Baby Ride-on Caterpillar

ride on toy

Product Features

  • INSPIRE IMAGINATION: Research has shown an active imagination is vital during childhood; it stimulates cognitive development, the ability to grasp reality later in life, and capacity for empathy. Encourage your toddler’s mind to wander with a lovable plush Dragon friend to play with, ride on, or pull along on walks.
  • SAFE & HEALTHY: Safety is always the first priority on a parent’s mind. That’s why Box Whale’s ride-on toys are crafted from a phthalate free, super soft material, ensuring the ultimate in safe and healthy playtime.
  • INTERACTIVE LEARNING: Playtime gets productive with the Box Whale musical ride-on. Toddler-friendly, easy-access ear buttons can be squeezed to play the educational “ABC Song” or “One-Two-Three Song”. The ride-on also strengthens motor skills as children learn to squeeze its ears, pull its rope, and push themselves along on its back.
  • INDOOR EXERCISE: While the Dragon Ride-On is safe for outdoor use, it is also perfect for rainy day entertainment. If your little bundle of energy seems eager for an active indoor game, the Ride-On is a quick and easy option for safe household exercise.
  • DURABLE: Box Whale toys are entirely toddler-friendly; which means they are water proof, easy to clean, stain resistant, and not flammable.

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Soothe And Glow Seahorse with Cutsie Caterpillar WubbaNub

The Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse is a wonderful nighttime friend for baby. When she is cuddled her belly gently glows and she plays over 5 minutes of music and ocean sounds. The music is comprised of 8 gentle lullabies and classical selections along with soothing sounds of the sea (2 ocean tracks). After 5 minutes the sounds and lights will gently fade out so as not to disturb baby. Perfectly sized for baby to hug the Soothe and Glow seahorse is a soft and cuddly addition to any crib. Mom can choose low or high volume or turn off altogether. Comes with Cutsie Caterpillar WubbaNub which is uniquely designed stuffed toy with a soothie pacifier. This cute little caterpillar is easy for babies to grasp. This caterpillar has six cute legs and four different patterns on its body that can attract any kid.

Product Features

  • Offers baby a nighttime friend with soft lights and lullabyes
  • With a gentle squeeze this cuddly friend glows and plays soft music
  • Features 8 gentle lullabies and classical selections as well as ocean sounds
  • Wubbanub pacifiers are the soft and cuddly pacifier that not only won’t get lost, it will be loved
  • BPA and phthalate free, and made from latex free, medical grade silicone

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Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Gear Toy

Turn the gears slowly and watch each interlocking segment move the next, or see how fast your child can make the caterpillar “crawl” on the wooden base. This rainbow-colored gear toy is hands-on fun at any speed! With their bulky, notched shape, the colorful gears are easy for children to fit onto the color-coordinated pegs . . . then rotate, remove and rearrange. Toddlers will be fascinated by the colors and movement of this charming toy.

Product Features

  • Six interchangeable gears in six bright colors
  • Sturdy, colorful pegs make it easy to place and spin gears
  • Solid-wood gear board features painted caterpillar feet
  • Red gear features a smiling caterpillar face
  • Promotes color recognition, hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills

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