4CH Large aircraft carrier RC boat Electric toys remote control boat model spaceship Germany Battleship Simulation HT3827a

Material: ABS
Scale: 1: 275
Model HT-2878A
Control: remote control
Specifications: 84×40.5×76.5cm
Weight: 4kg
Frequency: 27MHz, 35MHz, 40MHz, 49MHz
Age: 14 years old
Battery capacity: 9.6V 800mA
Driving speed: 6KM / H
Charger: 9.6V 250mA
Charging time: 5-6 hours
Time: 25 minutes
Operating distance: 80 meter

Item Package List

HM *1
Remote control *1
Charger *1
Marine Rechargeable Battery *1
Remote control with battery *1
Antenna *1
Manual *1

Product Features

  • Full-function remote control, can move forward, backward, turn left, turn right
  • Ad hoc automatic safety devices, it starts that must be in the water
  • Overall the proportion of simulation according to the name of the ship,It has a model collection value
  • [Tips]: 1 powerful motor propeller rotation, hair, hands, clothes do not touch; 2 Because of the design relationship , model will be a little tilt in the water, but does not affect the use, not a quality issue.
  • Product Item KKK408

Tipmant Mini Military Remote Control Aircraft Carrier Model RC Boat Ship Speedboat Yacht Electric Water Toy – Silver (2.4 G, Antenna Not Required)

Product Name: Remote Control Aircraft Carrier
Model Number: Ti-3319
Color: Silver
Remote Control Function: Go Forward/Backward, Turn Left/Right
Switch: Auto Turn On/Off (Water Detection)
Remote Control Frequency: 2.4 G
Charging Time: 10 – 12 Minutes
Working Time: About 8 Minutes (Fully Charged)
Remote Control Distance: 10 – 15 Meters
Item Battery: 2.4 V / 100 mAh Lithium Battery (Included)
Contorller Battery: 4 x AA Battery (Not Included)
Certificates: EN71/ 7P/ HR4040/ EN60825/ EN62115/ RTTE/ ROHS
Aircraft Carrier Size: 15.5 x 5.3 x 5.7 cm
Aircraft Carrier Weight: 57 g
Package Size: 17 x 8.5 x 7.5 cm
Package Weight: 221 g

Package Included:
1 x Remote Control Aircraft Carrier
1 x Remote Controller
1 x English Manual

Product Features

  • High Simulation Aircraft Carrier Design, Great Water Toy for Kids.
  • Remote Control Function: Go Forward, Go Backward, Turn Right, Turn Left
  • Water Detection: When You Put It into Water, It will Turn On; When It Leaves Water, It will Turn Off Automatically.
  • Remote Control Distance: 10-15 M, Charging Time: 10-12 Min, Working Time: About 8 Min
  • Aircraft Carrier Comes with Built-in Battery which Can Be Charged by the Controller. Controller Battery: 4 x AA Battery (Not Included)

Swift Stream Outdoor Z-UP Flying Aircraft Carrier

Swift Stream RC drones and helicopters are built to professional-grade standards and feature durable bodies. Helicopters and drones fly forward and backward, up and down, and turn. Drones fly the same way, plus side-to-side while going into breathtaking 360 degree flips. The high-quality batteries are interchangeable between most models- this is unique to Swift Stream RC.

Product Features

  • Crash Resistant
  • Fly land, water and air!
  • 24.8 inches in length
  • Flight Time up to 8 Minutes
  • 2.4 GHz Digital Remote Controller for Faster Response time

GESELLER New Wltoys Q202 Supper Cool Aircraft Carrier Triphibious RC Quadcopter Drone.

*Brand Name:WLtoys
*Item No.:Q202
*Item name: Triphibious RC Aircraft Carrier Quadcopter
*Material:EPP Plastics
*Battery Configuration :3.7v 850mAh
*Item Size:25.19in*18.11in*5.12in
*Package Size:29.13in*18.11in*6.29in
*Flight time: 6-10 Mins
*Charging time:90 Mins
*Battery Capacity:6*AA(not included)
*Flight environment:Water-Land-Air
*Remote Control Distance:150 Meters
*Fit for Ages: Up to 14 years
*Function:LED Light/Asend and Decend/Turn Left and Turn Right/Forward and Backward/Left Side and Right Side Flight/Land Mode/Water Mode/Flight Mode
*Note:If you want to know more details and fuctions about the aircarft, here is the video, please click:http://vodcdn.video.taobao.com/player/ugc/tb_ugc_pieces_core_player_loader.swf?version=1.0.20150330&vid=30182345&uid=1734068933&p=1&t=1&rid=&random=6666

*Package listings:
*1*Remote Control
*1*Charging Battery

Product Features

  • 1.Can change the direction of the flight of the rear axis adopt fully enclosed casing wrap the fuselage whole body is EPP foam,finish
  • 2.Function with finished flying in the air, sailing on the water,and landing on the grond.
  • 3.Build-in bright highlight LED light,DO NOT AFRAID LOST IN THE NIGHT.
  • 4、With 2.4GHz VS 27MHz Spread Spectrum Technology,quick reaction speed, far distance,perfect antijamming capability,and can support different aircrafts take of at the same time,without mutual interference.
  • 5、With imported steady 6-axis gyro ,can be sensitive to react the acceleration of three-dimensional space.

Clutch Bearing Set for Stock HPI Baja Carrier

Team FastEddy is still at it making high quality parts for all your needs. Check out their Upgraded replacement bearing set for the HPI “HD” Clutch mount. They have a higher temperature rating for the grease and have tighter tolerances then the stock bearings. Unlike the standard clutch carrier this bearing is not interchangeable with the wheel bearings. Pick up a set today and keep them on hand. 2 Bearings per Set

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Time Sino Children electric toy boat, oversized remote control boats, speed boats ships warships, aircraft carriers, aircraft carrier model

* Powerful High Speed Motor ,Vector-push design for easy control

*100% durable metal actuating mechanism, Professional Large Torsion Propeller

*Professional grade Hi-Capacity rechargeable battery pack and A/C adapter, Large Capacity Rechargeable Battery

*For your safety, the boat will only run when it touches water,Boats hit the water or on the deck hands touch the switch before use

Remote control distance: 30m

Material: ABS + Electronic Components

Manipulation Venue: Water

Size: 76× 15 ×21cm

Package Size: 80 × 19× 23cm

Weight: 2382g

Package weight: 2500g

Standard configuration:

1 × Remote Control Speedboat

1 × remote controller

1 × Charger

1 × Battery

Note:Exhaust hole must be closed when using

Product Features

  • High speed, high-quality accessories, flexible control, fine workmanship, high-quality paint
  • Quality assurance, superior performance, high cost,1: 275 proportion of real to restore the aircraft carrier
  • Circulating Liquid Cooling system,Water leak-proof design
  • Full function Storm Engine Speed Boat,Factory pre-assembled, ready-to-run
  • Powered by High Speed Twin racing motors type,High performance water warships

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