‘Los Mallrats’ by Chogrin x The Beast Brothers

For the Mallrats 25th Anniversary Show at Gallery1988, Chogrin x The Beast Brothers deliver fun retro action figures of Jay and Silent Bob with the Los Mallrats Prototype Edition resin art toys. Riffing off the title of Kevin Smith’s cult classic film, the figures reimagine the drug-dealing duo as actual mall rats complete with mouse ear style hats and rat tails. Riding the action figure concept, Silent Bob includes a vhs tape with incriminating home videos while Jay comes with a handy bag of snoochie boochie noochies. The new figures are the latest releases in the illustrious Mexican Bootlegs line.

Cast in basic gray, the 1 of 1 Prototype Edition figures live up to the Prototype moniker. The long, realistic pink rat tails add a bit of grimy edge to the overall cartoony designs. Presented with a streamlined riff on the classic blister and card packaging, Los Mallrats come on minimal cards and custom acrylic ‘blisters’. The creators have mentioned that this might be just the beginning with possible future editions and characters under consideration.

The Los Mallrats Prototype Edition (1/1) resin art toys will be available as part of the Mallrats 25th Anniversary Show from Gallery 1988’s web shop on Friday (9.25) at 12 PM PDT.

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Sago Brothers 50 PCS Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Magnetic Construction Set Educational Stacking Toys

Great magnetic toy set that lets your child’s imagination run wild. It suitable for all kids over age 3+ and up. Encourages kids to use their strong sense of creativity and recognition while entertaining them.

Great for kids:
Creative thinking Imagination
Shape recognition
Color recognition
Parent-child communication
Finger flexibility
Visual sense
Hand-eye coordination
Logical thinking
Motor skills

Product Features

  • Magnetic set helps activate brain creativity and develop brain development. When using it also test creative skills as well as motor skills. It is a fun educational magnetic set that will benefit child who uses it.
  • 50 pieces in total: 30 square pieces, and 20 triangle pieces. Each individual piece has 2 different colors (one on each side). Colors per side are random.
  • Create your own design or try one of the design patterns in the included guidebook.
  • ABS plastic magnets, conform to CE, ASTM and EN74. Set is compatible with any other shapes like ours.
  • The magnet is very strong. It attaches each individual piece to the next without falling apart unless pulled apart. It is kid friendly and safe. Extremely smooth edges. No sharpness.

The Beast Brothers x Huck Gee 8 Lost SKullendario Azteca

It’s been too long since we’ve seen a collaborative release from The Beast Brothers and Huck Gee. For those waiting on a new Skullendario Azteca release, they’ve got you covered with this new 8” “Lost” edition. Deep in the jungle the Lost Skullendario army gathers to conquer the enemy and…

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