Capo Toys’ second Street Fighter Kickstarter going better than the first

Capo Toys, the would-be creator of a Street Fighter action figure line, has made a second attempt at crowdfunding their line after the original kickstarter campaign failed miserably (obtaining only US$8,079 of.its overly ambitious US$85,000 goal).

The new campaign offers up more of the line (instead of just Ryu) and is already at US$12,000+ in contributions although it still seems on track for failure given its ludicrous US$550,000 target. As for why the company needs funding in the first place, there was apparently a dispute among the partners where the group allegedly tried to cut out the company’s artist/co-founder, campaign creator Rocco Tartamel (who declined to return our emails).

To Tartamel’s credit, the packages are somewhat more enticing because you can select the specific characters you’re interested in rather than just buying a Ryu and hoping that your support will eventually help the others to appear. To Tartamel’s discredit, the goals for these campaigns seem almost completely out of touch with some other companies’ offerings. The Four Horsemen’s Gothitropolis Kickstarter, for instance, closed with over US$300,000 in pledges for the series *but* the company’s target was only US$65,000. Granted, the Gothitropolis stuff shared parts but, even comparing that to the original Ryu-only campaign, it came in twenty grand cheaper on the target. I’m assuming that at least part of the expense is tied into the fact that Tartamel doesn’t have the Horsemen’s existing infrastructure but something seems a bit off here.

I still wish Tartamel all the luck in the world and I’m strongly considering putting in a pledge for a Sagat, but I just can’t see this thing getting funded. It’s certainly not a bad line (it even features fabric clothing for added poseability!), it’s just that the targets don’t seem realistic.

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Syma X1 Battery Upgrade!! Better than original twice the capacity.-QuadCopterCity


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Knockoff MP-10 Prime to be better than the real thing

Usually when you think of knockoffs you think of cheap plastic, messy paint, and broken parts. Certainly you wouldn’t expect to hear ‘better than the original’, but that’s exactly what Collection Kingdom says they have planned for Transformers Masterpiece MP-10 Optimus Prime.

Numerous changes and adjustments are being planned to make a better bot and it’s a pretty lengthy list of adjustments. 

  • adjust eye opacity
  • fix rubbing from the chest screws
  • fix loose fuel tanks
  • fix index fingers falling off
  • realign the chest doors
  • make the Matrix door easier to open
  • fix the way the legs close
  • fix rubbing from the windshield wipers
  • prevent stress marks on the legs
  • remove the black hole behind the translucent yellow on his pelvis
  • prevent sprue marks

They’re planning a very no-thrills release of the figure with no box (likely just a cardboard mailer box), no trailer, and just his gun, ax, and Matrix for accessories. He’ll be in Japanese colors (photos are of an early prototype) and is expected to be released in December, but nobody seems to know where to order or what the price will be. 

I’m not really crazy over knockoffs being done in this manner, but it is interesting that someone found so many flaws in the original that they felt the need to release their own. 

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BMOG Kickstarter builds a better bear with Ursenal

One of the latest crowd-funded toys to hit Kickstarter is a real bear. Project BMOG (Bio-Mechanical Ordinance Gestalt) is an innovative building system that combines multiple weapons into robotic animal forms. Using 5mm pegs and holes the parts can be mixed and matched in endless combinations and utilized by any figure that supports the 5mm system. 

The first figures looking for funding are the heroic Augmentoid Ursenal and the evil Paraxxoid Mantax. Robotic bear Ursenal can be broken down into four guns, a warhammer, battle-blade, scanner, and bear-head crusher-claw while manta ray Mantax can separate into double-bladed axe-pick and a double-barreled hand-blaster. But you don’t have to stop there; with multiple sets you can build as big or small as you want. 

If the Kickstarter is successful (and having hit 40% funded in it’s first week that seems more than likely) the figure will be sold at retail in black. However, Kickstarter backers will be able to vote on one of five exclusive color options available only to backers: “Arctic Custom” white; “Toxic Spill” fluorescent green; “Protoprimer” prototype gray; “Action Hunter” fluorescent orange; or “Solar Flare” canary yellow. Just like with Transformers repaints over the years, color variations also mean different characters and factions to be announced after the campaign. 

Stretch goals have also been announced with more details to follow soon. Like with Ursenal and Mantax they’ll consist of a main BMOG and a mini-BMOG made of three parts. The first of the three Notasoars is a Ichthyosaur ray pistol; the other three will be revealed later. We’ve also been given an early look at a sketch of Paraxxoid Featherblight. Plus one of the top backers being given the chance to design a single piece for the set has chosen to make a replacement head for Ursenal that’s something dragon-like. That’s under development right now. 

Backing options follow quite a range, but as little as US$15 will snag you a Mantax figure in the Kickstarter exclusive colors, a sticker for the figure, and a wallpaper. US$20 scores you an Ursenal in the exclusive colors, sticker, and wallpaper. For a better deal US$30 will get you both Ursenal and Mantax exclusives along with the other stuff. But my favorite deal of all is the US$50 level which will nab you one set of Ursenal and Mantax in the exclusive colors and a set in retail black. If you want to spend more you can also go for the US$90 set which puts you down for two pairs of both colors. Of course there are many other options going all the way up to US$10,000! These are all great and it’s nice to save more the more you buy. The prices also include shipping within the US, but international shipping is super cheap.

I’m sure you’ve already figured out that these figures are designed primarily to interact with Transformers and for good reason. As it happens all three of the lead members on this project have been involved with the Transformers franchise at some point. Project head and BMOG creator Trent Troop has worked on multiple Transformers projects for Fun Publications and Hasbro. Alex Androski, the project’s technical engineer, is a former Hasbro employee that worked directly on toys for Transformers Universe and Revenge of the Fallen. The project’s lead promotional artist and co-writer, Greg Sepelak, has also worked on multiple Transformers projects for Fun Publications and Hasbro. This is a team that knows their stuff!

I’m sure you can tell I’m pretty excited about this Kickstarter and really want to see it succeed. They’re already in talks with interested retailers and with 26 days remaining until the Kickstarter ends on December 13 things are looking very good for this getting funded. Can’t wait to see where they go from here!

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