Legends Series LG-EX Grand Maximus Will Be Made, But TakaraTomy Can't Pretend To Have Met Its Stretch Goals

The Grand Maximus preorder period is over, and TakaraTomy have announced the results. While the recolor of Titans Return Fortress Maximus did meet its prerequisite of 2000 preorders and will be made, it couldn’t quite reach the goal of 3000 that was necessary for TakaraTomy to manufacture the special Pretender shell for the smaller Headmaster figure. It’s a pity, but focus on the positive: for the first time since we got Titan Class figures, there is an exclusive recolor available of one. Keep reading for the announcement from TakaraTomy.

BATMAN WALLPAPERS – Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb!

OK, just for fun I thought I’d post these Batman Wallpapers that you guys can use to brighten your desktop. They feature a graphic drawn & designed by an Artist named Justin Peterson. Google him, his work is really good!

Oh yeah, this is the Adam West-version of the Dark Knight from the 1960’s BATMAN Movie when he tried to get rid of a bomb and it turned into a nightmare, a classic scene!

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