Battle Beasts series 2 fully revealed, slated for Summer

Comic Alliance has been given a sneak peek at Diamond Select Toys’ Battle Beasts series 2, now slated for a Summer release. The line-up has apparently been changed from what we last saw at SDCC last year, as “Zulu Cheetah” and Dr. Ullin have been seemingly replaced by a Giraffe and a Cobra.

Comics Alliance notes that the series will be broken into 2-packs consisting of Giraffe with Hammerhead, Cow with Bear, Cobra with Bat, and Anubis with Thrush. The characters don’t have their official names yet (my suggestion of  just going with “Gladiator Grizzly” was previously refused) although I expect they’ll be revealed soon. The packs are set to retail for US$10 apiece.

The switch-up is a little annoying since I was looking forward to getting “Zulu Cheetah” (I’ve confirmed with DST that he and Ullin have been bumped to a later series) but I’m like the look of his Giraffe replacement. The Cobra is also a pretty neat selection although it looks like he’s using the same rattler tail as Battle Beasts series 1’s Scalpus rather than something more appropriate to his species. Granted, it’s a minor detail likely to only bother ophidophiles.

Overall things still look great and I’m happy that we finally have a release date attached. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: I can’t wait for this series… although it looks like I’ll be waiting until Summer.

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