#BATMAN PEZ CANDY Dispenser and LOLLIPOP RINGS Spotted at CVS Stores!

WOO HOO! Here’s a quick post to share this wonderful photo sent in by a BAT-BLOG Fan who recently hit his local CVS Drug Store and came across these fun new “Batman” items!!

First up, here’s an individually-packaged PEZ CANDY Dispenser of BATMAN (They also made ones of Superman and Wonder Woman) and then, these 2 different packages of BATMAN Lollipop Rings, YUMMY!!

(Thanks Erik!)


Everybody’s favorite toy company, Funko, has plans later in the year to release a brand-new toy line called “Rock Candy”. These will be highly stylized versions of the “girl” superhero characters from the world of DC Comics. These figures are about 5″ tall.

In the first wave it looks like they’re gonna make two versions of Batgirl (I love the “Silver Age” one on the right), one Harley Quinn, one Supergirl, and two versions of Wonder Woman (Yes, the one on the left is the “Batman V Superman” movie version). 

Knowing Funko, I’m sure they’re gonna go totally crazy with this and there will be MANY more characters. Stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG for more information once Funko releases it.

Cow Candy Gets Cheesy With Transformers Optimus Prime Fruit Punch Sticks

Here’s a story that Mooore than meets the cheese, the Wisconsin cheese makers Cow Candy have partnered with Hasbro to make branded editions of their cheese snacks. They have two products based on the My Little Pony and Transformers properties. The Transformers snacks are a pink concoction of monterey jack cheese and fruit juice called “Optimus Prime Fruit Punch Jack Cheese.” The package shows a nice robot shot of the Autobot Leader from the Robots in Disguise cartoon. Read on for the full product info and shots of the packaging.

Wood Candy Workshop’s Scrambled Wood debuting at DCon

Cameron Tiede has an interesting new project by the name of Wood Candy Workshop, and no surprise, he’s got some new wooden collectibles. The first batch of Scrambled Wood figures are here, and the 3-inch-tall pieces have a few nice touches. Not only do they have four points of articulation (as they’ve made up of five pieces), but the walnut/cherry/maple/padauk wood pieces are naturally colored and all their parts are swappable. That means Auggie, Bricker, Crispy and Decimus are all interchangeable, so you can make your own designs.

A price hasn’t been revealed, but they’ll be at DesignerCon. What do you guys and gals think of these little wooden creations?

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Thomas and Friends Flipper Machine Gumball Machine Gum Candy Machine Gum Ball Machine ガムボールマシーン

Cool Thomas and Friends Flipper Machine Gumball Machine Gum Candy Machine Gum Ball Machine ガムボールマシーン ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ Angry Birds Surprise Eggs Video Review https://w…

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Mag scans show off Kabaya Transformers Go! Samurai Team candy toys

It’s been a while since Transformers Go! ended, both the figure line and the anime series, so everyone is a little surprise to see that Kabaya is planning a series of candy toys based on the toy line’s Swordbot Samurai team. This is an extremely ambitious set consisting of small figures of Kenzan, Jinbu, and Ganoh that are not only capable of transforming from robot to vehicle mode, but also of being configured into all three combined modes. 

The figures look great for their size, maybe even better than the original figures they’re based on thanks to more solid and better proportioned bot modes. But it should be kept in mind that many Kabaya Transformers are “partsformers” meaning they need to be taken apart to transform. If you can get over that then these aren’t half bad. Shame they didn’t choose to use any black plastic in making these, they only used yellow, red, blue, and gray. Since the size will roughly be that of a Cyberverse Legion figure I really hope these go well with the Goradora figure set. Regardless, I’m going to try to get a case for myself. 

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Stranger Factory x Cotton Candy Machine Dual Gallery Show (7.11)

The Stranger Factory in New Mexico and the Cotton Candy Machine in NYC will host a special collaborative show opening in both galleries on July 11th. The shows will feature work from Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Tara McPherson, Glenn Barr, Dilek Baykara, Scott C., Katie Carillo, Karl Deuble, Jeremy Hush,…

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