which makes it even harder to pass her up) and will be at future events as well. If you can’t get her there, GSC’s online shop will have her available in limited quantities.

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